April 21 2014

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Getting Better With Age: Jessica Lange Is the New Face of Marc Jacobs Beauty


jessica-lange“I don’t put things into demographics or ages, I’m inspired by great women,” said Marc Jacobs at a soiree in Paris last night celebrating the European launch of his beauty line and its new face, 64-year-old Jessica Lange. “I love women with a strong voice and vision. I like people who are dynamic and creative. And again, women who indulge in fashion and beauty as part of their life, but it’s not their whole life.” Lange’s voice carried through the cloud-filled air at the designer’s Fall 2014 show, and yesterday evening the lyrics to “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” resounded through a room projected with a film starring the acclaimed actress shot by David Sims (which will appear in the window of Sephora on the Champs-Élysées come March 6). As I interviewed Jacobs and Lange’s lips and smoky eyes (the work of face painter Diane Kendal) panned across the walls, he explained: “It was important to set precedent just like we do with our fashion shows. What we’ll do with beauty is that we want to surprise, we don’t want to fall into a formula. We want to be able to respond to our inspirations at any given moment and go with it, and over time it will tell the story that beauty isn’t for this person or that person, it’s for anyone who wants it.”

It appears that a number of others are on the same page this week: NARS Cosmetics’ signed Charlotte Rampling; Angela Lindvall made an appearance at Balmain alongside modern-day supers like Karlie Kloss and Joan Smalls; and Rick Owens cast not only his employees but catwalk legends like Kirsten Owen, Ann Oost, and Hannelore Knuts. Perhaps the fashion world is becoming a little less enthralled by the barely legal (and often years away from legal), hot young things and like their women how they like their wine: aged to perfection.

Going Matchy-Matchy, Backstage at Marc Jacobs


Marc Jacobs

Spring’s bombed-out beach and choppy, bowl-style wigs gave way to a more “tonal” look that was as hauntingly beautiful as the night sky and cumulus clouds that floated above the Marc Jacobs runway. Instead of evoking kids who cut their own hair, these faux strands (inspired by Jessica Lange, whose voice carried through the air, and Polly Allen Mellen) were precise, blunt, and graphic—a job that could only be tasked to a master such as Guido Palau. “It’s so perfect that it looks futuristic; there’s no era reference when you look at the girls,” he explained. The five hair colors developed by Victoria Hunter at Whittemore House Salon were “pulled back” and “off”—almost like an “old lady” would layer watercolor-like hues over gray—creating an odd, mink-y brown, blond, or silvery white tinged with pink or purple, Palau said. “It’s like an illustration come to life,” he added. “Everything matches.”

Mimicking the colors and textures of the fabrics in the collection, François Nars focused his efforts on the eyes. A light gray shadow was dusted over the lid and accented by “touches of chocolate” outlining the crease and, lightly, the lower lash line. Brows were bleached and then dyed the same shade as the wig. “You used to see that on Vogue covers in the sixties; hairdressers would match the brows to the hair color,” he noted. Nars Lip Gloss in Striptease, a nude laced with silver, was dabbed onto the lips with his fingertip to catch the light.

Manicurist Marian Newman extended the color palette all the way down to models’ fingers, painting nails with five custom-blended lacquers from the designer’s eponymous cosmetics collection that ranged from pale porcelain to purple-y mushroom (available for Fall 2014). The total package was, as Palau described, “a bit eerie and unsettling,” but completely calculated and immaculate—obviously the work of a man who strives for perfection.

Photo: Alessandro Garofalo

Face Time With Marc Jacobs


marc-jacobs-marvelous-mousseAfter entering the world of prestige cosmetics with quite a bang (debuting with 122 SKUs), Marc Jacobs has given himself some sizable shoes to fill. So it’s no great surprise that the designer has pulled out all the stops for his spring lineup, debuting not one, but five new products—our favorite being the Marvelous Mousse Transformative Foundation. Jacobs’ buttery new complexion perfector melts dreamily into skin when applied with a brush or with fingertips, and leaves behind a satin finish that lingers for hours. Though the featherweight formula is billed as full coverage, we’d say it’s more likely to delight those who prefer a medium finish. Plus, it’s infused with skin-soothing Indian ginseng, redness-reducing amino acids, and hydrating coconut. It’s clear Jacobs isn’t one to suffer from a sophomore slump.


Beauty 411: Penny Lovell


Penny LovellLondon-born stylist Penny Lovell has been trolling the various facets of the fashion world since the tender age of fifteen, when she landed her first job outfitting the mannequins in a local boutique. Lovell also logged time as a publicist for Burberry and, in the editorial realm, assisted the fashion director at British Elle before setting her sights on New York and a styling career. Since crossing the pond in 1999, and then crossing the country for L.A. in 2004, she has built a steady editorial and celebrity clientele: Emma Watson, Rose Byrne, Taylor Schilling, and Mary Elizabeth Winstead, among them. Lovell also lends her styling wisdom accrued from many years in the biz to Harper’s Bazaar’s website, for which she writes a bimonthly “Tricks of the Trade” column. Here, the woman behind some of the most well-heeled celebs on the red carpet shares her own beautifying favorites.

The Pout Outfitter: Bite Beauty

“I love this lipstick store on Prince Street in New York. You can customize your own lipstick—both the color and the scent—and everything in the formula is organic and edible. It’s so fun! I take a girlfriend every time I am in NYC for an after-lunch treat. I can easily spend an hour in there mixing up new colors, and I generally leave with at least three. For those not in New York, Bite’s standard lipsticks are also great and available online at Sephora.”


The Skin Expert: Kate Somerville

“My go-to facial place. I can’t wait for my next Ultimate Kate facial. In between visits I use the Dermaquench Liquid Lift and Cytocell Dermal Energizing Treatment at home to keep the benefits going. My husband always comments on my skin and how ‘young’ I look after this facial without knowing I had an appointment! He also steals the Derma quench lift….”


The Getaway: Ojai Valley Inn & Spa

“I just returned from another spa weekend here and can’t recommend this resort enough. The spa is lovely and the staff lovelier; the resort itself is so lush, gorgeous, and peaceful. It has its own microclimate so the weather here is good pretty much all year round. Bike rides, hiking, delicious organic food, gorgeous little town down the road—there are way too many options to cover in one weekend, but next time I am determined to take the Apothecary Aroma Custom Blending class to make some bath oil. Most of all, it’s perfect for my three-year-old daughter, with a large children’s pool and multiple activities—all far, far away from the adults.”


The Signature Scent Purveyor: CB I Hate Perfume

“Until I discovered CB I Hate Perfume I, well, hated perfume. Then, my client Bella Heathcote bought me Mr. Hulot’s Holiday for my birthday and it smells just like the beach—a fresh, evocative, not-cloying, scent that improves my mood immediately and is perfect in the summer or year round to remind me of the season. Now, I’m obsessed. Recently I added Burning Leaves, Winter 1972, and Fire From Heaven to my collection, and I not only use them as perfume, but also in the office as a room scent before fittings, selecting one depending on my mood. Bella tells me his shop in Brooklyn is amazing and I can’t wait to visit next time I am in the city.”


The Skincare Brand, Par Excellence: The Organic Pharmacy

“There is not much I don’t love about this U.K. brand, but I am never without their Carrot Butter Cleanser, which takes off my makeup (including waterproof mascara) in a second and never feels dry or stings. I am also a huge fan of their supplements and buy all my vitamins and homeopathic remedies there—the one for stress is particularly effective, as I discovered during award season one year!”


The Daily Regimen

“Elemental Herbs All Good Lips lip balm is the best ever; I cannot live without it. And I wear Arbonne Water Resistant Sunscreen—which is all natural—all year round, no matter wherever I am, whatever the weather.”

See and

The Makeup Musts

“I love the Chanel Perfect Brows all-in-one compact. There are three colors to mix together to match your eyebrows, and mini tweezers and brushes. A magnifying mirror seals the deal. Laura Mercier’s Caviar Stick Eye Color in Sugar Frost is my go-to for everyday; it’s a sheer subtle gold-beige sparkle and looks great with just mascara or over another eye color as an added highlight. I use it all the time. And for nails, Marc Jacobs Beauty polish in Gatsby—it’s a rose gold, the perfect new neutral, and it’s long lasting.”

See,, and

The Multipurpose Miracle: Body Bliss Mood Melt

“The essential oil has multiple uses for me; this blend is balancing, and I put a drop on my pillow at night and a few drops in my bath. It really chills me out and smells divine.”


An American Movie Classic Gets a Fashion-Forward Update in Ukraine; Get in Line for One Direction’s Debut Fragrance (Along With Teens and Their Grandmas); and More


Elle-UkraineElle Ukraine looked to the American film The Royal Tenenbaums for inspiration for its September issue. Model Milly Simmonds poses as a seductive Margot (the role played by Gwyneth Paltrow). One of our favorite photos shows Simmonds re-creating a scene from the movie in which Margot “secretly” lights up atop the bathroom sink, waiting for her toenail polish to dry. []

The waiting list for One Direction’s first fragrance, Our Moment, isn’t just for teenage groupies. Launching at on Friday and in store on Sunday, the range of ages that has already reserved a bottle spans from 16 to 68. [Vogue.Co.UK]

Marc Jacobs Beauty is a hot commodity, and at the offices of, the lust for his black lacquered palettes is so high that it caused the beauty editor’s cache of MJ cosmetics to be lifted. While we’re not surprised that the designer goods were swiped, we enjoyed the Clue-inspired still lifes that attempt to pinpoint the beauty burglar.

Keeping track of Beyoncé’s bob is beginning to feel like the never-ending coverage and scrutiny that surrounded Kate Middleton’s baby bump. The slightly wild, wavy hair that appeared in backstage photos on Mrs. Carter’s Tumblr tops our list as our favorite iteration of her short cut thus far.

Photo: Courtesy of Elle Ukraine