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Everything’s Coming Up Roses At Balenciaga


The legacy that Nicolas Ghesquière left behind at Balenciaga, after he announced that he would be parting ways with the storied French brand not long after his Spring show in October, is plenty enduring. Among the many things he was able to nourish during his tenure as creative director there was its fragrance heritage. “[Cristobal] Balenciaga closed the house in 1968, and he didn’t want it to exist anymore, but because of its fragrance licensing, the house stayed alive,” Ghesquière once explained to us. “Eventually, they had to add a little bit of fashion for it to make sense. When I arrived, they were doing a fashion show just because they had to entertain the fragrances! So in a way, Balenciaga has grown again because its fragrance archive has traveled the time.” Ghesquière has personally added a lot to that archive, starting three years ago when he premiered Balenciaga Paris with perfumer Olivia Polge, a powdery eau with a violet heart; it’s follow-up, the more intense L’Essence, came two years later. For the scent’s latest adaptation, Polge has debuted L’Eau Rose, this time without Ghesquière but in the same creative spirit that guided his previous work with the designer. A more floral offering, the violet essence from the original flacon is now blended with blackberry and rose before receiving a balancing dose of cypress and cedar. Housed in the same iconic cape-dress-inspired bottle, the scent boasts a pale pink color and a new matte black cap. It’s a good look, if you ask us—but then we’d expect nothing less.

Photo: Courtesy of Balenciaga