September 2 2014

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Michelle Williams Goes Ginger; Genetic Beauty Tests Have Arrived; And More…


Remember Michelle Williams’ adorable, platinum cropped cut from Cannes a couple of months back? Well, it’s gone—replaced by a page boy in a shade of strawberry blond. We miss the pixie. [Pop Sugar]

Bad news for Paris-based fans of Origins. The skincare company is pulling out of France at the end of the month, even giving up its prime counter space at Le Bon Marché. Thankfully, London’s Origins-stocked beauty counters are but a Eurostar ride away. [WWD]

If you’ve ever wished for a way to find out if you are predisposed to cellulite, hair loss, obesity, psoriasis, or even melanoma, this one’s for you. New genetic beauty tests are hitting the market to help fend off pesky health and wellness issues before they start. [StyleList]

Unfortunately, those newfangled swab tests don’t trump environmental factors when it comes to the condition of your skin—and neither can lucrative spokesperson deals, apparently. Despite being the face of Proactiv, Katy Perry can’t seem to shake those occasional breakouts (stars, they’re just like us). [NYDN]

Photo: Sean O’Neill / White / INFphoto

Crimson And Clementine, Over And Over


Four years ago, a seismic event occurred in L.A. that rocked us to our core. It was the 78th Annual Academy Awards, and the earth shook when Michelle Williams emerged on the red carpet in that canary yellow, accordion-pleated Vera Wang dress boasting lashes out to there, soft bangs, and a perfect scarlet pout that would forever unite the lip color and the dress color in our minds. Fast-forward to last night’s Tony Awards, and there it was again, only this time, it was Lea Michele in a Zac Posen strapless number mixing crimson and tangerine. The Glee star chose a deeper, more burgundy red with shimmer as opposed to Williams’ glossy, true red stain, but it still managed to wow us with its shocking, complementary contrast. Sentimentality aside, which version do you like best?

Photo: Jennifer Graylock / AP Photo; Jen Lowry / Startraks Photo

Michelle Williams, Shear Genius


Our colleagues over at Style File have already given a shout-out to Michelle Williams and the Chanel Haute Couture frock she wore yesterday in Cannes to the premiere of Blue Valentine, but we couldn’t resist a mention of our own. Her corn silk blond pixie cut is the beauty moment that we’ve been waiting for since the film festival got under way on the Riviera last week—on par with Angelina’s matte red lip circa ’09. The choppy style suits the actress’ cherubic face quite well, in that it’s similar to her Mia Farrow incarnation from a few years back, another high point in Williams’ hair history. Here, we’ve compiled a little retrospective for you so you can fully grasp the magnitude of her latest transformation. It’s hard for us to say what looks best on the actress, as long hair and fringe seem to work for her as well, but feel free to voice your opinion below.

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Diane Kruger Does Michelle Williams At The SAG Awards


Saturday night’s SAG Awards mimicked last weekend’s Golden Globes in more ways than one. Yes, Sandra Bullock managed to beat out a host of unbelievable talents to take home the Best Actress award again, but what we’re here to talk about is the bevy of low-slung side chignons. Marion Cotillard, Kyra Sedgwick, and Jenna Fischer all wore one, and so did Diane Kruger, albeit with a slightly different take on the popular look. Hair stylist Robert Vetica curled the Inglourious Basterds actress’ hair and used a small amount of Moroccanoil Hydrating Styling Cream to finger-comb and break up the waves. Then he gathered it behind her ear and loosely braided it before looping the end back up and pinning it down. It made for a softer, more tendril-like effect that, with the bright red lip and mustard yellow Jason Wu gown, reminded us of Michelle Williams in a canary yellow Vera Wang at the Oscars in 2006—one of our favorite red-carpet moments of all time. Can you see the similarity?

Photo: Jen Lowery / Startraks Photo; Jennifer Graylock / AP Photo

Olfactory Parody, For That Case Of The Mondays


When news broke last fall that Francesco Vezzoli was working on a faux perfume ad directed by Roman Polanski and starring Natalie Portman and Michelle Williams, we were legitimately excited. Known for his elaborate parodies, we could only imagine what the Italian video artist had in store for the marketing film-cum-consumerism social commentary, which centers around a fake fragrance called Greed. With its Victorian boudoir backdrop and epic catfight (so in this year, see Jean Paul Gaultier’s Fall 2009 show), the one-minute short did not disappoint when it debuted last month at the Gagosian Gallery in Rome, and we still like to watch it every now and again when we need a little pick-me-up. So if you haven’t seen it yet—or if you could just use some help dulling the pain of the beginning of yet another workweek—click above and enjoy. (We’re particularly fond of the bit where Michelle Williams smashes Natalie Portman’s face into the ground repeatedly. It gets us every time.)