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The Rundown On The Runaways


The Kristen Stewart-as-Joan Jett transformation for The Runaways has been talked about for months (even longer, it seems, than the are-they-or-aren’t-they rumors around her affair with her Twilight co-star Rob Pattinson), but it’s finally time for the big reveal. The film had its premiere in L.A. last night, and come March 17, New Yorkers will have their chance to see the scowling attitude, spiky mullet, and smoky eyes on the big screen. Jett’s all-girl group broke boundaries not only in music, but also in makeup. We went behind the scenes with lead makeup artist Robin Matthews to discover the power of primer and why the sweatier things got on set, the better.

You worked with Kristen Stewart on New Moon to re-create a character who exists in the pages of a book. For The Runaways, the characters—Joan Jett, Cherie Currie—actually exist in real life. Did that make things easier or more difficult?

Well, it was definitely unique—getting to re-create these iconic women and have them right there on set. The film illustrates this fun, decadent, and extravagant time period. Men and women would dress up in glam and androgynous looks. The challenges were making sure that it wasn’t a modern-day take on The Runaways, or a glossed-over Hollywood version. We wanted a true, gritty, realistic portrayal of these girls’ lives.

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Make Up For Ever Gives New Meaning To Face Painting


Fine art and makeup artistry share many similarities as media. The precision and skill it takes to put charcoal to paper or brush to canvas are duly needed for placing pigment on lips and eyes. Make Up For Ever presents perhaps the best example of this crossover, seeing as how its founder, Dany Sanz, essentially introduced the concept of body painting to Europe in the seventies, ultimately creating a line of professional cosmetics to be used on stage, on screen, on the runway, and eventually at home. For holiday, Sanz has furthered this connection by releasing the Aqua Eyes Collector Set. A limited-edition selection of 25 of the brand’s award-winning eyeliner pencils—which double as shadows when smudged—comes housed in a flat tin box reminiscent of the classic colored-pencil cases of art class fame. Draw outside the lines accordingly.

Photo: Courtesy of Sephora

Make Up For Ever Moves Into Prime Time


Someone must be listening to us up there. After complaining yesterday about the heat and its incompatibility with any desire we might have to wear makeup, cooler temps and decreased humidity have arrived in New York. For diehard foundation wearers, complexion perfection is once again possible. But let us remind you that while the sun may not be at its most face-melting at the moment, UV damage is still a possibility. Enter Make Up For Ever’s new UV Primer, a hybrid sunscreen and primer to prep and protect skin. Whereas adding SPF to makeup can be detrimental to its efficacy—not to mention the fact that most products that do possess the UV blocker do so only in minimal strengths—Make Up For Ever has incorporated a broad-spectrum SPF 50 into its primer to block both UVA and UVB rays before makeup even enters into the equation. The extremely lightweight formula goes on sans any undesirable chalky white residue, and, even better, its non-greasy formula boasts reflecting mineral pigments to illuminate skin while providing the perfect base to hold your foundation. Result? It makes for a nice, soft-focus serum that minimizes pores and blurs fine lines all on its own, which might be its sole functions when the 90-degree weather returns.

Photo: Courtesy of Makeup Forever

Drugstore Discovery Of The Week


We’ve done our part to add to the statement lip discourse currently going on in the beauty world by making an effort to keep you abreast of the shades and products that will help you perfect your pout as vivid color continues to make a comeback. But we’re aware that more often than not, we have expensive taste. By now, readers of this blog are familiar with our affinity for YSL’s gorgeous Rouge Volupté range, which lines our makeup drawer alongside offerings from Makeup Forever, Chanel, and Dior. Truth be told, it’s rare to find a mass product that performs as well as our favorite high-brow models. Which is why this next bit of information is particularly exciting. Rather than downscale its operation in the midst of economic decline, Maybelline has embarked on one of its largest launches to date, unleashing a 48-piece color collection two years in the making of high-opacity lipsticks modeled after successful prestige lines. Color Sensational features four shade groups—reds, pinks, plums, and naturals—with options for every kind of customer. Muted nudes and “safe” mauves will appeal to more conservative types, while bold shades of red, hot pink, and fuchsia will excite the adventurous crowd. For our part, we’ve taken a liking to Coral Crush, as we’ve been searching for the perfect pastel orange to complement our newly bronzed skin (don’t hate on the Jersey shore). For $7.49 at the Duane Reade, it’s a designer knockoff at its best.

Photo: Courtesy of Maybelline