August 20 2014

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Happy Earth Day!


Earth Day is finally here. Hopefully you’ve outfitted yourself accordingly: vegan ballerina flats? Check. Organic cotton T-shirt and leggings combo? Check. Green-leaning tinted moisturizer with SPF protection? Obviously. We invite you to peruse our Natural Beauty column to remind yourself of all of the eco-friendly products and promos we’ve posted this month; if you feel like going the extra mile on your lunch break, here are three eco adventures you can take in New York City today to properly fête the planet.

What: Burt’s Bees makes smoothies—with bikes!

Where: Look out for an army of Burt lookalikes equipped with beards and striped conductor hats handing out similar costuming materials around Rockefeller Center and in Central Park and directing you toward Times Square, where a flock of Burt’s will be churning out pedal-powered fruity beverages.

When: From 11:30 a.m. to 2 p.m.

What: Fresh does clay and highbrow cooking.

Where: Award-winning chef Michel Nischan will be serving up tips and small bites from his new cookbook, Sustainably Delicious, at Fresh’s Union Square location at 872 Broadway. Today also marks the launch of the brand’s new Umbrian Clay Bar, an in-store station where the cult ingredient will be available for purchase in its pure, loose powder form. 10 percent of today’s sales will be donated to the Wholesome Wave Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to making affordable, locally grown foods available to everyone.

When: From 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

What: Lavera at the Green Shows

Where: If you have yet to check out Grand Central Terminal’s luxury eco pop-up bazaar, today would be a good day to drop by. Among the stalls, which boast organic and naturally derived fashion, beauty, and lifestyle items, is Lavera, the German natural beauty giant that’s steadily building up its cred stateside. The company’s mineral pigment lipsticks with organic shea butter and almond oil are a personal favorite.

When: Open from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Photo: Courtesy of

Vegan Beauty Takes Natural To The Max


After reading in this morning’s Daily Mail that vegan inmates in the U.K. have won the right to have ethically sourced, animal byproduct-free cosmetics in jail—including nail polish, lip balm, and cellulite oil—we have vegan cosmetics on the brain. Those who prefer the extreme end of eating and dressing all naturally typically have the same guidelines for their cosmetics as well. This means that the usual no-nos, like petrochemicals, parabens, and sodium lauryl phosphates, are out, as is anything that comes from any living thing that walks, flies, or swims. According to a recent article in the L.A. Times, this prohibits beeswax (which is often used in lip balms and mascaras), milk (found in soaps), collagen (a skin strengthener derived from cows), carmine (a colorant that comes from beetle shells), and even the animal hairs that are used in applicator brushes. Instead, herbal extracts and essential oils fulfill all cleansing, moisturizing, and fragrance objectives; iron oxides and other minerals typically serve pigment duty; and sea algae and marigold extracts are popular choices for all your antiaging needs. While orange-jumpsuit wearers across the pond have only been given clearance to shop at cruelty-free beauty retailers like Honesty Cosmetics and Lavera, those of you who are not incarcerated should feel free to branch out: Beauty Without Cruelty, Zuzu Luxe, and Ecco Bella all offer good vegan skincare and makeup options and Urban Decay is reportedly working to put purple paw prints on the packaging of all of its vegan items for easier identification.

Photo: Courtesy of Gabriel Cosmetics

Lavera Simplifies The Natural Beauty Transition


With all the recent talk of lead in lipstick and the equally unsettling reports that women consume six pounds of the stuff in their lifetimes, the idea of greenifying your makeup bag has likely crept into your mind. As we’ve mentioned before, the U.S. government doesn’t require full ingredient listings for cosmetics, but in Europe they’re mandatory. Enter Lavera, the German beauty giant that’s steadily building up its eco cred stateside. Packed with organic shea butter, almond oil, and mineral pigments for a pretty impressive range of colors, its lead-free lipstick range makes a strong argument for change. The fact that the company is currently offering an initiative in which you send your lipstick and e-mail address to them via mail, and it responds with an e-mail detailing the name of a color-matched Lavera equivalent—and a $10-off coupon code—also helps. To give organic a try, send your old lipstick and e-mail address to: Lavera Skin Care North America, 12015 115th Ave. NE, Suite E110, Kirkland, WA 98034.

Photo: Courtesy of Lavera

Lavera Goes For Gray


When you think of Europe’s noteworthy organic lines, names like Hauschka, Weleda, and Patyka usually come to mind. But perhaps it’s time to commit Lavera to your vernacular, the German company that was named “Greenest Beauty Brand in Europe” this past spring. Lavera, named after the Latin word for truth, was founded in 1987 and has grown to include more than 250 products—with organic makeup, hair care, sun care, and specialized skincare lines free of parabens and artificial fillers among its bounty. Fast becoming a favorite with Whole Foods Market regulars (ranking right up there with the pommes frites bar), the company debuts its antiaging collection this fall, introducing three different regimens meant to address preventative aging, premature aging, or mature skin, as well as a body line that provides a boost of youthful radiance where needed. Using nature to fight the natural ill effects of gravity. How’s that for German efficiency?

Photo: Courtesy of Lavera