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Covering New Territory


ciate-cuticle-tatsTattoos have quickly become more commonplace backstage—models are not the blank canvases of seasons past. Yesterday at Prada, I saw a makeup artist hard at work with a concealer palette in hand, doing her best to camouflage a feather inked on a model’s neck. And of course, Cara Delevingne’s many tats made an appearance at Fendi (albeit all were covered up, either by white gloves or a face-framing fur hat). One spot I haven’t seen get much attention, however, are the cuticles. Sure, Delevingne has a lion permanently drawn onto her forefinger, but the area surrounding her nail still remains pristine. Leave it to London-based Ciaté—the company that brought velvet, caviar, and chalkboard manicures to the masses—to change all that with its latest launch: Cuticle Tattoos. These temporary transfers featuring bows, blooms, stars, and diamonds are designed to be positioned on the skin just outside the nail bed. It seems beauty brands have moved beyond nail art and are seeking (slightly) higher ground.


Photo: Courtesy of Ciaté

We Play The Name Game And Do Some Model Math With Karmen Pedaru


Karmen Pedaru

Ink is definitely staking its claim on the catwalk this season—I’ve spotted tattoos everywhere, from temporary versions at Marchesa to the real deal on the backs of necks backstage. I asked model Karmen Pedaru to share the tales behind her tats.

On her bandaged ankle (hey, nobody said walking the runway was easy), she proudly displays her mother’s name, Kristiina, who passed away when Pedaru was a child. The first three lines from Nirvana’s song “Come as You Are” are written in script on her left bicep. Her husband’s name, Riccardo, is permanently penned across the side of her forearm. “He has my name [in the same place] as well—he drew the stripe under his [signature] on me, and I did the same for him,” she explained. And the fourth tat on her left wrist, Albert Einstein’s formula for success, is “a little silly,” said the super. “I don’t even know if it’s true.” (It’s based on the quote from the famed theoretical physicist: “If A equals success, then the formula is: A = X + Y + Z. X is work. Y is play. Z is keep your mouth shut.”) In terms of Pedaru’s career, it looks like the calculation has proven itself to be correct thus far.

Your Body is a Wonderland


Ibra Ake

Since it’s the Friday before a holiday weekend, I thought we should celebrate early with a bit of inked-up eye candy.

Dennis Klaffert (left)—who has walked for Calvin Klein and Giorgio Armani—has twenty-three tattoos that he’s had done in various countries around the world. In addition to a family crest of his own making and a compass (both of which his dad also has permanently stamped on his body), Klaffert has a heart on every finger except for one. “My wife has the missing heart; it’s her only tattoo,” he says. “We got them when we were in Germany. We were married, but we didn’t have rings then. She got the one heart that I don’t have.” As if marrying a model wasn’t enough, the girl also nabbed a man who knows the meaning of (badass) romance.

As for the dude with the abs, his ink also has a story all its own. Twenty-two year-old Eli Hall has appeared in such shows as Hermès, Fendi, Salvatore Ferragamo, and Issey Miyake (mostly with a shirt on), but his often-hidden chest piece that reads “Optimize” is a reflection of his middle name, Happy. “That’s what I base my life on—being optimistic and constantly staying [upbeat],” says Hall. But the tat you can’t see in this photo—”Everlasting Light,” written on his right index finger—was more of an impulse decision based on his favorite song by The Black Keys. “A friend was learning how to do tattoos two years ago, and I let him practice on me. He gave me the tattoo at home on my couch in Salt Lake City,” he explains.

And boys aren’t the only ones getting in on the action—ink is as ubiquitous on the women of the runways as stilettos. Legend Kate Moss has two birds above her bum; Cara Delevingne frequently hits up Rihanna’s go-to guy (Bang Bang in NYC) for her work, like the lion on her knuckle; and Jourdan Dunn has “Riley” written on her hand to remind her of her son. Models’ bodies are no longer just a blank canvas on which designers’ dreams can come to life—check out The Look to see why even up-and-coming catwalkers are putting their own stamp on things.

Photos: Ibra Ake