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Mad Men, Now In Nail Polish Form; Anti-Aging Automobiles; And More…


Mad Men the nail polish is coming! Four new lacquers will debut this fall, inspired by fabrics used in the cocktail dresses of that era. We are not exaggerating when we say nothing has ever excited us more. [WWD]

Britney Spears used her Twitter account to leak the print ad for her new fragrance, Radiance, last night. And to answer our burning question from a few weeks back, her state of undress is…minimal. We’ll leave the conversation about the state of her Photoshopped bod for another time. [People]

Ever feel the urge to “base tan” before a beach jaunt so your unsightly paleness won’t offend other vacationers? Well, if you’re travelling out of the United Kingdom, you can get a pre-flight bronze with Gatwick Glow, a new program that offers passengers traveling out of the London international airport a Saint-Tropez spray tan before they fly. JFK? Newark? Are you paying attention? [Daily Mail]

Never mind running on electricity. The cars of the future will help keep you looking better, too. Apparently, the forthcoming Nissan Leaf will not only use alternative energy and have plush seats designed by NASA but will also boast an air conditioner that spritzes passengers with vitamin C to help prevent skin damage and wrinkles. You’ve gotta love Japanese design. [US News & World Report]

Photo: Carin Baer / AMC

Mad Men Makeup: It’s Baaack


Mad Men returns to the airwaves this Sunday for its fourth season of three-martini lunches, complicated affairs, and smoky arguments—and while the plot will undoubtedly explore new directions, don’t expect any dramatic changes in the characters’ looks. In other words, Joan will not abandon her signature coral lip. However, the series’ costume designer has hinted that this season will focus on the “mod, youth culture” moment and the cast will look “less done.” Intrigued, we spoke with Mad Men‘s head makeup artist, Lana Horochowski, about her creative process—which includes a ton of archival research—and the subtle beauty shifts we can expect ahead.

I know you’re sworn to secrecy about storyline details, but can you give us a little hint of how the characters will look this season?

Overall, we felt it was important to keep the characters’ looks consistent, to be true to their personalities. For example, Betty is the type of woman who hasn’t changed her hair or makeup since high school. Still, we wanted to acknowledge the current time period, so this season there is a slight Jackie O influence. But it’s very subtle.

What about a character like Peggy, who seems poised to redefine herself as this confident, successful career woman?

Peggy changes the most, as she’s evolved with the new agency. She experiments the most with her look this season. Peggy is someone who would look at magazines for inspiration. We actually found this great old ad for a makeup palette with an eye, cheek, and lip all in one. I think it was from Max Factor, and it had blue, green, pink, and different shades of coral. We thought, Peggy would buy that and play around with it. But she might not put it on so well; the colors might be a little smudged or imperfect. We try very hard to make it seem like Peggy does her own makeup.

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The Couple That Cleanses Together, Stays Together; And More…


Ashton and Demi are on day two of the Master Cleanse, and it’s apparently “better than the 1st,” Mrs. Kutcher recently tweeted. As with Jessica Simpson’s recent Twitter admission to shocking her system with a vegan diet, the Kutchers’ lemon juice, cayenne pepper, and maple syrup diet has nothing to do with weight management, and everything to do with health. Whatever it takes to keep those fires of marital passion ablaze, we guess. [OK! Magazine]

Mad Men star Christina Hendricks is a natural blonde who started dyeing her hair that signature fiery shade of red when she was 10 because she wanted to look like Anne of Green Gables. Now you know. [NYDN]

Even if you don’t buy into aromatherapy, a new finding may entice you to suspend your disbelief: According to researchers, a deep, long whiff of jasmine can mimic the effect of Valium. And so dawns the day of floral sedatives. [Day Press News]

Amy Strozzi, Sarah Palin’s makeup artist from the 2008 campaign circuit, has been nominated for an Emmy—for the show So You Think You Can Dance, not for any recent Palin appearances. Although she sure did earn that sizable paycheck from the GOP in the Palin vs. Biden vice presidential debate showdown. (Strozzi loves her some bronzer.) [CNN]

Photo: Sara De Boer / Startraks Photo

TV’s Hottest Cast Likes the Cheap Stuff


If you weren’t already a believer—everyone who created an avatar moments after the option was posted on AMC qualifies, as does Frank Rich—last night’s much-hyped premiere of season three likely made you mad about Mad Men. And though the characters may look like a million bucks—sigh, Don Draper—according to the show’s makeup department head, Lana Horochowski, beauty comes cheap on set. Here, the five drugstore finds that she keeps in regular rotation.

Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs: Quick body makeup to make all exposed limbs look flawless.

Revlon lipstick: An oldie but a goody. The original Super Lustrous variety offers shades like Cherries in the Snow that have been around since the Mad Men era, and the new Matte lipsticks have a very retro and long-lasting finish.

Clubman Shave Cream and After Shave Lotion: Stubble was an office no-no in the sixties. In keeping with the times, Mad Men‘s men shave a few times a day to stay smooth.

Andrea Modlash: Horochowski goes through countless strips of false lashes every episode.

Maybelline Great Lash Mascara: Every female character’s false fringe is covered with a few coats of Great Lash.

Photo: Everett Collection

Mad Men Makeup, An Off-Screen Triumph


We’ve been waiting all summer for the new season of Mad Men, mostly so we could ooh and aah once again with our cohorts over Christina Hendricks’ bold lips and wiggle dresses. We didn’t expect to be so wowed by her real-life beauty efforts, but they were positively showstopping at the series’ premiere last night in West Hollywood. The ginger-haired actress showed up wearing a monochrome makeup look to complement her amber strands and accentuate her ivory skin, working a tangerine blush swept from the apples of her cheeks to her temples and a highly pigmented sheer peach gloss to color her lips ever so slightly. We are officially enamored. You?

Photo: Jordan Strauss / Wire Image