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Instant Replay: Models Who Make Music Videos


Models and music videos have a long-standing symbiotic relationship. Almost as long as bands have been conjuring up visual accompaniments for their musical musings, they have been casting pretty faces to star in them—and by “star,” we mean gyrate around while looking desirable. Actresses have gotten in on the gig plenty of times, too, of course—who can forget Kim Basinger’s turn in Tom Petty’s “Mary Jane’s Last Dance,” Gwyneth’s cameo in Melissa Etheridge’s “I Want to Come Over,” or Alicia Silverstone’s entire Aerosmith oeuvre? But this week, we’ve got models on the brain, thanks to George Michael’s latest release, “White Light,” in which he shares screen time with Kate Moss (and one very strong wind machine). This is not Moss’ first rodeo; the original waif has appeared in videos for Johnny Cash, the White Stripes, and Primal Scream—and her experience shows: Kate has the nonchalant, pouty sway down to an art, which we imagine is only slightly vexing to the members of Michael’s original model-filled video for his 1990 hit “Freedom.” That cinematic experience just so happens to top our greatest “models in music videos” hit list, which is just a click away.

Get The Arms And Abs That Skimpy Summer Wardrobe Was Made For


Here are some truths about me and my exercise regimen: 1) I don’t do well with trainers or classes; 2) I go through on and off phases: When I’m on, I run and swim; when I’m off, I watch a lot of TV while sitting in spandex shorts and talking about going to the gym; and 3) my overall goal is strength, not slimness—specifically in my abs and arms.

Item 1 often offsets item 3, as my problems with authority and regimented schedules preclude me from learning any new muscle-building techniques (my core-tightening knowledge begins and ends with antiquated workouts I learned from playing high-school sports many moons ago). Celebrity fitness and wellness expert David Kirsch seemed to have me in mind when he penned his new tome, David Kirsch’s Abs & Arms, which went on sale this weekend. The illustrated book takes you through a number of do-it-yourself exercises, with user-friendly instructions for proper usage of the “stability ball” so you can get a washboard stomach and svelte—not bulky—biceps à la Liv Tyler, Karolina Kurkova, Linda Evangelista, and Heidi Klum, the latter of whom Kirsch got back onto the Victoria’s Secret runway just eight weeks after she gave birth in 2005. Kirsch also provides a guide to following his patented high protein/low carb diet, which will help you see maximum results from all the reverse plank and pike push-ups on the agenda. The paperback has actually inspired me to return to the gym after a brief hiatus, if only so I can try out some of my fancy new moves in public and finally break free from the try-whatever-the-woman-next-to-me-is-doing approach.

Photo: Courtesy of David Kirsch

Confronting The Red Army


Full disclosure: We are among the bandwagoneers to embrace the red lip over the past few years as it has steadily made a mainstream comeback. No more sheer gloss for us, thanks. When it comes to important public appearances, we see red—the more opaque and brighter the better. But as the old standby continues to regain popular favor, we’re beginning to wonder if it’s less statement-making when everyone at your party also has it painted on. Case in point: At amfAR’s inaugural Milan fashion week event last night, we spotted at least four crimson pouts, in glossy and matte incarnations and in a shade range that included Dita Von Teese’s pink-red and Linda Evangelista’s orange-tinged hue. Should we start embracing the rainbow of lip offerings that have made repeat appearances on the runway, or can red really be universal and totally unique at the same time?

Photo: Getty Images

Event Hair Made Easy At Graeme Black


London is usually all about goth and edge, but Graeme Black, the great Scotsman who was once head of Ferragamo, is a bit of an outlier. As noted by this site’s fashion reporters, he “doesn’t really do ‘relaxed.” Lucky for us, however, hairstylist Sam McNight does. Playing off Black’s unrelentingly elegant and refined sentiment, McKnight—who has worked his magic on the heads of Linda Evangelista, Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell, Gisele Bündchen, Uma Thurman, Elizabeth Hurley, and Princess Diana—conjured up a backstage look that was as accessible as it was pristine. “The colors and feel of the show—it was all so Maharani,” McKnight explained. “So we used blow-dryers and curlers to create, I guess, a bird’s nest—a loose chignon that looks slightly blown by what could be trade winds in the East. Very sexy, very blustery, and very polished—not hard to do,” McKnight insists. A messy bun for some D.I.Y. Hollywood-by-way-of-Bollywood glamour does sound easy enough to pull off. Do try this at home.

Murals And Model Muses Backstage at Mabille


If you thought the two braids models wore at Alexis Mabille’s Couture show yesterday seemed somewhat reminiscent of the stuff traditional Mexican folklore is made of, you were right. The style concept was apparently spawned from a Diego Rivera painting that the designer saw on a recent trip to Mexico, and then Frenchified for the presentation by hairstylist Odile Gilbert with clusters of violets at the end of each plait. But the real story backstage was the shimmering pastel eyes, pink lips, and flawless faces that makeup artist James Kaliardos sent out onto the runway, which were created using his new line for L’Oréal Paris color cosmetics called Studio Secrets Professional, which he collaborated on with Linda Evangelista.

Photo: Marcio Madeira