August 21 2014

styledotcom 18 examples why you shouldn't be afraid of #MomJeans:

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Breathe Easy



Robyn Berkley, founder of Live The Process—a website that focuses on total wellness (including fitness, nutrition, meditation, and beauty)—never took the time to stop and smell the roses. Working as a consultant in NYC, it took a trip to Bali for her to finally slow her round-the-clock pace and reevaluate the approach she took to life. During this downtime she became a certified yoga instructor and came up with the idea to start an online destination for “impossibly busy, but balance-seeking people”—which in my mind, includes just about everyone. Berkley also developed a line of luxury athletic apparel to help round out her readers’ closets and created a waterproof clutch to hold everything post-workout.

Even better than the bag’s Japanese cotton lining is the accompanying fragrant sachet developed by Dawn and Samantha Goldworm of olfactive branding company 12.29 (who also happen to be clients of Berkley’s boutique and “holistic” PR firm). Like the Live The Process founder, the twin sisters understand the pressures of city life and both practice yoga to de-stress. So it comes as no surprise that the custom scent they developed is called Karma. A sophisticated blend of iris, moss, cedar, ambergris, and tonka, it doesn’t mask sweaty clothes with strong floral or powdery notes, but lightly refreshes them—enabling you to breathe deep the next time you rummage through your gym tote.


Photo: Courtesy of Live The Process