August 20 2014

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10 posts tagged "Living Proof"

Living Proof Plays It Straight


A quick look at all the at-home keratin treatments coming on the market and the bevy of blow-out bars popping up from New York to L.A., and it’s clear that straight hair is “in” again. Beauty companies are switching their focus accordingly, replacing texturizers and curl enhancers with products designed to keep things soft and sleek. A number of different creams and salves produce Gwyneth-at-the-Oscars severity, but most of them are formulated with silicones, oils, and resins that will ultimately weigh hair down and perform for one blow-out only. As for more permanent treatments, recent exposés mean that these formaldehyde-laden formulas have fallen out of favor. Enter Living Proof. The company that revolutionized frizz-fighting with its patented polyfluoroester proprietary humidity-blocking molecule is hoping to do the same for straightening products, debuting its Straight Long-Lasting Sleek-Making Style-Extending Spray this week at Sephora. Designed to extend and protect your smooth style for as long as you want, the lightweight spritz is optimized to perform on wet hair, although it is effective when applied to dry hair post-blow out as a touch-up, as well. Here’s the best part: It really, truly works—and it extends the time between blow-outs by acting as a repellent to dirt and pollution. It won’t replace your trusted bottle of dry shampoo, but it does function well in tandem with it, creating a veritable shield against the kind of grime that threatens to ruin your perfectly straight strands when summer eventually sets in.

Photo: Courtesy of Living Proof

Body Beautiful


In addition to the short vs. long hair debate that came out of the Spring shows, deciding whether to go sleek and straight or voluminous and wavy is also up for discussion. It’s easy enough to wield a flatiron and slather on some smoothing serum if you’re looking to emulate the stylings of coiffing stars like Eugene Souleiman and Luigi Murenu at Narciso Rodriguez and MaxMara, respectively. But duplicating the free-flowing texture showcased backstage at Peter Som and Sonia Rykiel is more tricky, not least of all because it requires a product that still strikes fear into the hearts of many a beauty fiend: mousse. The frothy stuff had a bit of a resurgence at the Fall 2010 shows, when high-flying, sixties-inspired updos enjoyed a moment in the spotlight. Living Proof is hoping that the buzz around the amplifying product is still, um, big. The brand created by MIT scientists (and best known for its No Frizz products) has devised a genius new compound called Poly Beta Amino Ester-1 and incorporated it into the latest addition to its Full line, a Thickening Mousse. The foam deposits a completely flexible (no stiffness) and unbreakable (no flaking) pattern of “thickening points” throughout hair, so your strands actually look and feel bulkier. Still have some reservations? We thought you might, which is why we asked Nathaniel Hawkins for some mousse pointers. The celebrity stylist has not only coiffed the likes of Brooke Shields, Sandra Bullock, Jessica Simpson, and Lindsay Lohan, but also happens to be a huge fan of the eighties mainstay.

Step 1: To get body throughout, put product directly onto a vented brush, gliding it through your hair from roots to tips.

Step 2: Repeat one to two more times to ensure that every hair is saturated, then start drying immediately using the same brush until strands are just damp.

Step 3: Switch to a round, boar-bristle brush to finish your blow-out and to encourage more volume.

Step 4: If it’s “bombshell” hair you’re after, put medium-sized rollers into sections and let hair cool for 20 minutes before removing. “The key to achieving long-lasting lift is to completely dry hair; the slightest bit of moisture will result in mid-day limpness,” Hawkins says. Heaven forbid!

Photo: Marcus Tondo / at Sonia Rykiel; Yannis Vlamos / at Peter Som

A Few Simple Tips To Fight The Humidity


This column features weekly tips and advice from a revolving cast of industry leaders, on hand to discuss your beauty dilemmas, from blemishes to Botox. To submit a question, e-mail

This summer’s hot and humid conditions have been especially cruel to my skin and hair. Are there specific cosmetic formulas that really prevent makeup from melting and tresses from frizzing up, or am I doomed to looking greasy and poofy for another month?

In hot weather, we perspire and our skin becomes oilier—that’s a simple side effect made worse by the kind of intense humidity we’ve been experiencing lately. From a scientific perspective, there’s only so much oil that even a pressed powder-type makeup product can absorb. Once you exceed that point, as you’ve been experiencing, the product can actually begin to sag and clump on your skin. I can’t really offer you a magic bullet, but to keep things as sweat-free as possible, follow a few basic pieces of advice: First, clean your skin before you put on any makeup to eliminate any residue; always choose an oil-free foundation to minimize grease; and finish with face powder to help set your makeup. It’s simple, but this formula works. As for frizzy hair, I’m a big fan of Living Proof’s No-Frizz system, which is made with polyfluoroester. The molecule is very effective for preventing frizziness in all hair types—even in high humidity. It’s the gold standard.

James Hammer is a cosmetic chemist who analyzes and formulates products for the beauty industry. He works with the Pharmasol Corporation in Easton, MA.

Photo: Courtesy of Living Proof

Spray It On, And Forget It


Those of you who’ve embraced dry shampoo for its ability to prolong blowouts and extend time between washes, get psyched: Living Proof has added a new Restyling Spray to its lineup of hair savers. The lightweight spritz detangles, reduces static, and adds softness and shine to dry, dull strands. It also conditions with a slight hold so you can scrunch and shake your way back to second-day-after-a-shampoo tousled perfection. But the best part about the small gray bottle is that it contains the patented polyfluoro ester molecule from the line’s award-winning styling creams, which protects hair from humidity-induced frizz. It’s purse-sized, too, so you can whip it out when the barometer starts to shift and never have to worry about seeking shelter at the nearest air-conditioned office building again.

Photo: Courtesy of Living Proof

Living Proof of a World Free of Frizz


Combating frizz is a plight faced by most members of the fairer sex. And while you’ve likely tried one of the countless products on the market that promises smoother, softer hair sans unsightly strays, the general efficacy of these offerings can leave something to be desired. That’s primarily because they’re all formulated using silicone, the single frizz-fighting ingredient that’s been blindly accepted as the one solution to the problem for the past 30 years. Enter Living Proof, a new company made up of a team of scientists led by MIT professor Dr. Robert Langer, whose goal is to invent new beauty formulas for results as yet unseen by even the most experienced product junkies. Looking to fight both causes of frizz—humidity entering the hair shaft and surface friction on the shaft itself—they arrived at a molecule that creates a weightless shield and prevents moisture flux in and out as it coats the cuticle, thus reducing the friction between fibers. Simply called “No Frizz,” the new technology repels materials like oil as well, resulting in a non-greasy coating that doesn’t attract dirt—which means you can go longer between shampoos too. What will they think of next?

Photo: Courtesy of Living Proof