July 10 2014

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RMS Beauty Has Its Eyes On The Prize


My first encounter with RMS Beauty’s Rose-Marie Swift was a memorable one. It was about three years ago, when the face painter’s brand of 100 percent natural makeup was just taking off and I met her at her apartment—her apartment!—to pick up product for a shoot. We got to talking about her impressive formulas that are packed with nourishing, all-organic ingredients, and she recommended I try her pure mineral Cream Eye Shadow in Seduce, a glistening chocolate brown. Also there: Miranda Kerr’s yorkie, who Swift was pet-sitting while the Victoria’s Secret model, a friend and client, was out of town. Like Kerr, I became a fast fan of Swift’s products—particularly the ultra-creamy shadows, which Swift is about to expand upon. This month, the green-leaning makeup artist will introduce two new shades of her multitasking lid enhancer, which doubles as an eye cream to moisturize as it imparts a gorgeous wash of color. Karma is a dark brown with silver undertones, and then there’s Solar, an antique gold that was so popular on its first run Swift is bringing it back. Apply liberally.

$28, available February 14 at

Photo: Courtesy of RMS Beauty

Makeup Bag Check: Miranda Kerr


The Mission: Make Miranda Kerr’s features pop at the 4th Annual Film Benefit at the Museum of Modern Art in New York using a natural product regimen in keeping with the supermodel’s all-organic, all-the-time skincare standards.

The Face Painter: Makeup artist Rose-Marie Swift

The Face: Swift’s signature is a luminous base, and last night was no exception. Starting with her RMS Beauty “Un” Cover-Up to create an even tone, Swift dabbed her Living Luminizer on the top of Kerr’s cheekbones and down the bridge of the nose to contour her face with a subtle sheen.

The Eyes: Using her RMS Beauty Cream Eye Shadow in Lunar, a golden glimmer, Swift coated Kerr’s lids, highlighting the inner corners with a dab of Living Luminizer to reflect light. Curling lashes, Swift applied a few strokes of black mascara and darkened Kerr’s brows with her as-yet-unreleased Cream Eye Shadow in Karma, a dark brown, to ensure that they stood out in bold contrast to Miranda’s printed Peter Pilotto dress.

The Lips: Multitasking her newly reformulated Lip2Cheek cream color base in Rapture, Swift applied rosy pigment to both Kerr’s mouth and the apples of her cheeks for a berry-tinged flush.

The Result: After a few final swipes of Living Luminizer on her collarbones, it was impossible not to fixate on Kerr and her otherworldly glow swanning around the museum, despite the bevy of other A-listers also in attendance.

Photo: Eugene Gologursky / Getty Images

Pin Curls From The Pyramids; KooKoo For Coconuts; And More…


Think styling gel and curling irons were devised in the twentieth century? Think again. New research on mummies reveals that style-conscious Egyptians frequently coiffed their hair in styles similar to those of Marilyn Monroe and Rihanna. [Telegraph]

In case you haven’t noticed Ri-Ri touting its tasty water, Miranda Kerr big-upping its nourishing oil, or every single beauty brand incorporating its super-emollient and all-natural flesh into some manner of product, coconuts are the new acai berry. [Daily Mail]

Katy Perry has forgone her now statement-making pink locks for a shade of mauve-y lavender, which she and colorist Rita Hazan worked on especially for last night’s VMAs. [Bella Sugar]

Beware the sweet scent of clean laundry. A new study suggests that the very aromatics that register as “fresh” and “citrus” to your olfactory system are actually off-gassing chemicals that can be carcinogenic. [Treehugger]

Photo: Courtesy of Vita Coco

Eau De Selena Gomez Goes Digital; Liz Taylor, Still Giving Good Face; And More…


More news on Selena Gomez’s forthcoming fragrance debut: Apparently, the Disney-made singing sensation is letting her fans vote online on accords to be used in the perfume, and the most popular notes will be incorporated into the final eau. [WWD]

It’s official: Miranda Kerr is the most influential Victoria’s Secret Angel. Months after Mrs. Orlando Bloom revealed that daily spoonfuls of the healthy fat from coconut oil helps her maintain her svelte figure—even post-pregnancy—sales of the emollient nut extract have spiked. [Daily Mail]

According to a new study, Elizabeth Taylor has been crowned “Most Photogenic Celebrity of All Time.” Decades later, and her raven hair, black brows, and violet eyes are still tough to beat. [Telegraph]

OPI is taking on yet another big-budget movie release as the inspiration for its forthcoming holiday collection: The Muppets! The 12-piece limited-edition line bows this fall and includes a glittery lime lacquer called Being Green (obvs) and our personal favorite, Rainbow Connection, a
hodgepodge of multicolored sequins in a clear base. [Fashionista]

Photo: Hulton Archive / Getty Iamges

Beauty 411: Rose-Marie Swift


In the case of the famous faces that makeup artist Rose-Marie Swift is known for tending to—like, say, supermodels Gisele Bündchen and Miranda Kerr—the canvas is pretty phenomenal to begin with. But even those of us whose cheekbones don’t pay the bills can benefit from Swift’s beauty wisdom, much of which is gathered into the products she creates for her line, RMS Beauty. A few years back, Swift began experiencing health problems due to toxic levels of heavy metals in her blood, which were caused, as it turned out, by exposure to lots of nasty stuff in cosmetics over two decades as a makeup artist. And thus was born the idea for RMS Beauty, which is based entirely on pure, raw, and organic principles. For the uninitiated out there, we prescribe a combination of the “un” cover-up, Living Luminizer, and raw coconut cream; prepare to get hooked fast. Here, the avowed naturalist with the round-the-clock radiant complexion shares some of her own favorite beautifying people, places, and products.

The Morning Ritual: Organic Green Juice
“Every morning I get up and make four to six cups of my own organic green juice. No matter how tight my morning schedule may be, I’m sure to always do my juice. If I am away, I use a powder version by Health Force Nutritionals called Vitamineral Green.”
Available at Live Live, 261 East 10th St., NYC, (212) 505-5504,

The Beauty Routine
“I attribute my nice skin to never having used soap. My skin regime is raw coconut oil and a filtered water system (both shower and sink). I have now packaged the oil for my line RMS Beauty; it’s called Raw Coconut Cream. To this day it is one of my best sellers and is effective even for acne-prone skin due to its natural antifungal and antibacterial properties. I also use my far-infrared sauna at home to help detoxify the whole body.”
Available at

The Facial: Ildi Pekar
“When I need to relax, nothing feels better than having a facial. I go to Ildi Pekar, who is genius. She has an abundance of knowledge and is doing some groundbreaking procedures with stem cell therapy.”
Ildi Pekar, 315 Madison Ave. #2600, NYC, (212) 682-6080.

The Doctor: Dr. Manganaro
“We all know that everything around us is getting more polluted (air, water, food), and our bodies are being over-burdened. Most of us just concentrate on the outsides of our bodies, but I also believe we need to concentrate on the inside. I try to eat as much raw food as possible (hard while shooting) and also go to Dr. Manganaro to get a complete inner-body overhaul by cleansing out toxins and heavy metals. It completely protects the system long term and nothing will make you feel better.”
Dr. Manganaro, Manhattan Advanced Medicine, 333 E. 57th St., Suite 1B, NYC, (212) 421-0886,

The Escape: The Bahamas
“I’m so very fortunate with my job to get to travel all over the world to some extremely unique locations, but nothing beats the pink sand, warm sun, and blue ocean of Harbor Island, in the Bahamas. I love to stay in my own private little bungalow at the Pink Sands Hotel—there’s no place better.”
Pink Sands Hotel, Bahamas,

The Makeup: RMS Beauty and Shu Uemura
“Some people think makeup artists love to play with makeup, but for myself I’m a complete minimalist. I use my RMS Beauty “un” cover-up in #22 and #33 as a contour, and I never forget my Living Luminizer on my eyelids and cheekbones. If I’m feeling wild, I will use a Shu Uemura red lipstick and mascara.”

The Scent: Rodin Olio Lusso
“I like Linda Rodin’s Olio Lusso, which I add on my pulse points behind my ears and neck and on my wrists. Just that subtle hint of jasmine is so nice.”
Available at

The Restaurants
“My favorite places to eat in New York City are places that are organic or raw. My favorites are Pure Food & Wine and ABC Kitchen. I love the falafel from Pure Food & Wine and the crab toast at ABC Kitchen is a winner. Angelica’s Kitchen is another great, healthy place but more casual.”

Photo: Courtesy of RMS Beauty