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Love At First Smell?


As previously reported, the study of pheromones and the fact that our olfactory sense may subconsciously be at work when we’re choosing prospective mates is becoming something of hot-topic pseudoscience. Axe Body Spray’s success at convincing consumers that the smell of a personal care product can boost sex appeal and confidence, thus making it irresistible to the opposite sex, is a marketing tool that’s inspiring other manufacturers to follow suit, according to The New York Times. The soap makers at Dial are launching a new Magnetic Attraction Enhancing Body Wash for Men, which is the latest formula to use synthesized pheromones—typically a family of steroids related to testosterone for men and a derivative of the sex hormone estradiol for women—to achieve these psychosomatic goals. But how pheromones really work is still up for debate, and many anthropologists argue that humans are a visual-stimuli breed and are thus generally more compelled by love at first sight, rather than first smell. Personally, we’re of the mind that scent can be a turn-on or a turnoff, capable of sending you into a fit of passion or to the hospital, as the case may be. Where do you stand?

Photo: Getty Images