August 22 2014

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Lessons in Hyaluronic Layering With Gina Brooke


Intraceuticals-Booster-Vitamin-AWe never pass up an opportunity to have lunch with makeup artist Gina Brooke. Madonna’s go-to face painter is not only a great dining companion but she also happens to be full of beauty wisdom, which she readily distributes; Brooke’s excellent advice has given us the perfect shade of red lipstick (Hourglass Femme Rouge Velvet Crème Lipstick in Raven); an eyelash-extension guru in L.A.; and enough MDNA tour anecdotes to fill a book—which, incidentally, Brooke is also working on. Today’s lesson: skin hydration. “It’s all about hyaluronic layering,” she said over appetizers and salads, reciting the Intraceuticals gospel from which she so often preaches. A longtime fan of the brand’s oxygen facials, which she frequently performs on the set of music-video shoots and editorials, not to mention backstage on world tours, Brooke has turned a good many celebrity onto the noninvasive spa treatment. But when used correctly, its topical line can be just as transformative, she insists. Comparing the skin to a sponge, which absorbs moisture better when it is already semi-saturated, Brooke preps every canvas she works on with Intraceuticals Daily Serum, which boasts an incredibly low molecular hyaluronic-acid weight to allow for easier absorption. Next comes one of its brand-new Boosters—a vitamin-A formula to clarify and brighten while reducing fine lines and wrinkles, a vitamin-C formula that fights free-radical damage, a collagen booster to create a plumping effect, and an antioxidant booster to eradicate toxins for a more even tone—which is followed by its Hydration Gel that has a medium molecular hyaluronic weight, and finally the Moisture Binding Cream, the heaviest lotion, which acts to lock everything in. “You can mix an SPF product with the Binding Cream if it’s too many things,” Brooke explained, noting that while four skincare steps might seem crazy to even the biggest beauty buff, the process is entirely worth it. “I have clients with skincare contracts who only use [Intraceuticals],” she revealed. (In case there was any doubt, we’ll be first in line to buy that book.)

Photo: Courtesy of Intraceuticals

Dye Hard


Kelly-Alison-Hair-ColorAsk any number of beauty trend-spotters, team Beauty Counter included, and they’ll tell you that dip-dye has gone the way of the Walkman. Fervor over the street-style strand statement, which made a splash on the runways for four straight seasons before transitioning to the red carpet and then going mainstream, has waned, but a few dedicated hair heroines have stayed the course. Never was that more apparent than at the Dolce & Gabbana and Cinema Society-hosted screening of Madonna: The MDNA Tour in New York last night, where Madge was surrounded by a cadre of notables, including Alison Mosshart and Kelly Osbourne. The soon-to-be sisters-in-law, who flanked either side of Matthew Mosshart for most of the evening, were both repping their signature streaks hard—dusty rose for the Kills frontwoman and washed-out lilac for the E! Fashion Police host. It’s impressive how true both women have remained to their deliberately muted dye jobs, an effect that is easier than ever to achieve, thanks to product innovations like Manic Panic’s new Pastel-izer; It almost makes us want to revisit the fad. Almost.You too?

Photo: Getty Images

Stella Goes Solo; To Pre-Tox Or Not To Pre-Tox: That Is the Question; And More…


Stella-McCartney-FragranceStella McCartney is looking for a new beauty partner. Five years after L’Oréal acquired her skincare and fragrance brands, the two companies are parting ways. [WWD]


The rights to the most-watched Internet commercial of all time belong to Dove. The well-loved hair- and body-care brand’s “Real Beauty Sketches” has garnered more than 114 million views on YouTube and other digital-video platforms. [NYDN]


Despite opinions to the contrary, there are reportedly preventative advantages of “pre-toxing,” or getting Botox injections when you’re young—before wrinkles actually form. And the idea is gaining steam. Of the 6.1 million Botox injections that were performed last year, almost 100,000 were for patients in their twenties. [ABC News]


Botox or no Botox, Madonna is a study in how to maintain a youthful appearance, whatever your age. How does she do it? The likelihood is we’ll never know. But there is one product the queen of pop is willing to big up: “There’s this new line of products called Éminence, made with natural ingredients, and that’s what I’m using right now,” she recently revealed. Talk about some good free press. [Hollywood Life]


Rita Ora is feeling blue—literally. The R&B star has debuted a new cobalt dye job. [E!]

Photo: Courtesy of Sephora

Working Out With Madonna; Gaga Goes Brunette; And More…


After launching Hard Candy Fitness, a gym empire that has spread its wings from Mexico City to Moscow, Madonna is bringing her bulging bicep workout routine to the rest of us with an instructional, four-disc DVD set. No word yet on when tutorials on how to get Madge’s ageless complexion will debut. [Well + Good]

After a stint sporting burnt orange hair last week, Lady Gaga is the latest boldfaced name to embrace Fall’s brunette dye job. What is she calling the milk-chocolatey shade? “Louis Vuitton brown,” obviously. [Facebook]

If Karl Lagerfeld’s cat Choupette wore a fragrance, what would it be? “Aoud Purple Rose by Montale Paris,” according to Elements Showcase founders Frederick Bouchardy, Ulrich Lang, and Jeff Lawson. Huh, and we always fancied her more of a Chanel Mademoiselle fan… [The Cut]

Photo: Gennadi Avramenko/Epsilon/Getty Images

Quantifying A Kardashian; K-Stew, Still In At Balenciaga; And More…


So, how much money does it actually cost to look like Kim Kardashian? About $102K worth of eyelash extensions, 24K gold facials, tequila body scrubs, personal fitness appointments, hair extensions, and nail appointments. That’s over 180 hours of beautifying every month, for those of you counting. [Daily Mail]

The did-she-or-didn’t-she rumors about Kristen Stewart getting ousted from her role as spokesperson for Balenciaga’s new Florabotanica fragrance in light of some bad press surrounding her affair with Rupert Sanders appear to be 100 percent untrue. Attention, blogosphere: Just because the actress does not appear in one piece of the fragrance’s marketing materials, namely an internal inspiration video, does not mean she’s been fired. [Grazia]

Confused about eye cream application? This four-step system should clear things up. [Bella Sugar]

According to Madaonna’s first-ever makeup artist, Debi Mazar, the queen of pop refused to pluck her eyebrows in the eighties. “She would never go for it—it was her Latin heritage and she wanted to keep them,” Mazar recalls. But all it took was a few nudges from François Nars to sway her. “[He] convinced her to pluck them at a Steven Meisel shoot,” Mazar reveals. [Allure]