August 29 2014

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Pink Polish—A No-No For Little Boys? Mary Louise Parker Breaks Down Her Beauty Routine, And More…


J.Crew creative director Jenna Lyons has come under fire from Fox News for a picture that shows her painting her son’s toenails pink. The editorial is “a dramatic example of the way that our culture is being encouraged to abandon all trappings of gender identity,” the conservative news agency asserts. [Daily Mail]

Mary Louise Parker attributes her porcelain skin and healthy chestnut locks to “good genes and being moderate about everything.” The Weeds star eats a mostly vegan diet and tries to stay away from products containing parabens, making Tarte cosmetics a personal favorite. She has another beauty tip, too: Beware the Brazilian straightening treatment. [T]

Famed photoblogger Garance Doré steps out from behind her camera today to dissect the language the fashion set uses to discuss beauty. “Oh wow, you look so…healthy!” is really just code for “Is that a muffin top that’s about to pop out of your jeans?” []

Sears is making like Duane Reade and Rite Aid and beefing up its beauty offerings. The retailer is planning store-within-store primping departments in 100 of its busier locations over the next several months. Now you can peruse electronics and lipstick offerings all under one roof. [WWD]

Photo: Dan MacMedan / WireImage

Mary-Louise Parker’s lip liner, a winner


Even though she lost out to Tina Fey in the Best Actress in a Comedy category at the 60th annual Emmy Awards last night, Weeds star Mary-Louise Parker deserves an honorable mention here, at the very least for her red-carpet makeup look (don’t get us started on her stellar acting ability, lest we abandon the high road and get into an awards-show politics rant). Parker is known in the beauty world mainly for her porcelain skin, yet it was the lip that makeup artist Tina Turnbow gave her that really stood out yesterday. “She’s not usually a lip person,” Turnbow says of the Showtime star, who gave NARS Funny Face lipliner pencil the go-ahead when she saw how well its blue undertones worked with her décolleté turquoise Cavalli dress. To further bring out the icy pink effect of the color, Turnbow added a touch of NARS powder blush in Desire to Parker’s cheeks, a shade that also skirts the line between cool and warm, adding to the actress’ overall fresh, elegant look. According to Turnbow, the long-lasting matte finish of hot-pink liner (dotted with a bit of balm for moisture) can be a good alternative to the more popular glossy red lip. “It obviously depends on what you’re wearing,” the spokesperson says of the tricky color, adding that chocolate browns and yellows also offer a good canvas for adventures in hot-pink lipstick.

Photo: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images