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Lush Spa: The Mind-Body Connection


New York's LUSH SPA

Synaesthesia, stemming from the ancient Greek word for “together,” is a neurological phenomenon wherein stimulation of one sense can result in the involuntary stimulation of another. For example, those who experience the color version of it may, when looking at a set of numbers, see not just the digits themselves but each one associated with a specific hue. Besides being an insanely awesome Scrabble word to have in your back pocket, synaesthesia is also the name of the signature treatment at New York’s first-ever Lush Spa. Tucked away on the second floor of the Lush store on Lexington Avenue, the space itself has a transporting vibe. Outfitted to look like an old-timey English cottage, there are reclaimed-wood cabinets, vintage teapots, and stacks of flea-marketed books—certainly not your standard spa decor. The spa and signature treatments were conceived of by Lush cofounder Mark Constantine (he has scent-shape synaesthesia, so he perceives everything he smells as having a shape) and behavioral therapist Lady Helen Kennedy. U.K. folk musician Simon Emmerson was commissioned to dream up the accompanying music. (He also has synaesthesia, the sound-color variety—he perceives certain sounds as having a color.) The first order of business when you arrive is selecting a “mood” for your experience from a wall of words describing emotional states; this will drive the focus of your treatment. I went for “mind cleanser,” which, along with “relax,” are, rather unsurprisingly, the most popular requests at the New York location. (At Lush’s sister spa in Philadelphia, the top picks are “confidence” and “energized.”) Because of my mind-focused pick, I had extra special attention paid to my head and face (score!) during what would be an impressively choreographed massage set perfectly in time to one of Emmerson’s tracks. This particular composition, complete with birdsongs, was conceived of to take you—sonically, at least—through a full day from sunrise to nightfall. And amazingly, when in tandem with the therapist’s precise movements, it does—in the so-called evening hours, I was drooling and drowsy, and come “morning,” I started to feel energized. A neat trick. I emerged eighty minutes later, loose, relaxed, and, I’m happy to report, with my mind entirely at ease. For the free-thinking spa-goer who doesn’t mind a dose of chakras with their massage, the Lush Spa is a necessary addition to your beauty black book.

Synaesthesia massage, $230 for eighty minutes. Lush Spa, 783 Lexington Avenue, New York, (212) 207-8151.

Beauty And The Beat: “Shower, Mask, Spray, Leave.” Haim’s On-Tour Hair Secrets, Revealed


If you’ve ever wondered what Fleetwood Mac would sound like minus the hirsute members and souped up with modern R&B licks, percussive breakdowns, and vocal harmonies (and we have), then Haim would probably be the resulting musical lovechild. The three San Fernando Valley sisters, Este, Danielle, and Alana Haim, learned their way around their instruments and microphones playing in Rockinhaim for ten years, another band fronted by their parents. But since 2008, they’ve been making music away from mom and dad, and their solo stuff has had a bit more staying power. So far, 2012 has proved a big year for the trio: Since releasing their debut EP, the sunny “Forever,” they’ve toured to rapturous acclaim. Ahead of a major junket in the U.K. with Florence and the Machine, and the release of their new EP, “Don’t Save Me,” caught up with Este to talk poor senior-year-haircut judgment, how the sister act keeps their signature beach-y waves so shiny, and the benefits of sharing a closet with “the coolest bitches on the block.”

So. How’s touring going?
The tour has been insane. Like, last night we went to a restaurant and had a topless photo shoot, and we’ve been to places like Iceland—it was so beautiful; I never dreamed I’d ever go there. When we got to Brussels, we were headlining a show, and it was crazy: We thought there’d be, like, five people there. You can never believe you have fans across the world.

Well, you clearly do—Florence Welch has asked you to join her on tour in December, no small feat.
I know! It hasn’t even hit me yet. Every time I think about it I get excited. It’s such a huge, huge compliment that she asked us; we’re huge fans. She’s a magical performer—so magnetic, fun, and beautiful to watch. And her style is so sick. It will be the biggest crowd we’ve ever played for—it’s, like, 20,000 people at a time. The last show we played in London was the first time we heard our lyrics sang back to us. It was a pretty incredible feeling.

I saw you play in London, and your mom and dad came on for a cover of “Mustang Sally.” Presumably your parents won’t be around for this round of shows, but do you still plan on doing a bunch of covers?
We can’t do those songs without our parents! It just wouldn’t be right.

Fair enough. You and your sisters share a few similar sensibilities with Florence, particularly her oft-reported love for R&B. Do you anticipate any backstage collaborations?
I hope it’s a dance party every night. When we went to her after-show at the Hollywood Bowl [in Los Angeles], we just danced to Stevie Nicks and Prince till midnight. We danced so hard, like it was the last day of our lives.

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Lush To The Emotional Rescue


Makeup has long been thought of as a mood enhancer. Feeling a little down? Slick on a red lipstick. Want to share your happiness with the world? A dab of apricot blush should do the trick. There’s an actual science to this stuff, though, rooted in color theory and the way specific shades—and the word associations we have with them—can help alter perceptions and demeanor. It’s an area of study that has long been the provenance of social scientists, although Lush has reappropriated it in the name of beautiful, mind-easing face painting. Introducing Emotional Brilliance, the U.K.-based fresh, handmade cosmetics brand’s first foray into color. With the help of strategic behavioral therapist Lady Kennedy, Lush has devised a 30-piece collection—each product of which, in true Lush fashion, is vegan and comes stamped with a sticker letting you know when it was packaged, by whom, and when it will expire. In addition to the Eyes Right mascara, a translucent powder, and two Skin Tints in Feeling Younger, a pink-tinged illuminator, and Charisma, a warm liquid bronzer, there are 13 Liquid Lipsticks bolstered by candelilla and rose wax in shades like Believe, a creamy fuchsia; Vibrance, a warm tangerine; and Passionate, a long-wearing scarlet; Six Cream Eyeshadows boosted with a rose petal infusion and smoothing jojoba and almond oils in shades like Sophisticated, a shimmering mauve, and Dynamic, an iridescent peach; and 11 Liquid Eyeliners, two of which, like the gilded Fantasy, have a budge-proof, instant-setting formula, while the others have a similar consistency to the Cream Eyeshadows to allow for easier blendability. And that might be the most intriguing part about the range. The well-portioned, environmentally friendly design (all of the bottles come in recyclable glass bottles) is intended to entice you to use the emollient pigments wherever and whenever you see fit. The lip wand and eyeliner applicators are interchangeable, so if your mind-body connection feels drawn to putting the teal blue Liquid Eyeliner in Calm on your lips one day—or across your clavicles the next—there’s nothing holding you back. Ditto laying a fine-crafted stroke of Strong, a fiery orange-red, across your top lash line or using it to draw on a fake beauty mark in the shape of a heart; whatever feels right.

From $18.95, available July 21 at

Photo: Courtesy of Lush

Lush Gets Dirtier


It all started with Dirty. Lush’s unisex fragrance, a fresh fusion of spearmint, salty air, and herbal notes, was an instant hit when it was released in 2003—and has been begging for a range of similarly scented ancillaries ever since. But instead of going the traditional route and whipping up cleansers and moisturizers bearing that same unmistakable aroma, the brand’s head perfumer, Simon Constantine, has done something characteristically different (we’d expect nothing less from the quirky British brand). Each item in his new collection of Dirty bath and body products highlights a single component from the original scent, so should you layer them all—a shower gel, hair styler, shaving cream, and body spray—the resulting combination will smell an awful lot like the original eau. It should be pointed out, however, that each of the products smells divine on its own. The tingly, mint-laced shower gel and the super-gentle shaving cream made with oats, lavender, and honey are our reigning favorites; both are natural and handmade, like the entire Lush line. Consider it a dirty deed done right.

Photo: Courtesy of Lush

Lush Doles Out Guilt-Free Easter Treats


We don’t typically celebrate Easter, but we’re plenty aware that it’s this Sunday. It was the uptick in large bags of candy at our local pharmacy and the gaggle of college-aged girls we saw roaming the streets with bunny ears on last night that tipped us off. Should you wish to partake in the activities, but would rather abstain from the sugar consumption, we’ve got a little something to put in your wicker basket. Make that two somethings. Lush’s pink Fluffy Egg bath bomb is a limited-edition, springtime-only treat with a delectable sweet custard aroma. Its Hippy Chick bomb, meanwhile, is a good, nonedible alternative to Peeps that serves up an effervescent pink grapefruit scent when added to water. Together, they’ll make you a hit at any holiday function you attend this weekend, but particularly at parties where melt-in-your-mouth marshmallow treats have been overconsumed.  

Photo: Courtesy of Lush