August 30 2014

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Malibu For The Masses, Dolly Fights Back, And More…


Pamela Anderson’s Malibu fragrance duo has finally arrived in drugstores nationwide, prompting the former Baywatch babe to go on Ellen, where she described the scents as “cheap and sweet, like me.” They’re also PETA-approved, so…there’s that. [Bella Sugar]

Speaking of PETA, Michelle Obama’s stylist, Yusef Williams, reportedly uses Straight Finish from Paul Labrecque to smooth out the First Lady’s bob, and Labrecque just so happens to be part of a growing group of stylists to sign PETA’s “no testing on animals” pledge. You hear that, Carla? Cruelty-free is in. Your move. [Opposing Views]

Skin-lightening creams, the controversial treatments that have been popular with women in India for years, are now gaining adherents among men. [NPR]

Dolly Parton has a message for haters who think she wears too much makeup: “You mind your own business, I’ll wear my makeup when I want to, how I want to.” Sing it, sister. [National Post]

Photo: Alexander Tamargo/Getty Images

Creed Brings A Taste Of Italy To The VIP Set


Call it an obsession with celebrity associations, but we’ve always been fascinated by the House of Creed. A family-run operation since 1760, the perfumery had been adopted as the official fragrance supplier to all of Europe’s royal courts by the nineteenth century—Queen Victoria wore Creed, as did Napoleon III and Empress Eugénie of France, Franz Joseph and Elisabeth of Austria-Hungary, and Queen Christina of Spain. Six generations later, the handmade scents still keep the seriously rich, chic, and famous smelling their best. The latest creation from master perfumer Oliver Creed and his son Erwin is Acqua Fiorentina, and it was sent to Queen Rania of Jordan, President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner of Argentina, and Michelle Obama before it recently landed on shelves at Neiman Marcus. (The First Lady is reportedly already a fan of Creed’s orange, white jasmine, daffodil, and rose scent, Love in White, according to the Washingtonian.) The new pink-hued scent is inspired by Renaissance Florence; flowers and fruits from the region abound, giving off a waft of plum, pink carnation, and Calabrian lemon notes at first spritz, while Virginia cedar and Indian sandalwood provide a woody finish. If it’s good enough for MObama, it’s good enough for us—and Posh Spice, apparently. Inside sources have clued us in on the fact that David Beckham recently picked up a bottle for his beloved in Beverly Hills.

Photo: Courtesy of Creed

Hair Rules


It’s probably one of a hair stylist’s greatest fears: A woman with frizz-prone, rebellious hair enters a salon on the most humid day of the summer thus far and asks for a smooth blow-out that will last for a few days. Such was the challenge that I posed to stylist Anthony Dickey when I recently visited his new Manhattan salon, Hair Rules. But he didn’t bat an eye; in fact, he didn’t even use any styling products save for shampoo and conditioner (from his product line Hair Rules, of course). Bold move, I thought. By day’s end, my hair was still flawless; the same held true for days two and three. Needless to say, I was a quick convert. According to Dickey, his Daily Cleansing Cream Shampoo, which I nabbed a bottle of immediately, did the trick—”humidity only attacks dry hair.” But Dickey is offering more than just the perfect blow-out at his recently opened salon in the heart of Hell’s Kitchen. A textured-hair guru who has worked his magic on everyone from Michelle Obama to Estelle to SJP, there is no wave, curl, or kink that he’ll shy away from. And that’s good news for a city with a surprising lack of salons savvy in hair of the textured variety. For more information or to book an appointment, call (212) 315-2929.

Michelle Watch: It’s A Bob!


Those J.Crew cardi sets and the Jason Wu inaugural gown may have made headlines, but this right here is front-page news if we’ve ever seen it: The First Lady has appeared to cut her hair, foregoing the increasingly popular “lob” in favor of a shorter, more conservative version of Posh Spice’s early trips to the chopping block. While the look becomes the First Lady (there are few things that couldn’t), we are a little disappointed with what seems to be a move toward the more traditional style of Capitol Hill, which mandates tight, side-swept crops with little movement. We would’ve added some choppy layers to her shoulder-length hair but, hey, that’s just us. You?

Photo: Matthew Cavanaugh-Pool / Getty Images

At Jason Wu, Hair Fit For A Queen (Or First Lady)


In order to get the pulled back, “fairy-tale vibe—but not a Disney
fairy tale,” for the hair he created at Jason Wu, hairstylist and RSession Tools co-founder Kevin Ryan dipped into his newly designed “Pin Up Girl” kit, which was proudly on display backstage. Coming in blond, black, and brunette varieties, each set includes a selection of hairpins, elastics, clips, a styling brush, and the all-important hair bun—a mesh-foam rod that can be used to craft a variety of updos. Yesterday, the look was a tiara-topped middle part with a low, sleek pony prepped with Bumble and Bumble thickening spray, blown out, and touched up on the ends with Kiehl’s Creme with Silk Groom. “We’re going for more of a Grimm’s fairy tale,” Ryan explained, “when the heroines didn’t just wait for some man to save them but had to do a little work for themselves.” Not a far cry from the new, Obama-era Camelot.

Photo: From top, Marcio Madeira; Courtesy of RSessions Tools