September 1 2014

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Miss USA, The Lawsuit; Pastel Hair Streaks On The Runway Again (And For Eternity); And More…


Call Donald Trump a fraud and get a free ticket to his lawyer’s office. The real estate mogul and head of the Miss Universe organization has vowed that Miss Pennsylvania, Sheena Monnin, will see a lawsuit before a tiara after she alleged that last weekend’s Miss USA pageant’s top five contestants were chosen “before the show ever started.” [AFP]

First Chanel, now Marc by Marc Jacobs has mixed multicolored pastel hair extensions with models’ own natural locks for the resort runway. []

Have you ever wanted a manicure of Ryan Gosling’s face? No? Well, should the mood ever strike you, that motif is officially now an option. [Refinery 29]

It looks like Alexander Skarsgard will be the newest face of Calvin Klein men’s fragrances. Hey, it’s not Chanel No. 5, but it’s nothing to sneeze at. [E!]

A few weeks after sending the blogosphere abuzz with news that she would bare her makeup-free face in her new movie Part of Me, Katy Perry reveals why she shed her warpaint. “We’re not always so pretty, and sometimes that can bring people together.” [Huff Po]

Photo: Courtesy of Marc By Marc Jacobs

Miss Rhode Island Wins The Crown; Eau De QEII; And More…


Miss Rhode Island, Olivia Culpo, has won the Miss USA title. The 20-year-old cellist bested her competition by coming out in support of transgender contestants, a hot-button issue in the international pageant circle of late. How…progressive. [NYDN]

Queen Elizabeth celebrated 60 years on the throne this weekend, and to help further fête her reign, Floris, the British toiletries brand that plays perfumer to the Queen, has released Royal Arms Diamond Edition, a vanilla, patchouli, and amber update on the original eau it created in 1926 to celebrate her birth. [Daily Mail]

Shellac, meet ColorFX. Dashing Diva is getting into the gel manicure-alternative game with a new system that launches in July and consists of a single color sticker that is topped with a coat of gel to increase shine and prolong longevity. [WWD]

Kate Winslet, who has struggled with weight issues in the past, admits that sometimes, “You need much time to get rid of the fat girl you once were.” But she has learned to embrace her natural curves. “I am sincerely grateful for my buttocks,” she tells Italian Vanity Fair. [Hollywood Reporter]

Photo: Isaac Brekken/Getty Images

Seeing Red At The Miss USA Pageant


At last night’s 60th annual Miss USA pageant, beauty was the name of the game. But not beauty, as in the spray tans, gratuitous smoky eyes, newscaster blowouts, and debatably enhanced décolletages that have colored the event since it was acquired by Donald Trump and moved to Las Vegas. We mean beauty as in beauty sponsorships: Among the brands to sign on in support of the event were OPI (co-founder Suzi Weiss-Fischmann was also a judge), Rain Cosmetics, Farouk Systems (of Chi straightening iron fame), and Australian Gold tanning products, which provided a great photo op of the contestants slathering each other with lotion (hello, ratings spike). Only a hair sponsor was missing—which is strange, as auburn strands turned out to be the star of the show (red hair: so hot right now). Dubbed “Poison Ivy” during the telecast for her ginger locks and dramatic, sparkling green evening gown, 21-year-old Alyssa “Miss California” Campanella took home the crown and admitted that while she originally dyed her hair red for an acting role six years ago, it “really brought out the true Alyssa Campanella.” In an interview after the show on Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live, she added that she was pretty sure there hadn’t been another red-haired Miss USA since Brooklyn’s Jackie Loughery won the debut contest in 1952.

Despite not being a blonde—a veritable requirement in the Golden State—Campanella did California proud: She endorsed the legalization of medical marijuana when Real Housewife of New Jersey (and fellow redhead) Caroline Manzo asked her about her stance on the issue during the broadcast. We’re looking forward to hearing more of Campanella’s political opinions as she carries out her term with the tiara; here’s hoping she doesn’t have a nude photo scandal hiding in her closet.

Photo: Getty Images

Estelle, The Fragrance?; Miss America Returns To Network TV; And More…


The Cosmetics Executive Women’s annual Beauty Awards were doled out this weekend, making winners out of some shoe-ins (Marc Jacobs’ Lola, for one) and a few unlikely heroes, as well. The indie brand Living Proof took home not one but three awards. Interestingly, Estelle represented in an equally disproportionate number of categories, making a beauty deal for the British-born songstress seem imminent. [WWD]

Those raunchy Miss USA pictures drummed up a ton of press for Donald Trump’s Vegas extravaganza—and pageants in general, it would appear. With interest in the crown and sash renewed, Miss America is coming back to network TV, ABC specifically, after being relegated to TLC last year. Get ready for many cringe-worthy prime-time talent competitions to come. [Variety]

Kylie Minogue admits to dabbling in Botox in the past, but now the 41-year-old Aussie pop star is coming out against it and other age-defiers, vowing never again to change her looks with plastic surgery. This sounds like another Jane Fonda case in the making. [Daily Mail]

One thing Minogue isn’t swearing off is her celebrity fragrance franchise. Pink Sparkle, her latest olfactory creation, inspired by rosé bubbly, hits stores this summer. [Scented Salamander]

Photo: Brian Zak / Sipa Press

American Apparel Does More Manis, Miss USA Contestants Show Some Skin, And More…


Beauty fiends who also happen to love a pair of PVC leggings, get psyched for some enhanced one-stop shopping; American Apparel is adding six new colors to its wildly successful nail polish line. [StyleList]

Racy images of the Miss USA 2010 hopefuls are hitting the Internet, causing some to question if Donald Trump’s organization’s obvious attempt at media attention is going too far. The pageant’s coordinators allege that this is simply “the new direction of beauty pageants and a chance for contestants to show off confidence in and embrace their own sexuality.” So, nearly-nude pictures are what’s becoming the norm in pageants these days, eh? Vanessa Williams must be furious. [CBS News]

Bad news, Botoxers: A new study published in the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology found that people who look to the syringe to smooth away the physical signs of aging with a little paralysis may actually be causing lines and wrinkles elsewhere as other, untreated facial muscles start to work overtime. [NYDN]

And there’s no need to wait 20 years to see what your face will look like as a result, either, thanks to a new Web site that adds two decades to your uploaded photos. Hey, there’s always acupuncture facials. [Bellasugar]

Photo: Peter Kramer / AP Photo (Mary Kate); Courtesy of Chanel