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The Blue Review


Colored mascara entertained a brief moment in the fashion limelight three years ago when it turned up on the Spring 2010 DKNY runway. Maybelline global makeup artist Charlotte Willer painted lashes a bright teal, and a slew of different strokable hues showed up at the retail level a few months later. Now, seasonal shades of deep greens and rich aubergines from brands like Givenchy and Estée Lauder have become somewhat par for the course. Mark our words, though: Colored mascara is about to be bigger than ever thanks to the royal blue gel Pat McGrath showcased at Stella McCartney’s Fall show. We’ve never actually entertained slicking our lashes with anything except glossy black or brown pigment until McCartney’s show in March, but we’re now on the hunt for the perfect blue mascara—which YSL has conveniently just released. Its new Mascara Volume Effect Faux Cils Waterproof in #4 Majorelle Blue is a bold, medium blue, rather than a dark navy, so it actually shows up when you brush it on. As we learned in Paris, it’s best to start with a base of black and then build with the blue so the colored pigment has something to grab on to. And since this particular colored pigment is waterproof, it doesn’t smudge during the day—or night, which is when we plan on breaking it out. Get into it.

Photo: Courtesy of YSL Beaute