August 22 2014

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Yoga to the (Non-Yoga) People


mio-bathI’ve always admired those dedicated individuals who tote their yoga mats to and from work. I’m not entirely sure if it’s all a facade, but when I pass them on the street or stand next to them on the train, they just seem calmer and more collected than the rest of us—all that deep breathing and downward dogging definitely does something for the soul. But as much as I want to be a member of this spandex-clad clan, I just can’t focus and clear my mind in a warm, candlelit studio full of sweaty people twisting into various positions. My sanctuary is my bathroom—it’s one of the few places I actually find inner peace. Here to help set the mood and relax tired muscles is Mio Liquid Yoga. This fragrant formula doesn’t form mountains of frothy bubbles like many soaks, but it does contain soothing Epsom salts; moisturizing murumuru butter; anti-inflammatory horse chestnut seed extract; and aroma therapeutic spearmint, cypress, lavender, mandarin, and chamomile essential oils. Pour a few capfuls under warm, running water and when you exit the tub you’ll feel just as good as if you’d spent a solid hour in child’s pose.


Photo: Courtesy of Mio Skincare

A Post-Pregnancy Care Package of Sorts for Kate Middleton


Mama MioThe Duchess of Cambridge’s rumored due date is July 13—tomorrow! In honor of the royal birth, the moms on the team share the products and services that helped them through their maternity leaves.

“I used Mama Mio’s Tummy Rub Butter throughout my pregnancy and am happy to say I survived the nine months stretch-mark-free. After my son was born, I switched to the Skin Tight Toning Serum—which as its name suggests, targets post-pregnancy crepey skin issues—and the Get Waisted Body Shaper cream. Included in Mama Mio’s Bootcamp for Tummies set is a four-minute tummy-tucking exercise routine designed to address diastasis, the separation of abdominal muscles that some women experience after having a baby. Mine was pretty extreme. I have to admit, I wasn’t always faithful about the exercises, but I never skipped a day with the serum and cream.”—Nicole Phelps, executive editor

Mama Mio Bootcamp for Tummies, $99,

“I felt more secure wearing a tummy reducer after the birth of my first baby, and I’m planning on wearing one again after my second is born this fall. It holds your tummy in and helps it return to its previous shape. Buy it in a small size. It will fit very tight in the beginning, but after a week or so you get used to it. The tighter the better. I also slept with mine. Still, the best secret for getting back into shape after a baby is breast-feeding; the longer you do it, the more weight you lose.” —Marina Larroudé, market director

Tummy Reducer Post-Partum Panty, $25,

“The bath treatments at the Shibui Spa at NYC’s Greenwich Hotel would be at the top of my list, post-baby. My last delivery was extremely fast and painful, I’m not going to lie! So the idea of soaking in an enormous tub in near silence would have been heavenly. The aesthetician sprinkles the water with seasonal botanicals—for summer, it’s cooling mint—or any of the year-round staples, such as calming lotus blossoms, energizing juniper berry, or moisturizing sake. The last time I did this soak, I remember closing my eyes and floating in the water as my muscles unknotted. A little bell is left at the edge of the tub for you to ring, should you need any attention, as well as a cup of tea. Each session is thirty minutes, but it’s worth asking for extra time to relax, since that will be in short supply in the coming weeks (or years)!”—Kari Molvar, Beauty Counter contributor

30 Minute Soak, $75, www.thegreenwichhotel.comSoakingRoom

A “No Pain, All Gain” Workout, Courtesy Of Mama Mio


Choice, cleverly named products from the British brand Mama Mio might’ve already made their way into your toiletry cabinet, and starting this summer they’ll find a new home at luxury spas worldwide. The bodycare collection that began as a treatment line for expectant mothers five years ago has since become a global hit with all of womankind, thanks to cult favorites like its Get Waisted Body Shaper, Tummy Toner Skin Tightener, and Boob Tube Bust and Neck Firmer. Since last year, the products have also been found in handy Bootcamp kits that come complete with complimentary exercise manuals to help you get your ass in gear, literally. Now the box sets have been turned into full-on services for the spa’ing set that incorporate lymphatic drainage and deep massage into the equation to improve muscle tone and circulation, thus reducing cellulite and fat pockets. For a finishing touch, a fruit acid exfoliant is applied for a smoother overall appearance. Look out for Bootcamp for Butts and Bootcamp for Tummies at select Ritz-Carlton and Canyon Ranch locations in a few months. Can’t wait until then? Drill sergeants will be taking appointments at the Delano in Miami starting in April.

Photo: Courtesy of Mama Mio

Mama Mio, For Mommies And The Rest Of Us


As much as we hate to be the bearer of bad news, fall temperatures are closing in on what seems like the shortest summer of all time. (For those of you who may be unaware, September starts next week.) Seeing as how our skin gets dry even in the heat and humidity, we’re bracing for the onslaught of the colder weather, when tight-and-flaky syndrome is at its worst and smaller surface areas like lips, cuticles, elbows, and hands seem to suffer. Our moisturizer of choice has been the Treasure of the East hippie salve our mother introduced us to a few years back, but seeing as how it is available by mail order only and our stash has run out (note to self: buy in bulk), we’ve had to call for reinforcements. That would be Mama Mio’s O-Mega Wonder-Full Balm, which has the consistency of Elizabeth Arden’s Eight Hour Cream but uses natural rather than synthetic oils to achieve that melts-on-contact effect. Originally known for a range that is specifically designed to keep your skin strong, elastic, healthy, and well-toned during pregnancy, the brand is out to prove that omega acid-rich oils like avocado, carrot seed, sweet almond, and evening primrose are just as skin-quenching for women who are without child. And they are. The balm’s beeswax and carnauba wax base also makes for a great post-summer foot treatment. London’s pedicurist to the stars, Toni Jade, suggests slathering feet with a thin layer of the stuff and then covering with socks overnight for feet that are, well, baby soft.

Photo: Courtesy of Mama Mio