August 23 2014

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Lanvin X Lancôme; Miss New York Takes The Crown; And More…


Stop the presses: Alber Elbaz is getting into beauty. The Lanvin creative director is teaming up with Lancôme on a limited-edition color collection due out in June. Consider the countdown on. [WWD]

Miss New York, Brooklyn-based Mallory Hagan, has been crowned Miss America, the first time that the Empire State has taken top honors in the storied pageant since Vanessa Williams won the crown nearly thirty years ago. An FIT student, Hagan hopes to become a cosmetics executive after completing her pageant duties. [NYT]

Nicki Minaj’s longtime hairstylist, Terrence Davidson, has parted ways with the American Idol judge, citing “creative differences.” And so the rush on candy-colored beehives will finally subside. [IBT]

Rachel Weisz’s pale berry lip and side-parted waves may have been our favorite red-carpet beauty moment from last night’s Golden Globes. As for her insane porcelain skin, it was helped along by facialist Joanna Vargas’ signature VitaLight treatment and her instantly sculpting Triple Crown Facial, which Weisz insisted upon as preshow prep. We’ll have what she’s having. [Joanna Vargas]

Photo: Yannis Vlammos /

Eau De Snooki, Bond No. 9 Goes West, And More…


As a follow-up to the obligatory book she launched this month, Jersey Shore‘s Snooki has plans to go big in 2011 with denim, home wares, and, you guessed it, beauty products. Looks like she’ll be facing some stiff competition, too. [Village Voice]

Miss America airs next week and Miss Delaware, Kayla Martell, who suffers from alopecia areata, the rare autoimmune disease that causes hair loss, is out to prove that bald is beautiful. [Sify]

Wondering which 2010 perfume launches were a big holiday hit? That would be Gucci Guilty, Acqua di Gioia, and Yves Saint Laurent’s Belle d’Opium, all of which dominated sales at department stores last month. For the niche-minded fragrance aficionados, Byredo Parfums’ M/Mink and Frédéric Malle’s Portrait of a Lady came out on top. [NYT]

So what lays ahead for the fragrance world? If you’re Bond No. 9, it’s a new storefront in New York’s Meatpacking District—a fitting home for its High Line-inspired flacon that launched last year. [Racked]

Photo: Scott Gries / PictureGroup / AP Photo

Estelle, The Fragrance?; Miss America Returns To Network TV; And More…


The Cosmetics Executive Women’s annual Beauty Awards were doled out this weekend, making winners out of some shoe-ins (Marc Jacobs’ Lola, for one) and a few unlikely heroes, as well. The indie brand Living Proof took home not one but three awards. Interestingly, Estelle represented in an equally disproportionate number of categories, making a beauty deal for the British-born songstress seem imminent. [WWD]

Those raunchy Miss USA pictures drummed up a ton of press for Donald Trump’s Vegas extravaganza—and pageants in general, it would appear. With interest in the crown and sash renewed, Miss America is coming back to network TV, ABC specifically, after being relegated to TLC last year. Get ready for many cringe-worthy prime-time talent competitions to come. [Variety]

Kylie Minogue admits to dabbling in Botox in the past, but now the 41-year-old Aussie pop star is coming out against it and other age-defiers, vowing never again to change her looks with plastic surgery. This sounds like another Jane Fonda case in the making. [Daily Mail]

One thing Minogue isn’t swearing off is her celebrity fragrance franchise. Pink Sparkle, her latest olfactory creation, inspired by rosé bubbly, hits stores this summer. [Scented Salamander]

Photo: Brian Zak / Sipa Press

Get Your Piece of Rock ‘n’ Roll Hair History, Venezuela Breeds Beauty Queens, and More…


Elvis fanatics, rejoice. The King of Rock ‘n’ Roll’s famous onyx coif, which was shaved off when he joined the Army in 1958, will be auctioned in Chicago on October 18. Where one could tastefully display such a keepsake is a mystery to us, but happy bidding nonetheless. [Digital Spy]

After two back-to-back Miss Universe wins, Venezuela—where “beauty pageants are a national sport”—is garnering a lot of attention. The country’s success doesn’t simply stem from something in the water, as it turns out. “God created these beautiful women—but he also created plastic surgeons,” says the director of the Miss Venezuela School, a boot camp for would-be contestants. And the plot thickens. [ABC News]

In other beauty pageant news, Rush Limbaugh is slated to be on the judges panel at the Miss America 2010 competition. If it goes anything like this year’s Miss USA broadcast, Limbaugh’s point-distribution during the Q&A portion should be a doozy. [Huff Po]

File this under beauty innovations we weren’t expecting. British beauty brand 2 Love My Lips has just launched a line of glosses with packaging that includes a card for detecting GHB and ketamine, drugs that are popular with would-be drink-spikers. We’ve found that not leaving your tartini unattended also works wonders, but it’s always good to have a backup plan. [Bella Sugar]

Miss Indiana Wears The Crown, In Case You Actually Care


For those of you who may have missed it—due to Saturday night plans or out of sheer ignorance to the fact that it was actually taking place—the Miss America pageant aired this past weekend on TLC. I mention the possibility of being caught unaware because I happen to fall into this category, having had absolutely no idea that 1) it was on this weekend and 2) that it was still on at all. Were it not for the fact that I stumbled upon this hilariously poignant article that questions the relevancy of the almost 90-year-old beauty contest (which, for the record, is now referred to as a “scholarship pageant”), it would have completely slipped me by. Which is odd, considering that as a child, I held elaborate Miss America-watching slumber parties that included finger foods and an at-home voting system. (Truth time: I may have also begged and pleaded with my grandmother for tickets to the actual pageant in the late eighties). Have we, as liberated women, simply grown tired of organized events that give credence to walking around in a bathing suit and heels and count operatic renditions of dated show tunes as “talents,” or has the Miss America organization simply dropped the ball on updating and properly publicizing its show? Discuss.

Photo: Ethan Miller/Getty Images