August 31 2014

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Hair Trick Worth Trying: Emma Watson’s Mixed Metal Bobbies


emma-watsonFrom the front, you didn’t see the brilliant beauty secret Emma Watson’s side sweep was hiding at last night’s Noah premiere in Madrid. A profile view, however, revealed bobby pins in varying metallic tones anchoring the hair tight to the left side of her head. It’s an accessory often employed by the pros on the runway (Sam McKnight slipped simple silver versions into faux bobs at Lanvin this season) and one all amateurs can afford to add to their arsenals.

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Midnight in Paris, Backstage at Lanvin


lanvin“The girls look like a pen-and-ink sketch,” Pat McGrath said of the painterly onyx liner and blunt lashes on view at Lanvin. She applied a black cream formula with a brush, smudging it along the upper rim. In contrast, the lashes were cut clean and square. The theme of the maquillage was “not being afraid to play,” she explained. “The whole idea of the eye and the lash is about being brave and strong.” And this major lid statement didn’t get lost beneath the bevy of hats in the collection. “Don’t forget, when you’re sitting down, you’ll still see the whole face,” McGrath noted.

To reflect the nighttime sensibility evoked by the feathers, decadent furs, and fringed gowns in the lineup, Guido Palau crafted a wet knot. “With the lighting and smoke, you just feel like the hair wouldn’t be dry—it would almost be too romantic,” he said. Palau doused strands with Redken Guts 10 Volume Spray Foam before raking the length back with his fingers and twisting it into a messy bun, placing it high or low depending on whether the model was donning a marabou-trimmed chapeau. For a glistening effect that played off the graphic pendants or hints of sparkle in the clothes, he finished with a generous spritz of Shine Flash.

Photo: Sonny Vandevelde;

Lanvin Goes Triple Platinum for Spring, Brits Are Bulking Up Their Brows, and More



Lanvin’s Spring 2014 campaign featuring Julia Nobis, Sasha Luss, and Irene Hiemstra makes yet another case for going platinum. []

Hair transplants are on the rise, but not just for men hoping to hide bald spots. According to a British plastic surgery group, inquiries about eyebrow transplants are up 45 percent since 2010. The average caller is 30 years old and 70 percent of potential clients are women who suffer from over-zealous plucking (a souvenir from the nineties). Inspired by Cara Delevingne, ladies are lining up across the pond for the $2,500 procedure that leaves them with bigger, bushier arches. [Daily Mail]

3D printing is raising the bar (along with the designs) on nail wraps. A company called Laser Girls is creating high-tech tips comprised of nylon plastic. [Refinery29]

No need to pack your hairdryer—at least not if you’re staying at the Loews Regency Hotel Park Avenue. Along with a $100 million renovation, each room in the New York City spot features bathroom amenities and a high-powered blowdryer created by salon owner Julien Farel.

Photo: Courtesy of Lanvin

Lanvin’s About Face


lanvinAlber Elbaz dreamed up yet another flirty friend for women’s vanities. This time, in lieu of Lancôme eyeshadow palettes and tubes of mascara, one of his signature doodles is stamped on a limited-edition bottle of Lanvin’s Éclat d’Arpège fragrance. Dubbed Pretty Face, the composition inside the new flacon—a vibrant mix of lilac, lemon, green tea leaves, peach blossom, peonies, musk, and cedar—remains the same as the scent launched in 2002 (which itself was a spin-off of the original blend, Lanvin Arpège, created in 1927). It appears this eau, similar to the designer himself, continues to evolve.


Overachievers Be Damned: Relaxed Beauty Prevails Backstage at Lanvin


lanvinThe mantra of Spring 2014 continued at Lanvin: “Designer’s aren’t so concerned about the normal constraints—they just want it to feel easy and not too thought about,” said mane master Guido Palau. In contrast to the metallic fabrics, precise micro pleats, and oversize necklaces, the hair was kept minimal yet again—with a soft, “slightly broken” low ponytail that loosely swooped across the forehead. “It should feel as if you haven’t tried…which we haven’t,” he added. Strands were blasted with Redken Guts 10 for texture, and Quick Tease 15 (a volumizing spray) was used at the roots so that the finished product would appear more “bed-head-y” than flat.

The same logic applied to the makeup, explained Pat McGrath, who noted Alber Elbaz wanted to mimic how model Jamie Bochert showed up to the fitting. The girls were simply “enhanced” with brown mascara worked into the roots of lashes, a wash of taupe shadow around the eyes, a light touch of highlighter in key places (like the lids, inner corners, Cupid’s bow, and chin), and rose blush dusted across the cheeks. Due to the unusually warm temperatures in Paris this week, McGrath did her best to “mute” the naturally flushed faces of the girls. But despite the steamy backstage conditions, the summery weather seems to have inspired a wave of laid-back looks.

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