September 3 2014

styledotcom This natural nighttime serum gives @rubyjean_wilson her radiant glow:

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RMS Beauty Shines On


Since meeting makeup artist Rose-Marie Swift four years ago—at her apartment, while she was dog-sitting Miranda Kerr’s Yorkie, no less—we’ve been hooked on her exceptional makeup range. A favorite with green-leaning models—many of whom Swift has primped and primed on set as an editorial makeup artist over the last two decades—her RMS Beauty line features products that are not only nontoxic but also include a laundry list of natural ingredients that actually help heal and nourish the skin as well. The collection is full of perennial multiuse staples, like the “Un” Cover-Up and the Living Luminizer, as well as an edited range of eye, lip, and cheek tints, which Swift adds to seasonally. Her latest launch is a limited-edition shade of the Moringa-oil-infused Lip Shine and, unsurprisingly, it’s a winner. Sacred, as the watermelon color is called, imparts a light, moisture-enriched kiss of bright coral-y pink to mouths that can be built up or worn sheer. While not as pigmented as Swift’s fan-favorite Lip2Cheek colors, the emollient balm also happens to double as a lightweight, transparent blush, which will be a huge plus come summer’s sweltering temps.

Photo: John Aquino

Suki Debuts A Lip Shine For Lovers


In addition to a hyperawareness of fine lines and wrinkles, there’s something else that plagues most beauty editors: No matter how many times we insist that our makeup know-how doesn’t actually qualify us as makeup artists, friends and family members just don’t seem to get it. Which is how I came to play face painter at my best friend’s wedding this summer. “I just want something super natural and easy—you can do that, right?” she asked nonchalantly before the big day. And while the answer was, of course, “no,” I responded with a wavering “sure” to make her happy and that was that. I set to stocking my “kit” with my personal complexion-enhancing go-tos in a palette that suited her skin—Chanel foundation, a Nars multiple for mild contouring, sepia-tinted cream eye shadows, a brown mascara. But I took momentary pause when it came to picking a lip product. I veer towards bold shades of red and fuchsia for events, but the bride is a true naturopath and the wedding was on a farm, so I wanted something that was pigmented enough to show up, but not too bright. Above all, it had to be free of synthetic ingredients. Enter Suki’s Sukicolor Lip Shines. A few months back, I received a preview trio of the jojoba and shea butter-infused cream glosses with additional extracts of rose and pomegranate-seed oil to soften while warding off free radicals. The big winner for the wedding was Blush, a shimmery peach that works on pouts and cheeks and was the perfect hue for walking down the aisle—to Brian Eno, no less. Claret, a warm burgundy, and Petal, a soft pink, are equally versatile and will make a smart addition to your makeup arsenal when they officially launch next month. As for my budding career in makeup artistry, consider it on hold indefinitely.

$16.95, available November 2011 at