August 29 2014

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Great Skin, By Way Of Spiritual Balance


Forget what you’ve heard about washing your face twice a day. According to West Palm Beach, Fla., aesthetician, Tammy Fender, perfect skin can only be achieved through “the connection between the physical and emotional and how they’re interrelated.” Fender’s ability to give her clients a glowing complexion by returning them to what she calls “a natural state of being” is garnering her a reputation as Florida’s famed “holistic facialist” and a cult following that includes celebrities and health-conscious regular folks alike. Her appointment-book waiting list, which includes names like Julianne Moore, Melania Trump, and Alicia Silverstone, is the result of a way with facial massage that is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before, as well as her custom-blended formulas, which are based on a pre-treatment consultation in which she determines your specific skin issues and the mind-body imbalances they likely stem from (note: a 60-hour work week can interrupt more than just your sleep cycle). Choosing from a selection of 13 different essential oils, clients select the scents that appeal to them most, which are then used in their treatment. “The sense of smell has a direct link to the brain,” says Fender. “I work with the pure living energy of plants’ essential oils, which readily permeate the skin and almost start working immediately.” Unlike most facials, a session with Tammy ends in a discussion about nutrition and lifestyle, rather than product pushing—how to incorporate fresh juicing and exercise into your life in order to oxygenate your skin and increase cell renewal and how to reduce daily stresses through breathing exercises and just slowing down in general. “We address the person as a whole,” she says. “Even though we’re dealing with the outer layers of the skin, we believe that what you put into the body and how you treat it are just as important as what you put on it.” To make an appointment or have a personalized skin consultation by phone, call (561) 659-2229.

Photo: Tammy Fender Holistic Skincare