August 31 2014

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Beauty Sound Bites: Monsters Inc.



“It was my hobby as a kid. I used to make monsters in my bedroom, [which was] my makeup laboratory—I slept amid monsters and toxic chemicals…I felt for the monsters; I was never afraid of them.”

In the case of Baker, it looks like nightmares really do come true. Above, we pay homage to one of Baker’s best (and most terrifying) paint jobs: Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” video. While the artist initially didn’t think the pop star would be a “good candidate” for his type of makeup, when he watched the iconic dance filmed on-set for the first time, he said, “I’m witnessing something here—this is pretty cool.” Indeed.

Photo: RexUSA

Marc Jacobs’ Daisy, The Commercial; Deborah Lippmann Belts Out The Holiday Cheer;And More…


Christmas has come early for our friends across the pond. Marc Jacobs has just released his first-ever fragrance commercial for his Daisy and Daisy Eau So Fresh eaux in the U.K., starring the scents’ muses, Sophie Srej, Frida Gustavsson, and Hannah Holman. As for the rest of us, we’ll be getting the TJ Wilcox and Juergen Teller-directed TV spot next spring. [Marc Jacobs]

File this under creepy and gross: “a lock of Michael Jackson’s hair reportedly retrieved from the drain at the Carlyle after the King of Pop stayed at the hotel is expected to sell for upwards of $5,000 when it goes up for auction.” Where does one even display such a “memento”? [Mirror]

What’s the secret to long, thick shiny strands? Lots of sleep, eating lean proteins, upping your vitamin B7 intake, weekly deep-conditioning treatments—and regular scalp massages, according to the pros at the Philip Kingsley Trichological Clinic. Sign. Us. Up. [Us]

If you needed another reason to partake in Deborah Lippmann’s trio of holiday nail colors, the polish queen—and lounge singer—will also be putting out a three-song, merry-making album sampler as well. [Allure]

New Yorkers Could Bid Adieu To The Fish Pedicure, Michael Jackson’s Locks In Your Living Room, And More…


If Senator Jeffrey Klein has his way, New York will join 14 other states in banning the popular yet unconventional pedicure practice of letting a tub of toothless garra rufa fish suck dead skin off your feet. Let it be known: Big government takes away all the fun. [NYP]

First Elvis, now Michael. Jackson fans looking to keep a piece of the King of Pop alive can bid on singed strands of the singer’s hair circa 1984, when a production accident during the filming of a Pepsi ad left him almost bald. One word: gross. [The Sun]

In other creepy-keepsake news, locks of Pete Wentz’ hair will be included in the first 400 premium-edition orders of Fall Out Boy’s new CD. Blink-182′s Mark Hoppus, who sheared Wentz backstage at their recent MSG show, declared the haircut “the end of emo,” so at least something good has come of it. [CD Insight]

Cosmeceuticals aren’t the only beauty business that’s seen a boom during the recession. An increase in at-home manicures has meant that polishes and even artificial nails are still selling out at drugstores nationwide. If you haven’t gotten into DIY nail art quite yet, what are you waiting for? [Drugstore News]

Photo: Getty Images

Estelle Sings The Blues


Seeing as how everyone seems to be confining their color experiments to their lips these days, we felt compelled to highlight Estelle’s dare-to-be-different eye candy at last night’s BET Awards. A bare face, some high-shine gloss, black liner, and lots of lashes made the songstress’ metallic blue shadow pop, although it was her single-white-glove tribute to the late Michael Jackson that got most of the attention on the red carpet. Thoughts on her lid love?

Photo: Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

Brooke Shields Lashes Out


Brooke Shields has been many things since exploding onto the scene as a teenage modeling and acting phenom in the late seventies: poster girl for Calvin Klein, one-time girlfriend of the irreplaceable Michael Jackson, and owner of the most spectacular set of brows in a generation. But it’s lashes, not brows or blue jeans, that might be her biggest claim to fame. Shields is the spokesperson for Latisse, the wonder drug for longer, thicker, darker lashes recently approved by the FDA. And as the miracle elixir permeates doctors’ offices nationwide (it’s available by prescription only), her newly exceptional eye fringe will take center stage. We caught up with Shields to talk lashes and beauty regimens, and even got some insight into that increasingly buff bod (all Kiefer-related questions were, sadly, off limits).

First and foremost, does it work?

That was my first question! But, yes—I am so pleased, and actually shocked, by Latisse’s results. I was lucky enough to start seeing results fairly early, but, you know, you have to be patient. Within the first month to six weeks, I was encouraged because I’d see them coming in one by one. And then they started fanning out.

Have you always been attentive to your lashes—like, do you get extensions or wear falsies regularly?

I used to dye my lashes, and I’ve also spent so much time on Broadway putting on fake ones then ripping them off—I’ve actually had holes in my lash line from the damage that does. So I was even more grateful that Latisse was able to make them darker and fuller.

And what about those brows—do you think your lashes are going to become your new signature?

I know—actually, my brows are getting jealous!

Your brows are still pretty fantastic, though. How do you keep them up?

I work with Anastasia [Soare]. I’ll have her shape them once in a while, but I usually get better results by just letting them grow and cleaning them up in the middle so I don’t get a unibrow.

You’re obviously familiar with the spokesperson game—everyone knows how important a healthy smile is to you after those Colgate Total spots. Has this new partnership with Latisse differed in any way?

Well, this has definitely been different because it’s not just about talking about someone else’s product. My ego’s a little more involved because it’s my face, and I get to celebrate the changes. It’s something that’s so much more tangible, and the results are so evident. Also, Latisse’s association with the Make-A-Wish Foundation has been meaningful. Allergan donated an initial sum of $500,000 to the foundation, and for every new visitor who registers online with Latisse, they donate $5 more. That’s a large sum of money!

So lashes, brows, white teeth. What else is an important part of your beauty regimen?

All of those things really do fall into the category of daily routine, you know, simple maintenance. But I’ve added Latisse to my nightly routine, which has actually shortened my daily routine. I don’t have to put so much effort into makeup or anything like that on a daily basis because my lashes look so good.

What about exercise routines? How did you get those guns?!

The thing that works for me the most is spinning. I’m an emotional worker-outer—if there’s something I have to get ready for, I’m much more inspired to work out. If I’m working too much or not enough, I tend to slack off, but I try to do something active three times a week, like spinning, yoga, a hike. I try to make sure it can change all the time, too, because my schedule changes all the time. It’s less about being skinny at this point in my life.

And, we have to ask, what of those Calvins? Is there still nothing that gets between you?

Actually, the only pair I brought with me on this press junket happen to be a pair of Calvins! I still have the originals, too—and I can still fit in them! They definitely don’t look the same, and they come up to, like, my neck, but I can still get them on. I had two pairs of the originals, so I kept one and donated the other to the Met.

Photo: Ron Galella / Wire Image