August 27 2014

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Murad’s Multi-Tasker For Lips And Tips


Much as we love a bright nail lacquer (and we do), we have been diligent about giving our tips periodic breaks from polish over the past six months. There are mixed opinions in the biz as to whether or not this is actually necessary for optimal nail health, but after a brutal winter, we made the call that in order to prevent peeling and cracking, frequent filing and oil treatments were a must in between manis. And you know what? We’ve actually gotten into the at-home maintenance, although cuticle care has never been our favorite part of the ritual. Until, that is, Murad made the whole process a bit easier—and, dare we say, fun—with its new Soothing Skin Lip and Cuticle Care stick. Like most emollient salves, it will work just as well on lips as on fingertips. Here’s the kicker: an ingenious, slanted rubber tip has been designed on one end of the pen, making the act of pushing back cuticles a simple subway activity. (And to those of you who shun public displays of beauty: Relax.)

Photo: Courtesy of Murad

Interior Fragrances Fit For A Queen


While taking a sabbatical in London, beauty biz veteran Sean OMara, who cut his teeth at Estée Lauder and Procter & Gamble before joining Murad, stumbled upon an old book at a Notting Hill antique stall. When he flipped through the pages of what turned out to be an eighteenth-century apothecary manual, he discovered a slew of recipes for elixirs and olfactory remedies created for the ruling European monarchies of the time. And so, he did what anyone with a beauty background would: He went back to L.A., duplicated the fragrance formulas, and started a lifestyle brand. Royal Apothic boasts six subtly beautiful room sprays and corresponding luminaries (home candles) that literally take a page out of the tome from whence they came: High Tea—an Earl Gray-based eau with notes of bergamot, cedar, limes, and cloves—comes in a box that’s wrapped in Venetian linen paper and topped off with a hand-tied ribbon. The range just hit the shelves at the Anthropologie in Rockefeller Center, so for those of you who waited until the last minute to buy that housewarming gift or birthday present for your mother (we’ve got two shopping days left), a heads-up.

Photo: Courtesy of Royal Apothic


Rachel Roy Signs On To


The only thing we like more than a (good) designer collaboration are miniature beauty products from choice brands that won’t get confiscated at airport security. I’m talking to you, JFK International—that bottle of Biologique Recherche P-50 you ripped from my grasp was almost worth staying behind for. So when launched a travel case with Rachel Roy, we were intrigued. When we found out it was free with any purchase from the site of $100 or more, intrigue turned to excitement. (As we’ve noted before, cosmetics sales actually rise during a recession). In addition to doubling as a boxy evening clutch, the woven case has a built-in mirror for quick touch-ups and an inner pocket for sectional separation. And then there are the makeup, skincare, and haircare offerings from some of our favorite brands—Korres, Fresh, Murad, Phyto, Remède, and Fekkai included. The limited-time offer might not withstand what’s sure to be heavy demand, so click while the clicking’s good.

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Dr. Howard Murad On The (Female) Five O’Clock Shadow


This column features weekly tips and advice from a revolving cast of industry leaders, on hand to discuss your beauty dilemmas, from blemishes to Botox. The following query was culled from a private stock, but we’ll be accepting readers’ questions soon.

I recently turned 26 and noticed that my sideburns were getting longer, darker, and thicker. Why is this happening now? I thought puberty was over!

Hormones are the main culprits when it comes to hair loss or unwanted hair growth. As women age, their estrogen drops, which causes a surge in male hormones like androgen. This causes hair on the top of the head to become thinner and to grow in unwanted places like the chin and upper lip. There are topical moisturizers and creams with facial-hair growth inhibitors (such as Murad Resurgence Age Balancing Night Cream with chapparal extract, clinically proven to slow facial-hair growth by up to 22 percent in 12 weeks.

A board-certified dermatologist with a private practice in El Segundo, California, Dr. Howard Murad is a trained pharmacist and an associate clinical professor of medicine (dermatology) at UCLA. With insights derived from treating a patient base of over 50,000 people, he developed his eponymous line of skincare products and has authored two books on the topics of aging and cellulite, respectively.

Photo: Blot / RexUSA