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Customizing That “New Car” Smell


Perhaps, in your wildest, beauty-centric dreams, you’ve envisioned a car (and an endless amount of dispensable income with which to purchase said car) that not only hugs curves and has several hundred horses under the hood, but also possesses a fragrance atomizer that can dispense your favorite scent throughout its leather-clad interior. No? Just us? Well, in case this concept should creep into your subconscious anytime soon, know that the fantasy has become a reality, according to this month’s issue of WWD Beauty Biz. Meet the latest model of the Maybach Zeppelin, the legendary ride that has represented the ultimate in performance and class since it debuted in the 1930′s. Its latest incarnation premiered at the Geneva Motor Show a few months back, and, in addition to a two-tone exterior, 20-inch wheels in a “chrome shadow” finish, a 6.0-liter engine, and two silver Champagne flutes, which come standard, there’s the option to add on the world’s first automotive perfume atomizer. To operate, insert a vial of your favorite scent—or one that you can have custom-made by Maybach—into a special console that fans the fragrance throughout the car at the press of a button. The ingenious bit is that the whole system is designed to adjust to the human sense of smell: Your chosen aroma wafts into the passenger compartment within ten to 12 seconds and then quickly evaporates so as not to be too overpowering. At a cool €406,000 ($535,847 at current exchange) for the car, plus an extra €3,950 ($5,213) for the atomizer, you might rather consider rigging up a room diffuser in the back of your ’92 Honda Civic to get the same effect. Ah, but a girl can dream…

Photo: Courtesy of Maybach