August 1 2014

styledotcom Is topless tanning a thing of the past?

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Kate Bosworth Talks Beauty Essentials; LiLo Is Red Again; And More…


Kate Bosworth started her official brand ambassador duties for SK-II with a press event in Australia, where she revealed a short list of her must-have products, including SK-II Facial Treatment Masks, YSL lipsticks, and tinted Fresh Sugar Lip Treatments. [Bella Sugar Australia]

Horst Rechelbacher’s Aveda spinoff, all-natural beauty and lifestyle brand Intelligent Nutrients, is getting its first brick-and-mortar retail destination, a 1,000-square-foot space in Minnesota’s monolithic Mall of America. [WWD]

Lindsay Lohan has gone back to her roots, although her new deep auburn locks are apparently in transition, according to the Liz & Dick star. “It’s actually the wrong color than it’s supposed to be…But it will get there.” [People]

The skincare establishment’s latest must-have ingredient? Snail slime, of course. [Daily Mail]

Photo: Brendon Thorne/Getty Images

She’s Got Elizabeth Taylor Eyes; Charting The Toe-besity Epidemic; And More…


Never mind the jet-black dye job: to play Elizabeth Taylor in the upcoming made-for-TV movie Liz & Dick, Lindsay Lohan was apparently also fitted with a custom set of violet-hued contact lenses—a signature Taylor feature. [NYP]

Whether or not a cleaning product works no longer entices consumers. It’s what it smells like that counts—which is why big brands like Windex, Clorox, and Mr. Clean are enlisting real-deal perfumers from fragrance houses like Givaudan and IFF to design scent portfolios for their products with notes like ginger, hibiscus, and “glacier-carved waterfalls.” Because boring lemon and plain old pine are played out. [WSJ]

In order to preside over a medical procedure like laser hair removal, Botox injections, or microdermabrasion, you should be a medical professional—a little followed requirement that’s about to become punishable by law in California if not abided by. [Huff Po]

A Brazilian artist has introduced a new project called Humanae, a “chromatic inventory” that intends to shed light on race by classifying every human skin tone using the Pantone chart. Just think of all the future foundation formulation possibilities! [Daily Mail]

Introducing toe-besity, a new plastic surgery term to describe unsightly toes that are too long, too fat—and easily “fixed” by a podiatrist’s skillful hand. [ABC News]

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LiLo’s (New) Trouble With The Law; Rihanna Strips Down; And More…


After releasing her own self-tanner, then getting accused of stealing the formula of said self-tanner from another tanning expert, Lindsay Lohan has some new faux-glow problems. The actress reportedly owes $41,031 in back fees to Tanning Vegas, a Nevada salon she frequented between 2007 and 2009. That is a lot of fake baking. [Daily News]

Rihanna has a new fragrance coming out and the campaign for the scent—called Nude—looks to be fairly name-appropriate, featuring a topless Ri-Ri. [Just Jared]

Clairol has named Giada De Laurentiis the new face of its Natural Instincts hair color line. The Food Network star might seem like an unlikely choice, but if her mass appeal is anywhere as addicting as her cooking show, Everyday Italian, it just might be a good fit. [People]

The summer heat is on and Olivia Chantecaille has a good skin-saving solution to the humidity: “I recommend switching to oil-free creams and serums.” Live it, love it. [Forbes]

Photo: Paul Morigi/WireImage

Being Sarah Palin’s Hair And Makeup; Lindsay’s Red Alert; and More..


Julianne Moore is a dead ringer for Sarah Palin in the new HBO flick Game Changer, which has a lot to do with an impressive hair and makeup job. “I’ve never been tan in my life, so we had to cover up my freckles, then darken my skin, and there was contouring,” says Moore, who spent two hours in the makeup chair each morning to get into character. Re-drawn lip lines, fake nails, and carefully selected contacts also helped along the transformation. “I asked to make the iris of the lens bigger than my iris. She has enormous brown eyes, so it made my eyes look bigger.” [People]

WWD caught up with fashion’s favorite hairstylist, Guido Palau, to find out what inspires the man Marc Jacobs and Miuccia Prada trust to make coiffing history each season, and according to Palau, he’s a sponge for information. “If I see something once, it goes in [my head],” he says. “It could be a painting or a building or a texture of hair or someone’s hair on the street or a movie or a moment. If I like it, it somehow gets stored in my brain and will come out at a certain moment. Style comes from everywhere. You just have to be open to it and take it all in.” [WWD]

Nicholas Kirkwood had a specific someone’s hair in mind when he designed a pair of shoes with a red ponytail dangling off the back. “It’s like a Florence and the Machine kind of red,” he says of the detail on the Jean Cocteau and Elsa Schiaparelli-inspired boot. [Fashionista]

Lindsay Lohan is making beauty headlines today—and the buzz has nothing to do with the did-she-or-didn’t-she speculation over her perfectly pouty lips: The natural redhead has cashed in her platinum-blond locks for a shade of light auburn. [Perez Hilton]

According to data from leading plastic surgeons around the world, the most sought-after female features include Taylor Swift’s hair, Natalie Portman’s nose, Anne Hathaway’s eyes, Scarlett Johansson’s lips, January Jones’ cheeks, and Halle Berry’s jawline—which equals one weird-looking composite. [Daily Mail]

Photo: Credit: Phillip V. Caruso/HBO

Stealing Sex And The City; Carolina Herrera’s Advice For Other Designers? Pick Perfume; And More…


Counterfeit fragrances rank among the most intercepted items on the U.S. Customs and Border Protection’s seizure list, but one specific perfume apparently turns up more than others. That’d be the Sex and the City perfume, $51 million of which was confiscated last year alone! [WWD]

With fashion week officially in full force, it’s easy to forget that the Grammys and the Oscars will soon be upon us, and a new brand called Red Carpet Manicure is ready. The lacquer company just debuted a new line of gel polishes made out of 24-karat gold—the perfect awards show accessory. [Hollywood Life]

As designers get ready to present their Fall collections over the next month from New York to Paris, they should also have a fragrance franchise on the brain, according to Carolina Herrera. “You should do it immediately because that’s what gets your name everywhere,” Herrera says. [Reuters]

It was surprising to see Lindsay Lohan at the amfAR gala in New York last night. Equally perplexing is why her hair is so very platinum. [Mirror]

In other confounding news: The New York Yankees are apparently in the process of launching two fragrances, New York Yankees and New York Yankees for Her. [Racked]

Photo: Courtesy of Carolina Herrera fragrances