August 30 2014

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This Week’s Mane Event: Cara Delevingne, Keira Knightley (and More!) Do Red-Carpet Hair Right



Between film premieres, parties, and celeb-studded events around the globe, this week was full of memorable hair and makeup looks (including Rihanna’s emerald lipstick and Jessica Biel’s gray liner). Here, we recap five more of our favorite beauty moves.

Cara Delevingne; Fendi Celebrates Its New London Boutique; London, England

Now that we don’t have to wear beanies every day, we’re inspired to try some new hairstyles. Exhibit A: Cara Delevingne’s high-impact ponytail. It’s fuss-free, easy, and will help you beat the heat come June. (Just don’t forget the anti-frizz serum.)

Keira Knightley; Chanel Hosts Tribeca Film Festival Closing Night; New York, NY

Knightley is no stranger to beachy waves and bronzed eyes, but the look worked especially well with her Chanel haute couture dress.

Lake Bell; Free Arts NYC 15th Annual Art Auction; New York, NY

Blow-outs can be oh-so-boring on the party circuit. Lake Bell’s twisted topknot looked cute and unexpected with her cocktail dress.

Elizabeth Gilpin; Bergdorf Goodman Celebrates Fausto Puglisi; New York, NY

Want to show off some cool earrings? Mimic the side-shave (without committing) by French-braiding one side of your hair and sweeping the rest over your shoulder.

Dree Hemingway; Citizens of Humanity Film Screening with Christy Turlington Burns and Roger Ross Williams; New York, NY

Hemingway’s sun-kissed pale blond waves have us dreaming of the beach. Get her laid-back look with a salt spray, like Oribe Après Beach Wave and Shine Spray.

Photo: Courtesy of; Getty

Burberry’s Beauties


Temperatures climbed to the mid-nineties yesterday afternoon in Los Angeles, and guests at the Burberry Beauty tea party were feeling the heat. “On the way over here, I was worried my makeup was melting off,” said Kate Bosworth (for the record, it wasn’t). But should Bosworth have needed a touch-up, there was certainly no shortage of products on hand. (The British company’s first foray into cosmetics launched at Nordstrom and online at the beginning of the month.) “It’s very natural, very wearable,” Burberry’s Christopher Bailey explained. “The colors are all based on the trenchcoat.” In fact, one of the foundations is called simply Trench.

The party was hosted in the garden of a sprawling private estate in Beverly Hills, rumored to be the former residence of Tom Cruise. “This is so quaint. It’s like my place but a little smaller,” deadpanned Lake Bell. Bailey joked that he had been trying to pass off the mansion as his own.

Sweeping white canopies and chilled Champagne and elderflower cocktails went a long way to protect Bosworth and fellow partygoers like Serena Williams and Liberty Ross from the sweltering summer sun. “I think they’re doing a good job of keeping us fashionably cool,” said Bell. Glee star Jayma Mays was just happy to be enjoying some off time before the show starts recording again in a few weeks—not that her workplace isn’t without its unique perks. “This season, they’re bringing in John Stamos to play my love interest,” she said. “I flipped when I heard. I mean, it’s Uncle Jesse! And he’s aged so well.”

Photo: Courtesy of Burberry

How To Make It (Look Good) In America


The new HBO series How to Make It In America wraps its freshman season this Sunday—and hopefully the finale won’t be the last we see of it. The show follows the struggles of creative young hipsters trying to make it big in New York City while tooling around the Lower East Side. The cast features stunners like Lake Bell, who plays an up-and-coming interior designer, and her quirky boss, Martha Plimpton, who frequently rocks an offbeat coral lip and keeps a stash of Ecstasy in her top drawer. While fans debate its fate online, we’re more fixated on the beauty looks, which manage to be cool in an effortless, unscripted kind of way. We caught up with the lead makeup artist, Bradley Stenson, to find out how crafting realistic looks actually requires a lot of product—and a little bit of illusion.

The show has drawn a lot of comparisons to Sex and the City for its location and narratives about relationships. But unlike SATC, the looks are not over-the-top trendy. How did you play it subtle-but-distinctive with the makeup?
Well, the thing is, the setting is gritty but the characters should look good. So I focused on fixing imperfections and enhancing an actor’s look, not changing it.

What’s your secret technique?
I take a Polaroid first and look at what needs to be fixed. Mostly it’s a little lift and minor adjustment to make someone’s features more symmetrical. I can line eyes in a way that makes them appear more balanced, or shade a nose with foundation to sculpt it. You have to be like David Copperfield—a master of illusion.

Well, your magic must work because Lake Bell doesn’t appear to be wearing any makeup, even in hi-def. It just seems like she patted on some blush and lipstick.
Oh, you have no idea! You’d be surprised at everything I used.

Please, do tell—spare no details!
OK, I start by putting Sonya Dakar Omega-3 Repair Complex oil all over her face for serious moisture. Then I layer on La Mer Hydrating Infusion, the one in the green bottle, and the La Mer Crème—the really rich one. Next I prep with Laura Mercier Hydrating Foundation Primer and Vincent Longo Water Canvas Base #4 under her eyes and T-zone to give her a new layer of skin. I follow that with La Mer Tinted Moisturizer #3, which is off the hook. I put in on with a sponge and just spread it all over. It gives you a glowy effect that’s amazing. Finally, I swipe Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat in that half-moon area under her eyes so the light bounces off her face.

Your makeup kit must weigh a ton. I’ve noticed that you don’t really do the smoky-eye thing, which is pretty pervasive these days. Why have you steered clear of it, for the most part?

Lake’s character has a clean look; she’s easy breezy. I take Yves Saint Laurent Eye Pencil in Deepest Green, which isn’t piercing black, and ridge her lash lines sometimes, but that’s it. The hue has a certain level of intensity, but it’s not screaming “obvious.”

Let’s talk lipstick. It seems to be what makes each character stand out. How did you pick the colors?
Yes, exactly. I wanted the colors to reflect their personalities. Lake is a natural beauty so I chose Vincent Longo Lip & Cheek Gel Stain in Liquid Kiss. For Edie, Martha Plimpton’s character, I went with Clarins Color Quench Lip Balm #4, an offbeat coral. And for Gingy, the downtown gallery owner [played by Shannyn Sossamon], she really has her stuff together, so she’s NARS Jungle Red.

Where do you get your inspiration from? How do you stay up on what’s actually worn on the street?
I love to people-watch all over New York. I spent a lot of time walking around the Village, Harlem, parts of Brooklyn and Queens. I find it really inspiring to see what’s up there. But the subway is actually where I get most of my imagery from. You see everyone on the subway.

So any word on whether we’ll see a second season?
I’ll let you know when I know! No official word yet.

Photo: Courtesy Home Box Office, Inc.

Agyness Takes To The Chopping Block (Again)


Last night’s CFDA arrivals line was a special brand of jaw-dropping eye candy for beauty and fashion junkies (click here to see our slideshow if you haven’t already perused). Lots of black eyeliner (we’re talking to you, Ashley Olsen and Kirsten Dunst) and a particularly exciting back-of-head bouffant from Lake Bell ranked among our favorite beauty looks, although we’re suckers for a transformative haircut, so naturally Agyness Deyn’s latest caught our attention. In fact, it inspired us to create the mini montage above. What’s your favorite Agyness era?

Photo: Clockwise from left, Sherly Rabbani and Josephine Solimene at the CFDAs; Don Ashby & Olivier Claisse; Greg Kessler

Beauty And The Ball: Girls Will Be Boys


We’re curious what went through both Lake Bell’s and Rihanna’s minds last night as they made eye contact on the red carpet, only to discover that both of them had chosen androgyny and smokings as a theme for the evening. We’re assuming it went something like this: Rihanna: “I’m so glad I skipped the fedora.” Lake Bell: “Thank God I went skinny-tie, not bow-tie.” Both women also worked different incarnations of the smoldering-eye-plus-nude-lip, with Bell sporting a more subdued version of Ri-Ri’s thick cat-eye application and visible-lip-liner-with-gloss. We’re partial toward Bell’s less theatrical presentation and are also giving her extra points for rocking gray nail polish (not pictured here), a huge trend for fall. You?

Photos: Sherly Rabbani and Josephine Solimene