August 2 2014

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The Futility Of Pill Popping Your Way To Pretty; “Lollipop Bling” Is Coming; And More…


The “beauty from the inside” craze that has seen a spike in sales of beauty-enhancing supplements and nutritional drinks may just be a good marketing ploy aimed at the upwardly mobile. “People with disposable income to spend on vitamins, who are interested in their health and well-being, these are the people who need them the least,” says Marion Nestle, a professor of nutrition, food studies, and public health at New York University, adding that it is very difficult to gauge improved dermatological health in people who already practice good skin habits. [T]

If you thought Jennifer Aniston’s Lolavie fragrance name was questionable, get a load of this: Mariah Carey’s new eau will be called Lollipop Bling. True story. [Scented Salamander]

Amanda Seyfried would chop off her glorious, golden locks for a movie, but the role would have to be “worth it,” she says in the latest issue of InStyle Hair. So, yea or nay to any forthcoming Twiggy biopics? [StyleList]

The Aramis and Designer Fragrances division of Estée Lauder is getting hip to the now and launching a new fragrance app called Ascent. It uses aromachology, psychographics, and kinesthetics to guide interested parties through a series of questions and images in search of a perfect fragrance match. Test blotters may soon be obsolete. [WWD]

Congratulations, Iggy Pop—you’ve been voted the world’s “worst face,” according to a new survey from the U.K.’s Good Surgeon Guide. Still, that’s kind of punk, right? [Telegraph]

Can Swiss apple stem cells make the transition from luxury and mass skincare products to makeup? Yes, in fact they can. The ingredient apparently stimulates stem cell activity in eyelash follicles, causing faster, stronger hair growth, making it a perfect fit for—you guessed, it—mascara. [Independent]

Kelly’s Row With The Bronzing Business, A Celebrity Fragrance Showdown, And More…


Marios Schwab and Roksanda Ilincic may swear by its insta-glow capabilities on their runways, but St. Tropez’ fake tanning products came under attack yesterday for allegedly further supporting an unhealthy body image in the media. The controversy centers around ads starring newly named spokesperson Kelly Osbourne, who claims that its products make you appear not just browner, but slimmer. You can’t fault Osbourne too much, though; she just spent months at the Dancing With the Stars school of cosmetics. She’s not in her right mind. [Daily Mail]

The FiFis are just over a month away, and competition in the women’s Celebrity Fragrance of the Year category is heating up. Mariah Carey, Halle Berry, Avril Lavigne, and Faith Hill will all try to follow in the footsteps of Paris Hilton, who took home the prize last year. For those of you wondering, Beyoncé’s Heat won’t be in the running until next June, when it will no doubt emerge as the uncontested winner. Until then, our money’s on Halle. [Ace Showbiz]

As Lindsay Lohan’s tweet-war against her father continues, little sister Ali has opted for an eyebrow makeover, presumably to take her mind of the chaos. It’s fittingly dramatic. [Us Weekly] is finally getting in on the iPhone app game, with a new program that lets you read hundreds of makeup reviews from “real” women, on the go. Now, you’ll never again have to have that awkward “so…have you ever tried this?” conversation with a stranger in the beauty aisle at Duane Reade. [StyleList]

Photo: Splash News

Decléor Gets Night Vision


Having secured a loyal celeb following that includes Katie Holmes, Christina Aguilera, Mariah Carey, and one Brad Pitt (he’s a fan of the facials), Decléor is turning its attention to one of the industry’s biggest trends-of-the-moment: the night treatment. Its new Aroma Night collection features seven unique plant-derived formulas that target different skin types using a holistic approach to boost energy, rejuvenate, and protect against the early onset of aging. The jury is still out on whether or not there’s any truth to new claims that nighttime is the right time for skin repair, but we will say this much: slathering on its Regenerating Night Beauty Cream’s combo of evening primrose oil and black orchid extract, before bed definitely helps us wake up with a supple canvas for concealer applications. As for its long-term benefits, there’s always wishful thinking.

Photo: Courtesy of Decléor

Mariah Goes Low-Maintenance, The New Face Of Tanning, And More…


For her upcoming role in Precious, a deglamorized Mariah Carey had to drink what she has termed a tall glass of “ugly juice”—a far cry from whatever magical elixir she’d been injecting, er, imbibing to keep her skin perfectly radiant for the past 15 years. [Us]

With tanning beds now officially a no-no (thank you, WHO), getting your glow on in the wintertime means DIY bronzing creams, at-home airbrush guns, and spray booths. [L.A. Times]

After discovering a familial link with Grossmith, a nineteenth-century perfume house that made scents for Queen Victoria, a British businessman has decided to abandon his day job and revive the brand. Some new competition for the House of Creed, it would appear. [Liverpool Daily Post]

L’Oréal has gone carbon-neutral. Plans for its first manufacturing plant built to run on 100 percent sustainable energy are under way in Belgium, marking the first step toward its goal of reducing its worldwide emissions of CO² by over 50 percent by 2015. Estée Lauder, please take note. [Premium Beauty News]

Photo: Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Mariah’s Sleek Makeover


Mariah Carey was in town yesterday to promote her new fragrance Forever at Macy’s in Herald Square, and while we’re always excited to see her (no one hits the high notes like Mimi), we felt a bit of longing for the days of old. Her perfect peachy-cheeked complexion, glossy lips, and super-straight blow-out made us nostalgic for the early nineties, when she kept her hair curly, her brows bushy, and frequently sported long-sleeved mock-turtleneck midriffs and high-waisted jeans. (Swoon.) Which Mariah incarnation are you partial to?

Photo: Kevin Mazur/WireImage