August 22 2014

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The Best of Korean Beauty Delivered to Your Doorstep



“There’s an app for that.” Everyone knows the Apple-invented phrase the world over, but I’d like to put my own spin on the notorious tagline: “There’s a box for that.” What I’m talking about is the overwhelming number of beauty subscription services that send deluxe samples to your door each month in hopes that you’ll get hooked and return to buy the full-sized bottle or tube. There are packages for curly girls, brides-to-be, manicure mavens, and more. But as cute as those miniature vials of perfume and bottles of shampoo are, I’m frankly a bit over the whole thing—after all, Birchbox began in September 2010 and has since become an empire with its own freestanding store in New York City. What set this original sampling service apart was the aspect of “discovery,” a word founders Katia Beauchamp and Hayley Barna have used in numerous interviews. But with so many mail-order options and Sephora stores popping up as frequently as Starbucks, the opportunity to bring a never-before-seen product to the masses is quickly disappearing. That is, until Memebox entered the highly competitive space.

With Korean beauty quickly becoming a buzzed-about topic, it makes sense that founder Hyungseok Dino Ha created a way to satisfy American consumers’ curiosity. “Our goal is to deliver Korea’s cult favorite beauty products globally,” he explained. “We work with our in-house beauty aficionados to identify the hottest trends and ship them straight from Korea.” The squeal-inducing boxes come brimming with adorable Asian cosmetics not yet available on the mainstream market in the U.S. Similar to other services, Memebox has formed partnerships with YouTube stars (CutiePieMarzia, top) and bloggers (The Pink Diary, bottom) to customize its offerings. And for those who aren’t fluent in Korean, each box comes with a breakdown of what’s inside and how to use it. My two favorite finds thus far: Babyface Volumer Essence (a gel laced with skin-plumping hyaluronic acid) and Pure Smile Gelee Labo Strawberry (a single-use fruity face mask that comes packaged like an individual serving of Smucker’s jam). As a jaded beauty editor, it’s tough to surprise me, but these international delights have me expecting the unexpected.


The Best Beauty Moments From Katy Perry’s “This Is How We Do”



It appears that every beauty trick Beyoncé pulled out for her visual album was employed by Katy Perry (and then some) for her latest song release, “This Is How We Do.” The parallels I noted: the strategic use of a black light (this time spotlighting a tennis headband in lieu of Day-Glo lips), fluffy curls, and multiple scene-stealing pouts. (Keep an eye on Perry’s backup dancers for some serious lipstick game.) A few new ideas Perry brought to the table: a gravity-defying, Mondrian-inspired updo; electric eyeliner (reminiscent of Chanel’s Fall 2014 show and Dior Addict’s It-Line campaign starring Sasha Luss); glittery lids; a pastel ponytail; cornrows; baby buns; scrunchies; Marlene Dietrich-like arches; “Japanese-y” pizza nails; and an angular, asymmetrical bob. And as one would expect, there was no shortage of candy-colored wigs. Though the chorus says otherwise, packing this many hair and makeup moves into a three-minute-and-30-second music video is a very big deal, indeed. Straight stuntin.












Nicola Peltz Perfects the Liquid Liner Look



I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Nicola Peltz is the breakout beauty star of the summer. From smoky eyes to colorful lids, the 19-year-old is quickly becoming a fashion force to be reckoned with. And at last night’s Japanese premiere of Transformers: Age of Extinction in Tokyo, Peltz arrived on the red carpet wearing a tangerine Prada dress with a plunging neckline and razor-sharp black liner reminiscent of screen sirens like Sophia Loren, or the dramatic wings recently seen on the Atelier Versace runway. While I’ve watched many a YouTube tutorial that suggests applying Scotch tape to achieve that crisp line (a makeup move that can damage delicate skin), a safer trick to a foolproof flick is to hold a business card flat to the outer corner of your eye and use the edge as a stencil.

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The Most Iconic Lipstick Looks of All Time



For nearly every day of the year there is a seemingly insignificant holiday—see Cheese Pizza Day, Talk Show Host Day, and Hug Your Cat Day. But today marks the arrival of one unaccredited holiday we definitely feel good about getting behind: National Lipstick Day. In celebration of our favorite magic bullet, we took a quick peek back at some of the greatest moments in lipstick of the past 100 years. Time to kiss and tell.

Why You Should Match Your Lipstick to Your Hair



What’s black, white, and red all over? Sasha Pivovarova in the August issue of French Vogue, for starters. In her David Sims-lensed editorial, the iconic catwalker wears stark black-and-white clothes to offset her fiery hair, persimmon lips, and glossy burnt-orange nails. We’ve noticed the matchy-matchy beauty trend take off elsewhere, too. There was model Natalie Westling’s Little Mermaid-inspired strands and sweater combo on Prabal Gurung’s runway, Marc Jacobs’ Fall ’14 head-to-toe pastel palette, and Kelly Osbourne’s coordinating lipstick and signature violet strands at last night’s Young Hollywood Awards. Double (or triple!) your color, double your beauty fun.