August 23 2014

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Mistral: For The Love Of Lathering


We’ve been fans of the body wash plus pouf concept for as long as we can remember, trading up over the years from Caress to Oil of Olay, straight on through much of the Bath and Body Works inventory. But a few years ago, we returned to humble bar soap—predominantly due to our discovery of Mistral. Made from triple-milled pure shea butter from Provence via Southern California, Mistral’s bars are infused with fragrances distilled in Grasse, the olfactory capital of the world, which sets them apart from your average body cleansers. The Candied Ginger version was our favorite, and although it has unfortunately been discontinued, two new scents keep us coming back for more. Black Tea Mandarin combines crisp orange with rich black tea, freesia, and warm cedar wood, while Blue Sky is a refreshing clean blend of lemon, grapefruit, rosemary, and basil that’s infused with cool water notes. They’ll make you look forward to showering—as if you need another reason in this humidity and heat.

Photo: Courtesy of Mistral