September 2 2014

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The 411: Lola Burstein Rykiel


There are certain names that simply can’t hide from their serious fashion provenance. Monikers like Missoni, Versace, and Hilfiger are the stuff of sartorial legend—and Rykiel boasts a similar status. Sonia, the Paris house’s frizzy- and flame-haired forebearer whose utterly playful style sensibility helped build an indelible brand in the sixties, has since passed the family’s fashion torch onto her daughter, Nathalie Rykiel, and granddaughter Lola, ensuring that three generations of Rykiel women are on hand to keep the company cool. Lola, who serves as the brand’s U.S.-based public relations director, takes a carefree approach to style that happens to be reminiscent of her famous mémé. Here, the lithe doe-eyed beauty shares some of her favorite places to shop and primp in both Paris and her newly adopted city, New York.

The New York Vintage Vantage: Illisa’s, Marlene Wetherell, Melody Rodgers“These are my three favorite vintage stores in the city. I go with my friend Freddie Leiba to these secret spots and try on everything. They are all very special. Illisa’s is an incredible vintage lingerie store (I believe a lot of designers seek inspiration there), Melody Rodgers for vintage jewels, and Marlene Wetherell carries great vintage Rykiel.”
Illisa’s Vintage Lingerie, 40 W. 25th St., Rm 206, (212)627-2800; Marlene Wetherell, 40 W. 25th St., Rm 210, (917) 225-0662; Melody Rodgers, 1050 Second Ave., #10A, (212) 758-3164.

The Tried-and-True Workout: Gyrotonic“I’ve done many, many years of dancing, going on to study at the Martha Graham school in New York. Back then, one of my teachers was always telling me to do Gyrotonic because it would help a lot with my technique. Now I don’t dance anymore but I do Gyro almost five times a week. I started two years ago, and now I do it religiously. It is the most wonderful workout, but only if you get the right training, because it is very subtle. My trainer, Beth, in New York has changed everything about my body organization and how I carry myself; she teaches private lessons in all the city’s Gyrotonic centers. In Paris I train at Rituel, where I work with Verena Tremel and take open classes. All the teachers are great and they have good equipment, which most places in Paris do not.”
For more information, contact Beth at; Rituel Studio, 16 Rue de la Grande Chaumière.

The Highlighting Heroes: Sharon Dorram and Delphine Courteille
“Since returning to live in New York, Sharon Dorram has been doing my highlights. I really can’t imagine going to see someone else; not only is she extremely talented and delicate in her work, she is a wonderful person as well that I consider a friend. When I’m in Paris I only go to Studio 34 that my longtime friend Delphine Courteille opened a few years ago. She originally only did shoots and celebrities, but then she decided to open her own salon which is like a hidden boudoir. She has been taking care of my grandmother, mother, and sister’s hair for ages.”
Sharon Dorram at Sally Hershberger, 17 E. 71st St., (212) 535-3519; Studio 34, 38, Rue du Mont Thabor, Paris 1er.

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