July 29 2014

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Go Pro With Kryolan


We first caught wind of Kryolan, the Berlin-born professional makeup range founded in the 1920s, circa 2006, when a then up-and-coming Lily Allen popularized its über-bright Aquacolor and Supracolor cream pigments, which she had become accustomed to tracing along her upper eyelids beneath a slick of liquid black liner in shades like neon orange and hot fuchsia. But the family-owned brand that has long been trusted by face painters in film, fashion, and theater is so much more than just off-kilter eye colors (and special-effects fake blood), which Kryolan has made loud and clear this month with plans to unveil a revamped Web site, new packaging, and a slew of consumer-friendly products. Operating under the new slogan “Make-up as Science,” the company known for its technological breakthroughs has a few new ones up its sleeve, including pore-smoothing, crease-preventing HD Micro Primers for face and eyes, a selection of nail color shades, and the Make-Up Blend, which is perhaps the most exciting development as far as we’re concerned. A liquid with a silky-smooth texture, the solution is meant to dilute cream formulas, from lipsticks to blush, to create a more natural finish for those of us (ourselves included) who don’t like to wear anything too heavy. It works particularly well with foundation, sheering it down and helping it blend into skin with a barely-there veil. Why should the pros have all the fun?

Photo: Courtesy of Kryolan

Topshop To Do Beauty, Another Weight-Loss Quick Fix Bites The Dust, And More…


It looks like Forever 21 isn’t the only trend-conscious retail chain getting into the business of lipstick and powder compacts. Topshop has confirmed that it will be launching a makeup line in March 2010. Dreams of a Kate Moss-designed smoky eye palette are dancing in our head. [Cosmetics International]

Alli, the only non-prescription drug approved by the FDA for weight loss, is under investigation by the agency after more than 30 reports of liver injury. And so, miraculous weight loss in pill form still eludes us. (We hear plain old exercise and a balanced diet can work wonders, though.) [Allure]

HD Makeup strikes again. The makeup artist from this weekend’s Miss Universe pageant reveals that she used Kryolan Hi-Definition products on all of the contestants to combat unforgiving camera clarity. If you were wondering how Miss Venezeula’s skin looked so flawless when she declared an end to feminism, now you know. [Beauty Blogging Junkie]

Photo: Joe Corrigan / Getty Images