September 1 2014

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The 411: Margaret Dabbs


We forget about our feet. Most of us get pedicures, sure; but beyond that, regular foot maintenance is often an afterthought. That all changes after you experience your first medical-grade pedicure with Margaret Dabbs, though. Once you discover the way your feet are supposed to look, you will have a newfound appreciation for the crucial role of the foot expert—and that’s precisely what Dabbs is. The London-based podiatrist turned footcare entrepreneur has built an empire reprogramming the public mind-set about toe treatment. In just over a decade, she has opened a, er, freestanding London clinic with two very fashionable satellite outposts (at Harrods and Liberty of London), all the while creating her own product line. It goes without saying that Dabbs knows a thing or two about feet; she also happens to have plenty of other beauty and style opinions, much to our benefit. Read on below.

The Place to Put Your Feet Up: Personal Best
“I have to admit that my favorite spa has to be my own Foot Clinic & Nail Spa in London’s Marylebone Village. Every so often I manage to sit in the spa area and indulge in a nail bar treatment. The atmosphere is just amazing, and I love the feeling that I’m in a calm and restful retreat nestled in the heart of the vibrant capital city.”
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The Stylist With the Mostest: Joel Goncalves at John Frieda
“I am a longtime John Frieda fan. Joel Goncalves cuts my hair in the Mayfair salon. He always manages to slightly change it each time he cuts it to keep me up to date and on my toes!”
John Frieda, 4 Aldford St., West End, London,

The Signature Scent: Escentric Molecules
“My favorite perfume at the moment is Molecule 01 by Escentric Molecules. The subtle, woodsy aroma is delicious and not overpowering. It’s a really distinct, earthy warm scent, and I regularly get stopped by people asking me what I am wearing. The funny thing is, you can’t smell it on yourself, but I have been followed out of shops and down the street because of it.”
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Margaret Dabbs Talks Summer Feet


Margaret Dabbs has been in the business of feet since the mid-nineties, getting a degree in podiatry before opening her first foot-focused clinic in 1998. Since then, Dabbs has opened a slew of other clinics along with a flagship spa, which, besides tending to toes, also has a nail spa and a menu of holistic beauty treatments. She’s also launched her very own line of products for the feet (you can now find them at Space NK in the States, Here, Dabbs offers her top tips for dealing with summertime foot woes.

Broaden Your Shoe Wardrobe
“Wedge heels can have very inflexible heels, so try to wear those that are lighter-weight and allow some cushioning and shock absorbance as you walk. Very high heels can wreck havoc on the feet if worn for prolonged periods of time; they will put pressure on the toe joints and the ball of the foot as well as sometimes cause corn and callus buildup. Mules or flip-flop style shoes don’t offer support to the arch. The key to avoiding these issues is to rotate shoe styles and heel heights; don’t wear the same shoes every day. And remember, pain is the biggest indicator: If a shoe hurts, don’t wear it.”

Don’t Sweat It
“Excessive sweating can be uncomfortable, but it’s a natural body function. And it’s actually quite a good thing as it helps to hydrate the feet. It only becomes an issue if bacteria builds up, as this can lead to foot odor. Simple rules are to keep the feet clean and dry—make sure that feet are washed and thoroughly dried, especially between the toes. Wear socks or tights as these will soak up excessive sweat and will keep the shoes themselves dry. And give the feet some fresh air when you can by walking around at home in bare feet.”

Exfoliate Frequently
“The primary issues we see in our clinics during the summer are dry, dehydrated skin and nails, cracked and calloused skin around the heel areas, and calluses over the weight-bearing areas of the feet like the big toe. In the summer we tend to wear flip-flops, and while these allow air for the feet, the constant slapping on the heel against an unsupported open back can promote hard skin. To combat this, exfoliate weekly with a product like our Exfoliating Foot Mousse; it has the high-performance ingredient emu oil, which is antifungal, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory, and has superb healing properties.” Continue Reading “Margaret Dabbs Talks Summer Feet” »