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“Q-ing” Up For Professional Makeup, Parisian Style


When charged with the kind of daunting task that he was given last night at Jean Paul Gaultier, makeup artist Stephane Marais brings his usual product arsenal with him—as well as a few additions. “It’s like Ben Nye,” the makeup artist explained, name-dropping the popular American professional line when describing Maq Pro, a similarly conceived company based in Paris. “MAC Pro?” we asked, perplexed, knowing full well that a fairly large, internationally recognized face-painting operation already exists with that name. “Maq Pro with a Q. They make a lot of colors,” Marais elaborated of the brand founded by the famous French cinema makeup artist Michel Deruelle. Handing us its Fond de Teint complexion correcting stick, Marais explained that he planned to take a little artistic liberty with at least one model in Gaultier’s eighties tribute band. “I’m going to give her skin a blue-black tint,” he said, motioning to a tearsheet of Jean Paul Goude’s 1981 Blue-Black in Black on Brown portrait of Grace Jones in which the photographer gave his flat-topped muse indigo contours. “Only Ajak [gets it],” Marais said of Ajak Deng, one of five catwalkers to play Grace Jones on the runway. It made for a pretty cool show highlight—and as we managed to locate the Maq Pro boutique at 2 Ter rue Alasseur in Paris, it also provided us with another “extracurricular activity” (read: shopping excursion) to add to our schedule for the week.

Photo: Courtesy of Maq Pro