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The Bowl Cut Renaissance Continues



For nineties kids, bowl cuts conjure up awkward middle school memories…and even more awkward memories of growing them out. Some of the style’s standouts from the era: JTT, Lloyd in Dumb and Dumber, and, though it breaks our hearts to blow up his spot, even Leonardo DiCaprio (he briefly dabbled with the trend, and damn, did he make it look good). But leave it to Marc Jacobs (and Miley Cyrus) to take something “wrong” and turn it into something so right. Case in point: models Sarah Bledsoe and Nora Vai, who both opted for choppy crops at W‘s party at Sotheby’s this past weekend. This duo inspires us to forgo the bob and skip straight to the bowl.

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Red Alert: Karen Elson Is Burning Brighter



Karen Elson’s signature fiery strands are coveted by many a designer and photographer, but the candy-apple-colored curls she posted to Instagram this morning have us craving more. While her halo of fluffy ringlets (reminiscent of Bottega Veneta’s Fall 2013 show) appear to be a wig, we suggest the storied super pull a move like catwalker Natalie Westling and make that attention-grabbing Ariel red a permanent part of our world.

Live #LikeAKloss: Spend a Day in Karlie’s Shoes


When it comes to ruling the runway and capturing the moment, no one does it quite like Karlie Kloss. The leggy catwalker snaps pics everywhere, from 30,000 feet (usually en route to some exotic shoot locale) to the Pacific Coast Highway with hair twin Taylor Swift. And while they have many an Angel in their arsenal, Victoria’s Secret selected the super to help relaunch its classic Heavenly fragrance tomorrow in Chicago. We’ll be there every step of the way, with Kloss documenting her day exclusively on’s Instagram account. What can we say, it’s a social media match made in heaven. Here, an exclusive peek at what’s to come.


A GIF You’ve Gotta See: Soo Joo Park Looks on the Bright Side



Pick a color, any color. Our new Spring Beauty Guide inspired us to consider our hair a blank canvas with a rainbow of opportunities. Last night, Soo Joo Park—one of’s favorite models and a champion of the platinum trend—posted a selfie to Instagram showing off her fuzzy white wig and matching eyeliner on set. (Solange Knowles sported a similar look at Tuesday’s Jimmy Choo party, coordinating her lids to a tangerine skirt and blazer.) We got creative and imagined the Korean catwalker rocking several vibrant hues. Revisit our feature on colorful dye jobs to learn how to achieve and maintain the look. Or try L’Oréal Professionnel’s new Hairchalk, a water-based ink (ideal for commitment-phobes) that washes out in two to ten shampoos.

Alice Dellal & Jemima Kirke Let Their Hair Down (and Take Their Pants Off)


We’ve all been there: that moment when our hairbrush magically transforms into a microphone and our floor-length mirror into an arena of adoring fans. Sometimes (OK, most of the time) we even strip down to our skivvies to fulfill the fantasy. Well, that’s exactly what Alice Dellal and Jemima Kirke did. The dancing duo took to Instagram in a pants-off dance-off set to the Jackson 5′s “I Want You Back.” The best part? These ladies are living proof of the “long hair, don’t care” mentality. When we weren’t envying their taut tummies, their tousled tresses became the object of our affection. Presuming there is little-to-no product in their Woodstock-worthy strands, we’re totally on board with this free-spirited approach—especially with festival season on the horizon.