August 29 2014

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Gwyneth Gets A Makeup Contract; Birchbox Goes Global; And More…


First came the Boss Nuit Pour Femme campaign, and now comes news that Gwyneth Paltrow will (finally) be getting a makeup contract all her own. Mrs. Chris Martin has just been named the latest face of Max Factor. The historic line, which was taken off shelves in the U.S. three years ago, is still very dominant worldwide. Paltrow will star in a Pat McGrath-curated campaign that features different looks that tell the story of her different roles: mother, wife, actress, singer, and of course GOOP creator. [WWD]

Birchbox, the beauty sampling service upon which all other sampling services have been built, is going global. The company acquired the Paris-based JolieBox to extend its reach across the pond. [WWD]

It looks like Jessica Hart will follow in Miranda Kerr’s footsteps. The Aussie model has revealed plans to launch her own naturally minded skincare and makeup range down under. [Grazia]

The latest bit of publicity for Jessica Chastain’s starring role as the face of YSL’s forthcoming Manifesto fragrance has hit the Web. The new video vignette features Chastain in a Nicolas Winding Refn-directed short that involves purple paint, a silent auction, and a lot of intrigue. [Fashion Etc.]

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Man Ray Meets Debbie Harry, Backstage At Gucci


Beholding the backstage scene at Gucci was something of a serious flashback—and we’re not just talking about the overt references to Surrealist artist Man Ray and Blondie front woman Debbie Harry. There was Pat McGrath, brow bleach in hand, calling to mind her blocked-out arches phase circa Fall 2009, when an all-forehead, all-the-time mandate swept the beauty establishment. While the makeup guru has since joined her face-painting cohorts in ushering the return of full, boyish brows, she wanted a “tougher, stronger look” for Frida Giannini’s 1920′s-skewed presentation—the better to showcase a series of “Art Deco, punk” raccoon eyes. Creating a flawless complexion, McGrath focused her energy on lids, lining the entire eye with Max Factor Kohl Pencil in Black to hold additional pigments like its Smoky Eye Effect Eyeshadow in Onyx Smoke, which was topped with a black shimmer shadow and multiple swipes of its Xperience Volume Mascara.

Like Paul Hanlon at Acne, hairstylist Luigi Murenu was captivated by that phase of life when Debby Harry had bleached-blond hair with black undertones. Conveniently, for Murenu, the new wave rocker’s skunk streaks corresponded well to Man Ray’s avant-garde black-and-white photography. Prepping strands with the John Frieda Luxurious Volume line, Murenu slicked hair back into two ponytails, tucking them underneath themselves and securing them with electrical tape at the base—a way more striking look than a boring old elastic. Then, he used a colored cream makeup to paint black streaks along sleek slide sections, reverting to a gold pigment to create a similar contrast on brunettes. The hair team at Alberta Ferretti was no doubt thrilled when models arrived for the next show.

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At Gucci, Birds Of A Feather Flock Together


If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, as the old saying goes. That seemed to be the underlying philosophy at Frida Giannini’s Gucci presentation this morning. The clothes harked back to the flashy, Seventies vibe that was such a hit for Spring. And so too went the hair and makeup, both of which bore resemblances to the high-gloss red lips, red nails and side parts that premiered here in October.

But Giannini’s go-to glam squad of Pat McGrath and Luigi Murenu made a few adjustments for Fall. The Me Decade makeup made “sensual and luxurious” McGrath’s buzz words of the day. That meant porcelain skin, courtesy of CoverGirl’s NatureLuxe Foundation, a dark, berry-tinged red lip—which McGrath painted on in heavier concentrations in the center of models’ mouths and topped off with CoverGirl lip gloss for shine—and sepia-toned lids that were dusted with CoverGirl Eye Enhancers in Tapestry Taupe before getting a heavy application of CoverGirl’s NatureLuxe Mousse mascara on both the top and bottom lash lines. Rich, Bordeaux nails lacquered with Chanel’s Rouge Noir coordinated with the highly pigmented pouts.

Staying on point with Fall’s emerging sleek, boy-meets-girl coiffing tend, Murenu created deep, off-center parts, pulling hair into a low ponytail, crimping it for texture and accessorizing with—get this—feathers. Remember when we told you plumage was the new nail art? Just saying…

Photo: Luca Cannonieri /

Mad Men Makeup: It’s Baaack


Mad Men returns to the airwaves this Sunday for its fourth season of three-martini lunches, complicated affairs, and smoky arguments—and while the plot will undoubtedly explore new directions, don’t expect any dramatic changes in the characters’ looks. In other words, Joan will not abandon her signature coral lip. However, the series’ costume designer has hinted that this season will focus on the “mod, youth culture” moment and the cast will look “less done.” Intrigued, we spoke with Mad Men‘s head makeup artist, Lana Horochowski, about her creative process—which includes a ton of archival research—and the subtle beauty shifts we can expect ahead.

I know you’re sworn to secrecy about storyline details, but can you give us a little hint of how the characters will look this season?

Overall, we felt it was important to keep the characters’ looks consistent, to be true to their personalities. For example, Betty is the type of woman who hasn’t changed her hair or makeup since high school. Still, we wanted to acknowledge the current time period, so this season there is a slight Jackie O influence. But it’s very subtle.

What about a character like Peggy, who seems poised to redefine herself as this confident, successful career woman?

Peggy changes the most, as she’s evolved with the new agency. She experiments the most with her look this season. Peggy is someone who would look at magazines for inspiration. We actually found this great old ad for a makeup palette with an eye, cheek, and lip all in one. I think it was from Max Factor, and it had blue, green, pink, and different shades of coral. We thought, Peggy would buy that and play around with it. But she might not put it on so well; the colors might be a little smudged or imperfect. We try very hard to make it seem like Peggy does her own makeup.

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Mind Your Sternum, Girls On Film, And More…


In the age of the navel-dipping dress, sternum maintenance takes center stage. [Glamour]

Fashion companies aren’t the only ones making films to push product these days. Nick Knight and Pat McGrath recently teamed up to put Max Factor back in the movies. [WWD]

A female Viagra? It could be closer than you think. [WebMd]

After six unisex scents, Costume National’s first men’s fragrance, which reportedly boasts a “heart of rock ‘n’ roll,” will hit Barneys next week. Ladies need not apply—although we might anyway. (Nobody’s keeping us out of that boys’ club.) [WWD]

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