August 28 2014

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Mile-Long Locks Materialize at Moschino



Dreadlocks are nothing new—they were worn by ancient civilizations in Africa and Asia, and the style is closely tied (if not intrinsic) to the Rastafarian movement. Celebrities (such as Lady Gaga and Lauryn Hill) and designers even commandeered the look for the red carpet and the runway. Hairstylist Sam McKnight created two versions for Chanel: one in 2012 and the other for Fall 2014. And only hours ago Jeremy Scott sent his own towering iteration down Moschino’s menswear catwalk. Models like Lindsey Wixson, Leomie Anderson, and Soo Joo Park sported piled-up twists and belly-button-grazing braids by pro Paul Hanlon, along with bikinis emblazoned with the world’s flags and soda-pop-themed sweatshirts. We like to think of the hair at Scott’s show much like his designs: tradition turned on its head.

Photo: Yannis Vlamos /

Top Models Teach the ABC’s of Beauty



Today marks the beginning of i-D‘s first online beauty week, and here to help celebrate are twenty-six of the catwalk’s current supers—ranging from Lindsey Wixson to Binx Walton. These top models run through the ABC’s according to the fashion glossy in this video directed by Daniel Sannwald and newly appointed beauty editor and makeup artist, Isamaya Ffrench. Talk about hot for teacher…

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Daddy’s Girl: Lindsey Wixson’s Secret Style Source


lindsey-wixsonMy dad has done a lot for me over the years. The one thing he hasn’t gotten to: my hair. The man can make a bed (a skill he learned in the army) and precisely iron a pair of pants (a chore relegated to him by my mother), but braid or wield a curling iron? Forget it. (Let it be noted that my mom really can’t, either—she paid my best friend in first grade $1 a week to put my shoulder-length strands in some semblance of a ponytail.) Lindsey Wixson’s father, however, has skills. She posted this photo on Instagram with the caption, “Hair styling by my dad.” Not bad, old man, not bad—looks like you’ve got the nonchalant trend down pat.

Lindsey Wixson Is One Tough Mudder


lindsey-wixsonBorrowing a page from Vivienne Westwood’s Spring 2014 beauty book (where makeup artist Val Garland flicked models with black, brown, and metallic paint to re-create the look of splashed mud), Lindsey Wixson and photographer beau Joachim Johnson opted to get down and dirty in New Mexico. Mother nature—in this case, at least—makes the best maquillage.

Photo: Instagram

Chanel Is Having a Yabadabadoo Time For Spring; You’ve Come A Long Way, Baby (Doll); And More


chanel-lindsey-wixsonLindsey Wixson looks a lot like Pebbles Flinstone in Chanel’s latest ads with her burnt orange strands, head-topping ponytail, and extra-large pearls reminiscent of the ones Wilma made her signature. When it comes to hair accessories, however, the dinosaur bone has been replaced with a more petite black bow. [Refinery29]

We remember the days when American Girl dolls wore a modest bonnet (Kirsten Larson, we’re looking at you) and schoolgirl braids (Molly McIntire, anyone?). The latest addition to the collection, Isabelle Palmer, goes to a school for the arts and has pink ombré hair. The toy is also available with piercings. We imagine a pint-sized jar of Manic Panic isn’t too far off. [Huffington Post]

While we don’t know who debuted it first exactly—the doll or Alexa Chung—the Brit style star posted a photo on Twitter touting her new purple tips courtesy of L’Oréal Professionnel.

Designed to be added to a traditional cleanser for “extra exfoliating” results, Previse Skincare is bringing EE MarineGranules, a botanical-based marine mousse, to market in March. Shopping for beauty products is beginning to feel like an episode of Sesame Street. [WWD]

Kate Moss celebrates her 40th birthday this month and in celebration, Paris Première (a French television channel) is airing a documentary—Looking For Kate—on January 12th that examines her rise to fame. If only the Couture collections coincided…we’ll just have to wait for the film to appear on YouTube with the rest of the world. [Marie Claire UK]