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A Top Model Gets Blown Away by a Hair-Dryer; Jared Leto Lands a Fragrance Campaign; and More


Erin-WassonHairstylist Harry Josh’s new $300 hair-dryer has gotten lots of love via social media, from both his colleagues and model friends. One of the latest free advertisements comes courtesy of Erin Wasson—snapped wearing only the strategically placed hot tool. [Instagram]

Jared Leto serves as the face for Hugo Boss’ new Red fragrance. Refinery29 reports that he doesn’t look a day older than he did in the nineties, when he played the role of crush-worthy Jordan Catalano in My So-Called Life, and we couldn’t agree more.

In need of more beauty rest? There’s an app for that. According to Huffington Post, Sleep Cycle uses the accelerometer on your phone to monitor your movements and determine what phase of slumber you’re in. After setting a thirty-minute window, an alarm will wake you when you’re in the lightest zone—making for less bleary-eyed mornings.

Tomorrow marks a major milestone for YouTube beauty phenomenon Michelle Phan. Her own line of cosmetics, called Em (a Vietnamese term of endearment), is finally launching, after two years in development. []

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Marimekko Hearts Aesop; Gwyneth’s “Elimination Diet” Secrets, Revealed; And More…


Finnish design giant Marimekko and Australian apothecary brand Aesop have teamed up on a new skincare line dedicated to Finnish sauna culture. The two-piece range that launches in April will also boast one of Marimekko’s signature prints—as if it needed any help in the way of desirability. [WWD]

More details are emerging about Gwyneth Paltrow’s highly anticipated second cookbook, “It’s All Good: Delicious, Easy, Recipes That Will Make You Look Good and Feel Great.” Set for release on April 2, the tome reportedly comprises a collection of 185 “restorative” dishes of the sugar-free, non-dairy, vegetarian, wheat-free, and non-alcoholic variety that are based on a restrictive “elimination diet” that Paltrow claims helped her lose weight and feel more energetic. Mmmm. [NYDN]

For its latest movie-inspired range of nail lacquers, OPI is getting behind this year’s Oz the Great and Powerful in a big way with seven polishes inspired by the fantastical film. [InStyle]

Move over, Michelle Phan. There’s a whole new crop of beauty vloggers (video bloggers for the neophytes among you) making waves on the world-wide Web. [L.A.Times]

“For special occasions, practice your makeup one day before so you are not stressed.” So says Salma Hayek (and so we shall abide). [Glamour]

Photo: Carlos Alvarez/ Getty Images

Michelle Phan’s Beijing Beauty Diary


Vlogging sensation Michelle Phan (YouTube handle RiceBunny) is a bona fide hit in the U.S. The Lancôme-sponsored online makeup guru took home the Newcomer of the Year prize at this year’s WWD Beauty Biz awards, and her Lady Gaga “Bad Romance” tutorial has garnered over 17 millions views. Perhaps more impressive, however, is that in China, where YouTube is often blocked (as are Facebook and Twitter—the horror!), the same video has managed to find its way onto—a comparative YouTube site that encourages individual uploads—and has already accumulated over 65,000 page views. Recognizing Phan’s appeal, Lancôme’s China team invited the 23-year-old face painter to Beijing for the launch of its new Teint Miracle foundation and to meet a handful of the country’s tastemaking bloggers. Here, Phan shares her Beijing beauty diary with

Ni hao,! I just got back from Beijing—such a beautiful city rich with history. It’s very modern, yet it retains its culture, which gives it a hint of mystery. I loved every minute of it—the people, the food, the fashion, and, of course, the beauty.

The Beijinese approach to makeup is very different from the approach in the United States. First off, the women there wear much less makeup. If anything, they like a sweet, clean, and simple look. Bold lipstick is not on fire the way it is in the U.S.; I saw one woman wearing red lipstick, but didn’t notice any lip products on anyone else I met. What I did notice, though, was a lot of nail art. Women may not be as experimental with color on their faces, but I saw a lot of red fingernails and a lot of decorated gel manicures. Red, by the way, means happiness in China. Every detail and color has meaning.

Eyeliner is also very big, especially liquid liner, and so are false lashes and lash extensions. I met one Lancôme executive with mink lash extensions that were just gorgeous. Also, I can’t believe how many people wear circle lenses—those contact lenses that change the color and shape of your iris and give you a more doll-like, girlish appearance. The trend is in full force over there. Even men are wearing them!

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And the WWD Beauty Biz Award Goes To…; MAC And Gaga Go For Round 2; And More…


WWD presented its annual Beauty Biz awards this morning, with top honors going to Leonard Lauder (pictured at left as a wee baby with mother, Estée), who received the publication’s first-ever Visionary Award. Other winners included Chanel’s Rouge Coco Hydrating Lipstick, Clinique’s Repairwear Laser Focus Wrinkle & UV Damage Corrector, Thierry Mugler’s Womanity fragrance, and Topshop, which took home a prize for Specialty Retailer of the Year for its much-lauded makeup launch. Also called to the podium was Lancôme-sponsored YouTube phenom Michelle Phan. She was crowned Newcomer of the Year for her online makeup tutorials—one of which dissects a Lady Gaga look and has singlehandedly garnered a whopping 15 million views. [WWD]

Speaking of the biggest pop star of them all, Gaga’s Viva Glam lipstick for MAC, which launched alongside a similar shade designed by Cyndi Lauper this year, did so well the makeup giant has enlisted her for a second solo turn for 2011. [WWD]

Yesterday we shared the news that Taylor Swift will be fronting ads for CoverGirl’s new NatureLuxe Foundation. Today, the matching visual was released into the blogosphere. [People]

Smoky eyes inspired by the runways are apparently the holiday beauty look on everyone’s brain. “Instead of outlining the entire eye with dark shadow, smokiness is only applied to the crease and below the eye,” advises makeup artist Mally Roncal. For more expert tips on getting a sultry (and sparkly) festive look, please direct your attention here. [NYT]

Photo: Lauder family / WWD

Circle Lenses Are Square; LiLo’s Forced Make-Under; And More…


The anime eyes Lady Gaga sported in her “Bad Romance” video have sparked a potentially hazardous “circle lenses” craze. For non-visually-impairing doll-like eyes, you could just watch YouTube phenom and Lancôme video artist Michelle Phan’s tutorial on how to get the look with makeup. Over 1 million people already have. [CNN]

Things just keep getting worse for LiLo. Not only will she have to spend 90 days in jail (it will be less; let’s be honest), but she also can’t wear hair extensions or makeup the entire time she’s in the slammer. No hair dye either, we’d imagine, which means we could potentially see a naturally ginger (and uncharacteristically sober) Lohan when her three months of incarceration are up. [TMZ]

There are new reasons to be wary of the Atkins diet—aside from that whole bummer about not being able to eat carbs. A recent study shows that high-protein, low-carb diets can cause substantial bone-density loss in women over 40. [Daily Mail]

Better to just make like Cindy Crawford, who works out regularly, eats a balanced diet, allows for the occasional “splurge,” and is honest with herself about what her aging body needs to look its best—like, say, Botox. “When I was 30 I might have said, ‘I’m just going to age in a way that honors time and is completely natural,’ but I’m no longer so highbrow about it,” the supermodel recently told Ladies’ Home Journal while admitting to the occasional line-freezing injection. So much for Meaningful Beauty, eh? [Monsters and Critics]

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