August 23 2014

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Tyra Thinks Bigger Is Better, Courtney Love Reinvents Herself On Twitter, and More…


Tyra Banks is fulfilling her promise to “help us all feel as fierce as we truly are” by launching a different kind of ANTM-type contest, which will focus on teenage plus-sized models. The competition will aptly be called the “Fiercely Real Teen Model Search.” Fierce. [NY Daily News]

A new survey shows that Japanese male college students are more interested in moisturizer, cleansing scrubs, and beauty salons than they are in cars. Please, oh please let this trend trickle west to the U.S. mainstream! [Business Week]

Thirteen-year-old blogging phenom Tavi may get front-row at Dior, but does she have her own cosmetics line? Fifteen-year-old Ava Anderson does. [Stylist]

“Quality issues with the glassware” have forced American Apparel to pull its new line of nail polishes from shelves. But not to worry; you’ll be able to buy butt-less leggings and a bottle of new and improved lacquer again in a matter of weeks. [The Cut]

Courtney Love has tried most things in life, but posing as a self-taught makeup artist online was uncharted territory for her. Until now. Watch out, Lauren Luke. [Stylist]

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Lauren Luke Goes Cross Country; Fish Oil, The Elixir of Life; And More…


Wanna meet YouTube beauty phenom Lauren Luke? Be on the lookout for the bright pink bus that’s taking her Inspiration Nation Tour across the country. [Beauty and the Blog]

There is such a thing as teeth that are too white. Hollywood, take note. [MSN]

If you really want to avoid premature aging, drink your fish oil. [Daily Mail]

Bo Tax, Tan Tax—what’s next? Say hello to New York’s proposed non-diet soda tax. [Reuters]

Could the latest red-carpet trend be unshaven legs? Hey, to each her own. [Très Sugar]

Photo: Andy Kropa / Redux

Tanning, From The Inside Out?; Dior Beauty Joins The Vlogger Generation; And More…


A recent study confirms what most of us already knew: Environmental factors like smoking, being overweight, and not using sunscreen are more likely to cause the physical signs of aging than a genetic predisposition. (Sorry for the accusations, Mom.) [Science Daily]

There is hope for the sunscreen-shunners among you, though. A new anti-sunburn drug that protects even the palest of people from skin cancer and UV rays may be hitting the market. It also allegedly causes a tan, but isn’t being branded for cosmetic purposes… yet. [The Telegraph]

Following Stila’s lead, Dior Beauty has started its own video site, featuring tutorials on how to best apply its products. Watch out, Lauren Luke. [Independent]

You say tomato, L’Oreal says great skin. The French beauty company has just released a new cosmeceutical in Europe that puts the wrinkle-preventing power of lycopene in one daily pill. Color us red with envy. [Daily Mail]

Professional-grade beauty devices for hair removal and washing, sloughing, and perfecting your skin are infiltrating the market. Behold the age of the “prosumer.” [L.A. Times]

Photo: Ken Reid/ Getty Images

Lauren Luke: The Book; The Truth About Sleeping Beauty; And More


After capturing the online community’s attention with her easy-to-access makeup guides, YouTube phenom and cosmetics line creator Lauren Luke has released a book. The tell-all reveals everything from a childhood spent being bullied at school to an unplanned teen pregnancy and finding love as a taxi dispatcher, all while building upon an ever-present obsession with lipstick and a smoky eye. We see a Lifetime original movie in her future. [Daily Mail]

While the idea of repairing your skin at night so that you wake up each morning with “a new blank canvas” is gaining steam, consumers are still pretty much, er, in the dark as to whether or not such claims can be believed. Oh, but one can dream… [NYT]

Forget listening to hip-hop on your ear buds before heading into competition. Michelle Roark, the 2009 U.S. freestyle skiing champion who moonlights as a chemical engineer, is convinced that smell, not rhythm and blues, can make you a champion. Her scent of choice is called Confidence, an eau she mixed up from a blend of rose oil, bergamot, and grapefruit. Even if it doesn’t work for everyone, as she maintains it does, it’s way cheaper than hiring a motivational coach to help sort out that low batting average. [WSJ]

With new macabre collections from brands like MAC and Chanel, black makeup is still making headlines this season. For those of you who are hesitant to embrace the trend in fear of toeing the goth line, fret not: The obsidian color ranges are now being branded as “glam-grunge.” If that offers any consolation. [The Star]

Photo: Courtesy of By Lauren Luke

Sephora’s Times Square Debut, Take II


To celebrate the opening of its new Times Square location on Broadway between 46th and 47th streets—not to be confused with the other one three blocks south—Sephora is rolling out the red carpet tomorrow for Taylor Momsen and Theodora and Alexandra Richards, among other pretty young things. In addition, the Sephora Pro Beauty Team will be providing lip, eye, and face express services from 11 a.m. to 12 p.m. and will also attempt to set two Guinness World Records for the Most Lipstick Applications by an Individual in One Hour and the Most Cosmetic Makeovers by a Team of Five in One Hour (yes, these categories really exist). What we’re most looking forward to, though, is seeing Lauren Luke. At the urging of her hordes of virtual fans, the Panacea81 YouTube phenom launched a makeup line of her own that just debuted on and will receive prime real estate at the company’s newest location. The day’s festivities start at 9 a.m. and rage on until 5 p.m.

Photo: Courtesy of Sephora