July 28 2014

styledotcom Ali Hewson and Danielle Sherman open up about @EDUN_NY's future:

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Cosmetics With Benefits


With just the Paris shows to go, it’s safe to say that smoky eyes are going to be huge for fall. The black smolder, with occasional variation (a softer brown version has also made a good showing this season), has been one of the most consistent elements we’ve noticed backstage—aside from an influx of TV crews and untouched dessert trays. Yesterday alone, we saw two prominent versions of the look, with a heavy metallic liner (another good option for diversification) adding to smudged-out black and gray shadows at Versace and Dsquared². Perhaps anticipating the technique’s increased popularity, Benefit Cosmetics just launched its new Smokin’ Eyes Sexy Eye & Brow Makeover Kit, a handy all-in-one compact that makes application easy for those times when a team of professional makeup artists is simply inaccessible. The palette includes three shadows, a black eyeliner pencil, a brightener, brow powder, two brushes, and mini tweezers. There’s also an instruction manual so you get just the right amount of sultry—and completely avoid giving yourself a self-imposed shiner.

Photo: Courtesy of Benefit Cosmetics

Pat McGrath’s One-Woman Glam Squad


The surrealist glamour references at Dolce & Gabbana yesterday were helped along not just by the shapes of the clothes but by some serious backstage handiwork. First, there was the hair, accessorized by gloves-cum-headpieces that, while bizarre and questionably translatable, were pinned in such a way that they actually seemed to make sense. Somehow, they appeared as a classy assemblage of bows and feathers rather than the haphazard creation of an art-school experimentalist. And then there was Pat McGrath, whose precise makeup techniques and way with color are frequently the key to pulling off any runway illusion. Matte skin flushed by just a hint of a pink cheek kept models’ faces demure, while a deep berry stain and topcoat of lipstick made for an anachronistic pout that works as much now as it did in the 1930′s and ’40′s. But tastefully filled-in brows and an elongated cat eye really made this look, as far as we’re concerned. Those came courtesy of a few of McGrath’s signature tricks and tips that we’ve seen her use before: Line the inner rims of your eyes with a white liner so that they appear bigger; and curl lashes before applying mascara for added dimension. As far as reproducing that liquid line—extended toward the temple in perfection with a flick on the end—that’s something true professionalism is made of. But know this: Pointed Q-tips dipped in makeup remover can be key for shaping when a steady hand eludes you.

Photo: Greg Kessler

Freida Pinto: Beauty Icon?


If Freida Pinto’s cameo front-row at Dolce & Gabbana yesterday is any indication, the actress is being wholeheartedly embraced by the fashion world. But the beauty community is staking its claim, too; the Slumdog Millionaire star is rumored to be in talks with Estée Lauder to become a spokesperson for the brand. Details have yet to be confirmed, but her contract would no doubt be sizable, which begs the question: Is her newfound It girl status warranted or is this a case of too much too soon?

Photo: Venturelli/WireImage

Jennifer Aniston’s L.A. Looks


Jennifer Aniston has definitely cultivated a look over her almost two decades of fame. After all the “Rachel” haircut hoopla, she seems to have settled on a perma-tan plus blond highlights, topped off with
frequent bronzer abuse. Last night’s Marley & Me premiere in London was no exception (how torturous for our friends across the pond to have had to wait this long for all that big-screen, family fun). Jen’s latest red-carpet look prompted us to wonder whether someone needs to tell the actress to tone it down on the SoCal loving or if, perhaps, she’s just that L.A. Thoughts?

Photo: Eamonn McCormack/WireImage

Wham! Eighties Makeup In Full Effect


As our intrepid fashion reporters have noted, “flogged-to-tedium eighties referencing” has been a prominent theme this show season—from New York to London, realized in both fashion and beauty form. While François Nars’ masterpiece of 50-plus different punk-inspired creations backstage at Marc Jacobs set the bar high, Roxy Music-esque faces awash in watercolor stayed the course at Issa. And now Milan has officially followed suite, with a strong homage to the age of excess popping up at both Alessandro Dell’Acqua and Gucci, where Pat McGrath heralded a new day for bright shadows, innovative liner application, and serious bronzer. In case you were wondering, now is the time to purchase that Dynasty collector’s box set—for entertainment and inspiration purposes.

Photos: Clockwise from top left, Greg Kessler at Marc Jacobs; Issa; Gucci; and Alessandro Dell’Acqua