September 2 2014

styledotcom OMG. Remember this? Summer camp flashbacks in full force.

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The 411: Zoe Pocock


In the annals of nail art history, Zoe Pocock plays a prominent role. The creative and technical whiz logged time as the head manicurist at a slew of cool London salons, Daniel Galvin and Windle & Moodie among them, before turning her attention to editorial work (Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Grazia, et al.) and celebrity clients like Adele. That’s right; she of the incredible pipes and always-gorgeous talons is a Pocock regular; ditto Fergie, Kelly Osbourne, and, wait for it, Barbra Streisand. While Pocock earned a flurry of breathless accolades back in 2006 when she debuted the Louboutin manicure (a black nail with a bright red stripe underneath the tip, just like the sole of the famous shoes), it is in her role as creative director of Nail Rock that has left a lasting impression on the beauty world. The brand’s innovative nail wraps have become number one in the U.K., and Pocock has collaborated on special-edition versions with Meadham Kirchhoff (see image at left) and Mulberry. Here, as the Olympics continue to bring the world’s attention to London, Pocock shares some of her hometown beautifying favorites.

The Cool Colorist: Amanda Sheridan
“Although I’m very fair naturally, I do like to be gray in hair color. Amanda has always made me feel amazing through my hair.”
Daniel Galvin Junior Salon, 4 West Halkin St., Belgravia;

The Yoga Hot Spot: So Hot
“I visit a studio wherever I travel within London. Bikram is key for anyone who travels and works a lot to better the mind and body. It is Lady Gaga’s favorite, too.”
So Hot Bikram Yoga Studio, 1 Vandon Passage, Victoria;

The Face Place: Sanctuary
“Their oxygen and collagen facial is my answer to facial heaven. Flying a lot dehydrates my skin terribly. After this facial I feel absolutely brand-new.”
The Sanctuary Spa, 12 Floral St., Covent Garden; Continue Reading “The 411: Zoe Pocock” »

“The Del Rey,” Now In Manicure Form


Mulberry debuted its latest It bag in February, and the Del Rey—a structured satchel with a top handle inspired by singer and muse Lana Del Rey—has lived up to its hype. The accessory has appeared on the arm of many an A-lister over the past few months and is even threatening to unseat Alexa Chung’s Alexa bag as the British band’s most popular piece of arm candy. Tomorrow, the Del Rey will have its official welcome party at Mulberry’s Spring Street store in New York, where Zoe Pocock will be doling out manicures with her cult-favorite Nail Rock overlays. “We’ve always been fashion-minded,” says the Brit tastemaker, who has partnered with designers like Mulberry’s Emma Hill, Meadham Kirchhoff, and Gretchen Jones—not to mention retailers like Topshop—on exclusive prints. And the strategy has paid off; in our estimation, Nail Rock has some of the most forward-thinking designs in the increasingly high-stakes game of nail overlays—and a particularly good instict for collaboration. Its latest joint effort: the Lake Placid, two different prints inspired by Lana Del Rey’s hometown and her preference for moon manicures, which Pocock designed for Mulberry. “We’ve just done it for the global launch,” she says of the designs that will make the rounds from London to Korea as Mulberry’s international boutiques celebrate the new bag. Although in a piece of good news for the manicure obsessives out there, has just learned that Pocock is considering making them available on her brand’s Web site as well. Stay tuned.

Photo: Courtesy of Nail Rock

Summer Hair Moves On Up


Extreme heat and hair have long had a troubled relationship. And this summer’s brutal temperatures have proved to be a challenge to even the most agreeable tresses. So, why fight nature’s course—particularly when there are a plethora of enticing, upwardly mobile summer styles to test- drive? Here, our favorite runway and red-carpet updos for defying the elements with some expert tips from hair gurus Fabio Scalia, Alan Tosler, and Sean Davis to help you DIY at home—and just in time, too; you’re looking at 95 degrees and thunderstorms this weekend, New York.


Lighten Up With Mulberry Leaf Extract


MULBERRY LEAF EXTRACT/(mul-ber-ree leef ik-strakt )/n./ 1. Extract from the leaves of a range of small to medium-sized deciduous trees in the Moraceae family, native to temperate Eastern Asia and Polynesia; /n./ 2. A substance rich in arbutin, a hydroquinone derivative that can have melanin-inhibiting properties, thus serving to lighten skin pigmentation, e.g., “Start treating impending sun damage now with mulberry leaf extract.”

Try it: Beauty by Clinica Ivo Pitanguy Previous Lightening Serum with Mulberry, $200,