August 27 2014

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“Azealia’s Coming Up In The World!” Banks Talks Beauty


In case you somehow missed it, Azealia Banks is fashion’s latest obsession. The Harlem-bred rapper has sung for the houses of Mugler and Lagerfeld, starred in Alexander Wang’s latest T campaign, and, just this week, unofficially opened NYFW with a raucous SPIN show. Yesterday, Yung Rapunxel—as the well-coiffed Banks’ nearly 200,000 Twitter followers have come to know her—debuted her latest music-fashion crossover project: a limited-edition MAC lipstick of the same name. “I’m a huge makeup fan,” Banks told us yesterday as the Fashion’s Night Out madness threatened to close in on her from outside the MAC store on Broadway in Soho (thank God for that double-paned glass window barrier). “I always make the joke that I’m a tomboy, but I’m not really. I’m very much into my hair and my makeup”—a fact that is evident to anyone whose ever met the petite 21-year-old in person; her long, aubergine locks dangle well past her waist and her eyes are rarely without a slick of metallic eye shadow and a strip of fake lashes (“I don’t have patience for the individual ones,” she admits). Here, Banks filled us in on some of her other beauty essentials—including the Rihanna-inspired tatts and the Paris manicure address you may want to write down before PFW gets under way.

How did your relationship with MAC come about?
I had a meeting with them about two months ago. I’m always changing my hair, and when I met with them I had this purple hair. I did [it] for Splendor in the Grass [the music festival] in Australia. This is gonna be my color for the fall. And when you have such strong hair, you need to match it, you know; I can’t wear a red lip with purple hair! So I said we should do this purple lipstick.

Let’s talk about that hair. It is long. What’s the maintenance like?
The maintenance is so easy! People think it’s so hard, but it’s really not. I use Dove Intensive Care shampoo and conditioner and their leave-in and that’s it. Those are my three products. And I use Biosilk when I straighten it and curl it and stuff. I wash my hair twice a week; one is a co-wash, and at the end of the week, it’s with shampoo and stuff. I feel like the more you condition your hair, the better it is.

And those nails? The color is a perfect match for your hair and lipstick at the moment. How often do you switch them up?
My nails are acrylic—they’re fake! I do them. It’s kind of like therapy. You know how some people sit down to read a book? I’ll sit down to do my nails. I can do acrylics and all that stuff. I’m self-taught. I’ve been meaning to soak this set off forever but I just haven’t had time! Once one breaks I soak them off and get a new one.

That must be a pain on tour.
Well, there are acrylic nail places everywhere. My Yelp App is very handy—I just type in “acrylic nails.”

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Beauty And The Beat: Santigold Is Ready To “Leave All The Wackiness To Everyone Else”—Just As Long As She Can Have Her Green Eyeliner


A lot can happen in four years—just ask Santi White, a.k.a. Santigold, who released her debut album in 2008. Since then, there’s been blog buzz, Converse ads, copycats, and waiting—a lot of it, mostly by her patient fan base holding its breath for something new from the New York-based genre-crosser. But finally, Santigold’s sophomore album Master of My Make-Believe is here, and it more than meets our incredibly high expectations. White, meanwhile, still looks every bit the star, whether she’s running around the jungle in Rodarte x Opening Ceremony heels (see: the music video for “Disparate Youth”) or doing some gender-bending on her Kehinde Wiley-designed album cover (yes, that’s her as both an Alexander Wang-clad Bond girl, and a suited man). In the midst of a U.S. tour, White spoke with about getting through a five-day detox, getting over her old “look,” and getting creative with her colorist.

Most people’s personal style evolves over the course of four years. Has that been the case for you?
When my first record came out in 2008, it was a really exciting time in fashion because it seemed there was an explosion of fun, colorful, playful styles that were much bolder than anything we’d seen in a couple decades. It was so exciting for someone like me because it was almost like wearing toys. Over the past few years, however, that trend has spread to the point where it seems like everyone just wants to be more “wacky” than the next person, so I’ll leave all the wackiness to everyone else. I still like fun styles with interesting colors and textures; I always will, because that’s what I’m drawn to, the more artful fashion pieces—especially for stage and photo shoots. But now I’m more into creating costumes for my stage shows that feel more theatrical, but in a DIY way. Offstage, comfort always comes first. Maybe that’s something that’s changed a bit; when you first come out as an artist you really want to establish what your “look” is so that everyone knows who you are and what you’re about. Nowadays, the less attention I get when I don’t want it, the better.

That Alexander Wang gold, cutout one-piece you wear on the cover of Master of My Make-Believe is pretty attention-grabbing.
I love that suit! I just had an image in mind for the cover and I knew I needed a special gold suit for the lady-guards that was going to be amazing, so I reached out to Alex—thinking he’d never do it—and I asked him to design something for it. I was overjoyed when he said yes! I remember doing a really bad job trying to describe what I had in mind, and he was like, “So you want something slutty?” I was like, “No! Kind of badass Bond girl,” and he was like, “OK. I got it.” And then he just went into his genius mode and nailed it!

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Kristen Goes To The Movies For MAC; Alexa Shows Off Her Hand-Eye coordination; And More…


Kristen McMenamy stars in the latest piece of cinematic branding from MAC—a short film directed by the model’s husband, Miles Aldridge, in which the gray-haired stunner wears a selection of bold, vivid colors from the beauty brand’s new Reel Sexy makeup collection. With her bleached brows, neon nails, and Bowie-esque painted cheekbones, McMenamy is mesmerizing. [Nowness]

Xeomin, the Botox alternative that’s approved for use in 20 countries worldwide, may have to wait a little longer to take on Botox and Dysport in America. Allergan, the manufacturer of Botox, has just won its case seeking a permanent injunction against Xeomin, claiming that it violated California’s Uniform Trade Secrets Act. [WSJ]

Just to make you a little more anxious about the potential toxins lurking in your personal-care products, Forbes has taken it upon itself to compose a top five list of the most hazardous things you should be on the lookout for. If you haven’t already started losing sleep over the possibility that there are bacteria growing in your mascara tube, good luck drifting off now. [Forbes]

Nail art’s days may be numbered, but not according to Alexa Chung. The British style icon just tweeted a picture of her latest experiment with hand designs, which included a 10-finger salute to heavily lashed magic eyes. [Mirror]

Here’s yet another reason to eat your fruits and veggies: New research shows that people who stock up on fresh produce have a healthier, more rosy-looking complexion. And who doesn’t want that? [Time]

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Backstage At Proenza, Why Mess With Imperfection?


Lazaro Hernandez and Jack McCollough are nothing if not consistent when it comes to their backstage beauty look. Even when brow bleaching was all rage two seasons ago, the Proenza Schouler boys stayed true to sculptural, darkened brows and contoured, carved-out cheeks—nothing more, nothing less. Makeup artist Diane Kendal was on site, serving up the designers’ signature for Spring. Referencing “Googie architecture and 1950′s cars,” Kendal set to creating clean lines, sweeping MAC Sculpt & Shape Powder in Bone Beige underneath cheekbones and fashioning naturally full, “squared off” arches that she filled in with a series of complementary eye shadows. Bare lids and a slight flush, courtesy of a mix of MAC Blush in Immortal Flower and Lovecloud, supplied a barely-there flush.

Hairstylist Paul Hanlon also had the fifties on the brain, resurrecting Fall’s favorite buzz word—”quiff”—while building a masculine style with a soft feel. “It’s a bit rockabilly,” Hanlon said of the deconstructed pompadours he prepped with Frédéric Fekkai Coiff Oceanique Tousled Wave Spray. Combing hair backwards and setting it using Fekkai’s Coiff Nonchalant Piecing and Forming Wax, Hanlon gathered the lengths into a messy knot, pulling pieces out as he went for additional dishevelment. Hanlon has mastered the kind of undone done-ness that is as essential to the Proenza girl as Kendal’s strong brows. If it ain’t broke, don’t incorporate a bouncy blowout.

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