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It’s Lilly Pilly, Silly


LILLY PILLY / (lil-lee pil-lee) / n. / 1. A rain forest shrub, scientific name Acmena smithii, that is native to the warm temperate regions of Australia and boasts glossy green leaves and fluffy white flowers that are followed by reddish-purple berries; / n. / 2. An aromatic, plump fruit eaten fresh and used in jams, jellies, preserves, and drinks; / n. / 3. A skincare superfruit with high levels of vitamin C to block free radicals, prevent damage to skin cells’ structure, and improve firmness and tone; / n. / 4. A fruit acid that helps promote collagen production to thicken the hair shaft, e.g., “Spread lilly pilly on a piece of toast—and through limp strands.”

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Photo: Courtesy of OriginalMineral