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A Skin Savior for a Snow Day


marie-veronique-organicsWith a blizzard en route to the Big Apple, I can think of no better way to capitalize on a day at the “home office” (i.e., my couch) than exfoliating the effects of an already bitter-cold winter while I work. Instead of physically scrubbing with a battery-operated spin brush, or sloughing away dry patches via harsh chemicals (found in many face peels), Marie Veronique Organics takes a more natural approach—employing a combo of lactic acid, avocado butter, and astaxanthin (a red pond algae hailing from Hawaii that is said to be the most powerful antioxidant on the planet) in its Pacific Exfoliating Moisture Mask. This jasmine-scented gel formula, left on for two to five minutes depending on your skin’s sensitivity, leaves the complexion smooth and hydrated—not stripped or red. Good news, considering that I’ll likely have to face the great outdoors come Monday…and I’d like to brave the streets sans knitted ski mask.


Photo: Courtesy of Marie Veronique Organics

Au Naturel Color Correction For Winter Skin


With November more than half over, we’ve officially entered our blotchy period. The coveted tan we managed to procure from a few weekends at the Jersey shore this summer is completely gone, and in its place is patchy pigmentation and an overall pallid aura (our olive complexion tends to turn a shade of neutral green when deprived of the sun). It’s around this time every year that we turn to tinted moisturizer for its tone-unifying and skin-quenching powers. Ever conscious of the risks of photo-aging (yes, we beach but we’re extremely diligent about sunscreen application), we also look for products with a high SPF level. As such, Marie-Véronique Organic’s Crème de Soleil Tinted SPF 30 has been fitting the bill nicely lately. It contains zinc oxide, the only known agent that protects against the complete UVA/UVB spectrum—as well as essential fatty acids like emu and sea buckthorn oils to provide additional moisturizing and antiaging benefits. The universally flattering fluid goes on matte, unlike a lot of other SPF moisturizers, which have an oiliness to them that we actually kind of like. But pearl powder provides a slight all-day sheen, which is a nice way to get the glow we’re after without the greasiness. The Berkeley-based line will undergo a major packaging overhaul come January, but for the time being, the tried-and-true organic formulas are available in their original apothecary style jars here.

Photo: Courtesy of Marie-Véronique Organics