August 30 2014

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Fast Forward With Ballet Beautiful


Mary-Helen-BowersBallerina turned fitness guru Mary Helen Bowers is, undoubtedly, her own best advertisement for the cultish dance-based workouts she creates. Long- and lean-limbed with seemingly nary an ounce of excess fat, plus perfect posture, wicked flexibility, and, did I mention, amazing hair? And since famously whipping Natalie Portman into prima ballerina shape for her role in Black Swan, her high-profile clientele has grown in ranks to include beauties like Liv Tyler, Lily Aldridge, and Doutzen Kroes. But even women who will never be coronated Victoria’s Secret Angels—even women like me: short, pear-ish, not so bendy—can benefit from Bowers’ workout wisdom. All of which is imparted in a sweet, encouraging tone that will keep even the most slothful among us focused and motivated. If you can’t make it to Bowers’ Soho studio to experience her teaching firsthand, her at-home workout DVDs are the next best thing, and now there is a new one to slip into regular rotation. Ballet Beautiful Cardio Fat Burn is her most fast-paced offering to date, with a combination of up-tempo Allegra intervals to sculpt muscles and boost metabolism interspersed with targeted mat exercises focused on toning and lengthening. Much like with Bowers’ previous DVDs, the movements are deceptively simple but, rest assured, you will feel the burn.

Ballet Beautiful Cardio Fat Burn, available at

Photo: Courtesy of Mary Helen Bowers

Red Alert


Deep wine-stained lips may have been the prevailing beauty story this Fall, but Spring is near, and with it comes the promise of a new kind of pout preference. While the season saw nods to fuchsia, orange, and purple, it also proved that red is not, in fact, dead—no matter what the mulberry legions may have had you believe. Case in point: a birthday soiree last night, at No. 8 in New York, for Amy Sacco, Karen Mulligan, et al that saw guests such as Iman, Lily Aldridge, and Christina Ricci pull out their best crimson bullets. Interestingly, they all opted for matte finishes, another sign of the beauty sea change in the air; flat, no-shine pigment dominated the runways in September—and will prove an essential addition to your makeup bag over the next few months. And so we put it to you, dear readers: Who wore the matte scarlet mouth best?

Photo: Neil Rasmus /

Blonde Ambition, Still Alive And Well For Fall


As the Fall shows came to a wrap in March, the season’s clear hair color winner was brunette, which inspired a neo-goth renaissance (and our Fall Beauty Guide). But the dark moment on the runways, which saw blonde beauties like Patricia van der Vliet and Dempsey Stewart adopt espresso dye jobs, left blondes—myself included—a little adrift; how do we, the golden-haired masses, make seasonal color adjustments without committing to a deliberately dark ‘do? “I don’t think these trends need to apply to everyone,” Redken creative consultant Tracey Cunningham assures me. Cunningman is an expert on brightening (she’s the mastermind behind Emma Stone, Kate Bosworth, and Jessica Biel’s lightened locks), so we’re ready to take her at her word. Here, Cunningham weighs in on fall-ifying honeyed hair, why ombré highlights will never go out of style, and the one must-have hair product for flaxen folk.

Brunette is obviously a big trend for fall. But what if you’re blonde and you aren’t quite ready to take that plunge?
Please be careful with trends when you are blonde! I have so many brunettes who show me some blonde picture and it just isn’t going to work—and the same goes for blondes. They are so easily tricked into going brunette and it totally messes up their hair. You can lowlight your hair, make it have a little more depth, but don’t go crazy. If you have been a blonde your whole life I think you should embrace it. You just are blonde.

What if you have been experimenting with lighter shades for summer? Is it necessary to tone down the platinum and add in some amber notes so you don’t look so washed out as your tan fades?
Add some depth, which means going from what you are now to what your root color is—or maybe even a little more of that if you are not a base blonde. It doesn’t mean you need to be as dark as your natural hair, just a little darker. If you ever want to go a shade darker or lighter, always bring a photo. That is one of my main rules.

Will we see some of your blonde clients going darker for fall?
Sarah Paulson just went dark for her role in American Horror Story, actually. Who knows about Emma [Stone] though!

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