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Beauty Throwdown: Blue Mascara


Colored mascara shot to acclaim four seasons ago, when Pat McGrath turned models’ lashes a shade of bright blue backstage at Stella McCartney. “It’s all about the subtle details,” she said at the time, a mere matter of months before she’d use additional shades of pink, green, and red to tint the lashes at Raf Simons’ debut Couture collection for the house of Dior. A rush on the unexpected beauty tool followed shortly after. Two new iterations have recently crossed our desk, and we put them to the test—today, at our desk, in fact (something’s gotta provide a bright spot in what’s starting out as a very gray, cold week). Let the throwdown begin.

The French Favorite: Le Volume de Chanel, the brand’s depth-enhancing mascara, is a long-standing go-to among lash lovers, as its patented “snowflake” spiral brush manages to deposit rich black pigment to both long and short hairs, thanks to a series of small, winding bristles. The new midnight-blue shade, simply called Bleu, does the same thing, which means you can see its insta-intensity from afar; it’s only when you get up close, however, that its rich navy tint becomes visible.

The Original Mineral: BareMinerals’ Flawless Definition Mascara brush is significantly less dense by comparison, although that’s almost to its credit, as the skinny, spaced-out bristles function like a fine-tooth comb, separating lashes as it layers on the turquoise-tinged pigment from its newly launched Aqua Blast shade. Because of that, it’s the color, not necessarily the density, that you notice first here.

The Result: In an ideal world, we’d be able to combine these two tubes together to get both the lush consistency we’re so often searching for, as well as the pick-me-up of a shot of bold color; the point of wearing colored mascara, after all, is to see a hue other than standard black on your lashes. But if we had to pick one, we’d go with Chanel, which offers a standout mascara above all. Its subtle flash of color is a bit of an afterthought, but no less of a bonus.

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