August 21 2014

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Prada Wants Candy; Megan Fox Furrows Her Brow; And More…


Prada’s latest fragrance offering is headed for counters in mid-August. Candy, a musk and caramel eau infused with Laotian benzoin is “more feminine and more excessive than past launches [with] an explosion of joie de vivre,” according to the chief brand officer of Puig, Prada’s scent licensee. We love a little joie de vivre in our perfumes. [WWD]

Look out, Frédéric Fekkai and Serge Normant. Coiffing stars Julien Farel, Michel Obadia, and David Evangelista are all launching their own eponymous haircare lines. [WWD]

Let the record show, Armani beauty face and onetime Transformers star Megan Fox has not had Botox. Just look at this bizarre photo series she posted on her Facebook page and all those expression lines. See? [Us Magazine]

Ewan McGregor is also on the “just say no” to Botox tip. “I’m an actor; I need to use my face,” he says. [Contactmusic]

Photo: Courtesy of Giorgio Armani Beauty

What Leighton (Really) Likes; Megan Fox On Film; And More…


When Leighton Meester isn’t washing her hair with Herbal Essences, spritzing herself with Vera Wang perfume, or wearing Missoni (her latest contract coup was announced last week), her routine includes non-contractual obligations like La Roche Posay sunscreens, Mario Badescu Oil-Free Moisturizer, Creme de la Mer hand and body lotion, and lots and lots of yoga. [Allure]

Speaking of contractual obligations, Megan Fox’s first duty as Armani Cosmetics spokesperson is to push its scarlet red lipstick in a new TV commercial that’s making the rounds on the Internet. (Fast forward to 00:27. That’s where she gets you). [Grazia]

New research suggests that the average woman looks more than four years older than her actual age, thanks in large part to modern, unhealthy lifestyles. Even more reason to quit smoking and move to the country asap. [Daily Mail]

With the 10 percent “tan tax” in full effect and the WHO equating tanning beds with carcinogens like cigarettes and arsenic, you’d think that their use would have dramatically dropped off. But you’d be wrong. A new study confirms that 18 percent of women and 6.5 percent of men in America still fake bake. [L.A. Times]

Guerlain To Update Shalimar; Jennifer Aniston Drinks Smart, Eats Solids; And More…


It appears as though Jade Jagger is getting in on the beauty game. The rock progeny-cum-jewelry designer has signed on to update Guerlain’s 85-year-old Shalimar bottle, due out this fall. If you’ll recall, Keith Richards’ wife and daughters used to front the perfume’s ad campaign; it seems as though Guerlain has decided to keep things in the family Stones. [WWD]

“I’ll starve to death before I’ll cook for myself. I think I could survive a week without eating.” —Megan Fox, actress, role model, and self-proclaimed germaphobe. Sexiest woman alive, eh? [Independent]

At least now we know Fox isn’t on Hollywood’s newfangled baby food diet (pureeing food requires a fair bit of effort). And for that matter, neither is Jennifer Aniston, who has recently denied reports that she went off solids to shed pounds for a new role. Those washboard abs she’s sporting in her new Smart Water campaign are all thanks to running, yoga, and “hydration [she] can feel.” [Huff Po]

Salma Hayek Pinault is anti-Botox—and plastic surgery in general, as per the new issue of InStyle. But how does she feel about the new “no-trace face” techniques? [USA Today]

By now, most Twi-hard fans are aware that Robert Pattinson has cut his hair. What you may not have heard, however, is that some of those floppy brown discarded locks have gone missing. Look out for the eBay auction coming soon. [MTV U.K.]

Photo: Lorenvu / Sipa Press

Acne Problems? There’s An App For That; Jennifer’s Body Double; And More…


Another iPhone app that claims to help you with your beauty needs is in the works. This one features a special light that allegedly kills acne-causing bacteria and promotes collagen growth while you talk on the phone. Multitasking at its best! [The Sun]

The Jolie-Pitts and the Holmes-Cruises were out in full force at last night’s Super Bowl—as was one Kim Kardashian, who used Minx nail overlays to show her support for boyfriend, Saints running back Reggie Bush. The gold and black designs spelled “Bush” on both of her hands, with his number, 25, on her thumbs. If only custom-made Minx were available to the non-celeb set. We could’ve done better. [Access Hollywood]

Speaking of the Super Bowl, how ’bout that big Dove for Men spot celebrating what is being hailed as a “postmodern type of masculinity,” i.e., men who are comfortable enough in their skin to use moisturizer without shame. Hey, it beat the rest of the ads, which were heavy on the misogynistic references to nagging wives and girlfriends. In 2010? Really? [Denver Post]

And one more SB note for you. Megan Fox is at the center of a “body double” debate. No, no—those sexy calves sticking out of the bathtub during that Motorola ad were all hers, but the hand caressing the phone in the close-up reportedly belonged to someone else. Scan-da-lous. [Daily Mail]

The Brow King Cometh


Say what you will about Megan Fox’s acting abilities (sadly, you’ll never get the 102 minutes you spent watching Jennifer’s Body back), but the sultry star has a fantastic set of eyebrows. Like Beyoncé, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Madonna, among other A-listers, Fox has Damone Roberts to thank for her killer arches. Last week, the self-proclaimed “Brow King” opened a brow station at ROB/B, the first OPI Concept Salon in the country, located in Studio City, California. (He’s already got eponymous salons in New York and Beverly Hills.) After your mani, you can have a brow-grooming session with one of Roberts’ “Divas,” the endearing distinction he’s given to the lucky pupils who’ve gleaned from his tutelage over the years. Click here to book an appointment, and watch the movie roles and Armani underwear campaigns come rolling in.

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