August 21 2014

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Weekend Beauty Warrior


chanel-la prairie-mcmc fragrances
In addition to some much needed R&R, I find a short weekend getaway serves as the perfect platform to try new beauty products—especially when they are as TSA-friendly as those shown above. Here’s how I switched it up on my days off:

Chanel CC Cream, $55: Launched first in the Asian market, this CC Cream has finally made its way Stateside. While I’ve grown tired of the alphabet-soup beauty game (the number of BB, CC, and now DD creams available is overwhelming), this featherweight formula from Chanel doesn’t disappear into skin or look cakey like other brands I’ve tried. Instead, it creates a fresh-looking complexion and contains soothing cornflower water, moisturizing hyaluronic acid, broad spectrum SPF 30, and fine line-fighting Rejuvencia (an ingredient derived from a marine microorganism that stimulates the production of collagen). Even better: The single-step cream (available in one shade that flatters most skin tones) comes housed in a one-ounce tube that seamlessly slips past security.

La Prairie Anti-Aging Perfection à Porter, $150: In my opinion, nothing shows the signs of dehydration, stale plane air, and a red-eye flight like the ultrathin skin around your eyes and on your lips. Hence, the cult-favorite Swiss brand has developed a two-level compact: One compartment contains a lip balm that hydrates and stimulates volume with clove essential oil and dehydrated hyaluronic-acid microspheres, and the other houses an eye-contour cream-gel, which boasts those same hyaluronic-acid microspheres to plump, silicone to smooth fine lines, and a fluorescent compound that diffuses light and blurs imperfections.

MCMC Fragrances The Stories Collection Samples, $35: In addition to a good book and a hefty load of September issues, I packed the sample pack of seven eaux de parfum from Brooklyn-based boutique MCMC Fragrances. Each tiny vile takes you on a different olfactory journey—my favorite being Love (which implores notes of Japanese yuzu citrus, French sweet basil, and Chinese magnolia to represent the “fireworks” and “rush of crazy dancing” associated with the first time you discover the emotion). The “nose” behind the brand and blends, Anne McClain, believes that personal stories can be captured through the invisible art of fragrance, and this mini series certainly doesn’t disappoint.

This weekend may already be a distant memory, but I plan to spice up my everyday routine with the bounty from my most recent beauty holiday.

Photos: Courtesy of Chanel, La Prairie, and MCMC Fragrances