August 30 2014

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The Leave-In You’ll Believe In


My haircare regimen has been the same since I was in high school, and it includes a six-step program that hasn’t failed me yet: First I shampoo and condition, then I comb through a styling cream and add a top coat of frizz serum before pulling my damp strands into a tight, low-lying bun that I repeatedly take out and re-secure—while scrunching—until my lengths are dry, slightly wavy, and very smooth. The process always remains the same, but the products tend to alternate. Key to the success of this system, I’ve found, is the styling cream. My hair is kind of thick and kind of curly, so it needs something nourishing that will leave it soft and languid rather than stiff and overly textured. I’ve had many past loves in this category—Fresh Sake Hair Cream, Morrocanoil Hydrating Styling Cream—but lately, my affections belong to Liz Earle. The Brit botanical brand entered the haircare category last year with a coconut-based cleansing shampoo and three corresponding conditioners, and just last month it launched its first treatment product, a shine-enhancing cream formulated with red algae to flatten the cuticle, cotton extract to impart a glossy finish, and sumac wax, a hair-taming agent popular with Japanese sumo wrestlers and traditional geishas. Here’s the twist: While the vanilla and sweet orange fruit-scented balm works wonders at adding glisten when used as directed as a conditioning treatment that gets rinsed out, it is also a fantastic leave-in styling tool when applied after hair is cleansed, conditioned, and towel-dried. Liz Earle has yet to debut a proper styling line, but I’m happy to multitask this super salve while I wait for that day to come.

Photo: Courtesy of Liz Earle

Desperately Seeking Tinted Moisturizer


When Prescriptives decided to shutter its doors two years ago, I had two reactions in quick succession: sadness at the loss of the brand I’d been using almost exclusively since teen-dom, then panic about whether I would be able to stockpile enough of its bestsellers to last me for the rest of eternity. Most could be replaced with similar products from other brands, I discovered—except, that is, for my beloved Traceless Skin Responsive Tint. The tinted moisturizer with a slightly illuminating natural coverage that didn’t feel at all makeup-y was, in a word, perfection. I did manage to amass enough to last me until recently, but as I was desperately squeezing the final drop out of the final tube, I decided it was finally time to search for a replacement. Here is the latest group of contenders that are currently in the running.

Chantecaille Just Skin Anti-Smog Tinted Moisturizer

Chantecaille’s formula is packed with botanicals like honeysuckle, edelweiss, and green tea, plus moisturizing sodium hyaluronate. The rich formula feels a bit more like a foundation than a tinted moisturizer, making it a viable option on the occasion when more coverage is needed. It is my hands-down winner in the packaging department, but be warned: Its good looks don’t come cheap.


Physicians Formula Organic Wear Tinted Moisturizer

As it’s entirely natural (100 percent of ingredients are from natural origin, and more than 80 percent from organic origin), Physician Formula’s offering is a great idea for those with more reactive skin—i.e. me, at least once a month. Remember to shake the tube first, otherwise the filmy formula tends to separate in an undesirable way. The coverage is lightweight enough for everyday use and absorbs easily. Bonus: It’s a total bargain.


Liz Earle Sheer Skin Tint

I count myself a big fan of Liz Earle’s skincare, so when I heard that the British naturalist was branching out into makeup I was understandably excited. Her first product to be available stateside is a tinted moisturizer packed with enough vitamin E, borage, and avocado for a super-creamy consistency. Though it was a little too rich for my summertime needs, once the temperature drops, my prediction is that it will feel just right.

$34, available beginning September 8 at

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Liz Earle Enters The World Of Haircare


We found out this was coming back in the spring and have been patiently waiting for the U.S. launch ever since. This month, Liz Earle’s haircare line finally debuts stateside, packing the botanical-ingredient expertise the natural-skincare purveyor is known for into a whole new category. The four-piece collection starts with an all-purpose Botanical Shine Shampoo, which uses a gentle-but-effective cleanser derived from coconuts in place of damaging sodium lauryl sulfates. Then there’s the conditioner—a trio of different conditioners, in fact, each of which is formulated to correspond with a specific hair type. All three contain more than 95 percent naturally derived ingredients, including nourishing Kenyan yangu oil and sustainable blue sea kale leaves from the Isle of Wight (where the brand happens to be based), the latter of which helps to protect color-treated strands. We’ve become fast fans of the Damaged Hair formula, as our own tresses haven’t been taking particularly well to the seasonal change. (There’s a single word to describe both our hair and our skin at the moment: dry.) The moisturizing cream is rich in West African shea butter from the Tung Teiya women’s cooperative in Ghana, the inclusion of which helps to preserve female financial independence in that region.

Photo: Courtesy of Liz Earle

The Steamy, Hot Cloth Cleanser Challenge


More than a decade ago, Liz Earle launched a little product called the Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser that skyrocketed her natural beauty brand to success, and subsequently revolutionized the entire concept of at-home facial exfoliation. (For the uninitiated, the basic hot-cloth system involves two steps: massaging a creamy cleanser on dry skin with your fingertips, then gently rubbing off said cleanser with a textured cloth that’s been dipped in warm water.) Recently two new hot cloth cleanser kits hit our radar, both touting impressive formulas and results. Curious to see if any of these upstarts could rival Earle’s original, a, er, face-off ensued (sorry!)

The British Bargain

Launched in August, Boots No. 7 Radiance Boosting Hot Cloth Cleanser is the latest from the popular U.K.-based drugstore brand with a solid reputation for quality skincare. The cleanser scores points for its luxurious, emollient formula (it contains cocoa butter and pro vitamin B5) and relaxing scent (a whiff of calming floral notes that some might prefer to Earle’s energizing woodsy aroma). But corners were cut in the cloth department, as the fabric resembles first-aid cotton gauze at best and feels a bit abrasive on the skin. Still, we appreciated the DIY tips on the package, such as the hint to rub in upward circles and place the damp cloth on the face for a few seconds to steam pores. And the $9 bargain price is also quite nice, compared to the $24.50 cost of Earle’s kit.

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The 411: Liz Earle


Skincare purist Liz Earle began her career as a beauty editor in London. Her favorite part of the job was learning about plants and botanical ingredients, so when she decided to launch her own naturally active skin and body care line with friend and business partner Kim Buckland in 1995, the transition was pretty, um, organic. Their first product, the popular Polish & Cleanse Hot Cloth Cleanser, was destined for retail superstardom before it even made it onto shelves; the gentle lotion, it turned out, worked equally well on the duo’s polar-opposite complexions (Earle suffered from eczema while Buckland glistened with oil). Since then, Earle has whipped up dozens more natural-based problem solvers, traveled the world in search of the latest actives, and, more recently, released her first fragrance and newest book, Skincare Secrets. When not in the lab, Earle tends to her organic farm on the Isle of Wight, where she lives with her family. Here, a list of what she’s grown to love and stand by over the years.

The Pro: Liz Earle

Co-founder of Liz Earle Naturally Active Skincare.

The Skincare: Personal Best

“I’m very low-maintenance. I don’t believe about obsessing over wrinkles; I just want to hang on to my youthful glow now that I’m in my forties. I use the Cleanse & Polish, every day, twice a day. I would literally be devastated if I couldn’t use this cleanser. I also apply the Superskin Moisturizer daily; it’s a botanical super-cream that works as well as its technologically driven counterparts. I’m also very keen on dry body brushing. It’s a very effective way to stimulate lymphatic drainage, minimize cellulite, and exfoliate. I do it in the morning before I shower, using a natural bristle brush that I work up the body in long rhythmic strokes. The feeling is wonderful, and mildly addictive.”

Liz Earle Polish & Cleanse Hot Cloth Cleanser, $40, and Superskin Moisturizer, $60,

The Makeup Artists: Friends for Life

Craig Beaglehole is a genius. I first met him when I was doing a shoot in Australia and he was working with Cate Blanchett. He later moved to Fred Segal in L.A., and when I would come over to do press for my books or a launch, I would always see him. He makes you look breathtaking. I also love Pati Dubroff’s work. I’ve never had the privilege of having my makeup done by her, but we’ve met at press receptions and bonded on a very personal level.”

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